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  1. pbmw

    Bandmaster or Bassman? Help me

    I have a 68 Bandmaster I also have a couple JTM45’s so I get that Bassman thing. Love them both. Depends on what you need at the moment
  2. pbmw

    Yamaha TR10's for Clean Jazzy Tone?

    Imma just gonna echo the above. Love mine. Sits on top of my computer box beside my desk with a TV Yellow Jr in the corner. You will def be happy with one
  3. pbmw

    My vintage Princeton Reverb needs a speaker

    I'm just one tiny voice among many, but... I have a 71SFPR that I replaced the original speaker with a 10" Gold and it is, in my opinion...Magic
  4. pbmw

    Attenuating a 71 JMP 50

    My main rig is a JTM45 into an Alex into a pair of golds I also use a PPIMV with the Alex. Sounds great
  5. pbmw

    Is Firewire Still Viable?

    I have kind of a hybrid studio. Mackie 3208 with 24ch expander, out to rack, and a HD24, into a Motu 2408 into Reaper. I like having knobs and sliders. My Motu has Black Lion converters. Sounds great to my ear
  6. pbmw

    What small tweed combo sounds similar to the high powered Tweed Twin?

    5 or 6 years ago I built a Weber LPTT that turned out great. I wanted to dip my toes into the tweed thing and this was Very reasonably priced and was a fun project. Never played a HPTT though
  7. pbmw

    Can the electricity in a home affect an amp negatively?

    Have you checked the expiration date on your electricity? Fresh electricity always sounds better
  8. pbmw

    Guitars with very thick necks

    I have two 2013 SG 50’s Traditionals that have really nice fat necks. i like em...
  9. pbmw

    The best all around amp ever

    It's funny when you ask a musician what is the best anything. Someone already said most people are saying what they own is best. And it is. For them. I have a lot of amps, but what my go to amps are, all have 20/40 watts. Most are head/cab. Of those, most are 212's Most gigs I play are...
  10. pbmw

    Check out the size of this vintage Fender amp!!

    Had a bandmate years ago that had a Dual Reverb Showman. Pretty killer amp I always thought they were just a twin in a head shell. Apparently, I'm wrong. Apparently, they are quite different
  11. pbmw

    Ceriatone Plexi 50 Bass and Marshall advice

    I've got three of Nics amps. Two JTM45s one with Marens and one with MM's Both are stellar And I have an OTS100 with Nics transformers. It is also stellar
  12. pbmw

    Best option for plexi sound at reasonable volume, price, size

    That Superlead sound is right in my head a lot of the time. Same with JTM45. A 212 with GB's or something in that family that will do more power... I play my JTM45 with a PPIMV and an Alex into a 212 with Golds. Sounds amazing. I'd bet you could find a JTM45RI for a good price, and I'm sure...
  13. pbmw

    Do you have amps you only use clean?

    I have an early 80's G Fifty 210 Yamaha that I use 3 or 4 times a month for jazz gigs. Superb cleans 71 DR103. King of cleans. At any volume.
  14. pbmw

    What is hands down the best tone decision you’ve made in your life?

    That would involve Telecasters and JTM45's
  15. pbmw

    Are there some vintage Solid State amps that have mojo?

    I've got a Yamaha G50 two ten that I use for jazz gigs. Stellar cleans Oh, I paid $75 for it
  16. pbmw

    Price check on a 68 Telecaster

    I've got a 67, Oly White with maple neck. Paid $175 for it new I also had the pickups wax dipped, potted...what ever it is. Sounds great.
  17. pbmw

    New Vintage Amp Day...1961 White Fender Twin !!!

    Wowza That's all I got to say Wowza
  18. pbmw

    Those who have several amps: what's your fav?

    Amps? OK. I have a few, from little to big Phaze SIBLY Phaze Daisycutter 76 SFPR JCA20h Ceriatone JTM45 with a buffered loop and PPIMV Ceriatone JTM45 with just a PPIMV I've got a Vibrolux Reverb from 64 or 5 that's on permanent loan in my studio Weber LPTT Yamaha G50 210 Marshall SS 50 or 60...
  19. pbmw

    The Best Guitar Amp Speakers Ever Created.

    Pretty subjective. But perhaps this is a list of most popular, by numbers sold. I'm not a V30 fan, but they have their place.. I can think of a bunch I'd rather see
  20. pbmw

    Telecaster sound that will give you a haircut.

    I like ash bodies and maple necks with maple fretboards
  21. pbmw

    Cheap, small amp for serious practice?

    I'm a pretty big fan of the little THD10 I can be pretty quiet with it and not disturb anyone. Lots and lots of tones in that little box
  22. pbmw

    HIWATT Reunited!

    I was just playing my 71 DR103 this morning The voice of GOD!!!
  23. pbmw

    Marshall CLEAN tones

    I'm a huge JTM45 fan. I like them so much I have a pair. But also...I have a 68 Super Lead that has just amazing cleans. Huge cleans But I'm really a fan of the KT66
  24. pbmw

    DIY mic cables for live & home studio, quality for quantity ?

    I bought a bunch of bulk cable from Redco along with a bunch of Nutrik and switchcraft connectors. Spent a couple weeks soldering a Bunch of cables. Most of them are perm install and have been just fine for a few years now. I'd highly recommend Redco I used to work as a tooling engineer at...
  25. pbmw

    ''Funnest" amp you've ever played

    The most fun? JTM45. Guitar into the hi input. Guitar volume to get the goods... I'm usually a Tele, into it, but it works really well with either a P90 or HB LP just as well It just puts a smile on my face every time I plug in. Burned the house down with it last night...