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  1. Rumors of War

    Satellite Surrenders Rights To Coronet Name

    Gibson = petty.
  2. Rumors of War

    Komet Silver Cloud and Joe Bonamassa

    Seriously. Maybe I can afford one from the production run.
  3. Rumors of War

    Is There a Small Tube Amp Around 20 Watts That Stays Clean?

    Epiphone EA-28RVT Pathfinder. More like 15 watts, but stays clean all the way up the dial. It's the same amp as the Gibson GA-19RVT Falcon, but about 30% of the cost.
  4. Rumors of War

    Should I find a new guitar tech?

    Personally, I'd go with the cement block option. I have a cement nut and it is "tone for days" material.
  5. Rumors of War

    The folly of chasing famous recorded guitar tones

    Happy as a clam with my tones, recorded, live, or otherwise. I've got a bunch of nice stuff that pretty much covers anything I might want. I have arrived. Now I just need a studio to put it all in.
  6. Rumors of War

    Laney Lionheart problem-possibly a preamp tube?

    Yep, one by one swap pres until the problem goes away...if it doesn't it isn't a preamp tube.
  7. Rumors of War

    S.I.R. #34/36 Mod in a 1976 Super Lead

    Does sound awesome!
  8. Rumors of War

    Do you bias your tube amps?

    This is what I use. I got mine right before they stopped making them. So far, so good.
  9. Rumors of War

    Do you bias your tube amps?

    I believe this is the answer. I've ran into this problem before.
  10. Rumors of War

    The unbelievable IIC+

    Just curious, why can't they reissue it properly? Isn't the Petrucci supposed to be based on it? Anyways, I read the threads and most people say it (JP model) doesn't quite get there. What's the hold-up?
  11. Rumors of War

    Neck humbucker on 22/24 fret guitars.

    I'm in the "neck pickup on a 22 fret guitar is boomy" camp. I have a Trussart with 24 frets and absolutely love the neck pickup tone. I generally play with medium-high gain, but I think it sounds great clean as well.
  12. Rumors of War

    Guitar Center Goes Bankrupt, Idled by Virus and Slower Sales

    I :love: GC bankruptcy threads.
  13. Rumors of War

    1964 Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT for $480; worth it?

    I just picked up the Epiphone Pathfinder 28rvt which is the same circuit; cost me all of $300. All original except for a 3-prong, cap job, and a new pair of 6v6s. It is a clean machine even with my highest output humbuckers. It's very bright/chimey, but in a really nice way. It appears the going...
  14. Rumors of War

    FS 1955 Jensen Field Coil Speaker

    I think you're right. They only use a single digit date code so I'll change it.
  15. Rumors of War

    I’ve waited over 30 years for this guitar

    Very cool! Enjoy the new axe.
  16. Rumors of War

    Your Favorite JCM800-but-more-flexible amps?

    The Fargen Olde 800 is nice and can be found cheap used. I haven't played the Metroplex or Superplex, but they look awesome on paper and like they could get into those tones. Edit: didn't catch the bit about cleans on the first go around.
  17. Rumors of War

    ceramic speaker that sounds like a Celestion Blue but need higher wattage

    Interesting. I appreciate the correction.
  18. Rumors of War

    ceramic speaker that sounds like a Celestion Blue but need higher wattage

    Yeah, there's just something about it that is damn near perfect. Mine is in a 2x12 with a GPA 417-8H, and what a combo that is!
  19. Rumors of War

    Tube amps that you can CRANK without going deaf

    I have Westone custom earplugs. As such I regularly play a 504 and VT-40 in dual mono cranked. Glorious tone, problem solved.