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    Best replacement bridge for EBMM Axis.

    I think I cleaned it out.
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    Best replacement bridge for EBMM Axis.

    The Gotoh should drop right in. BTW, I have a spare MM Trem that I added a push in bar. Feel free to shoot me a PM if that may interest you as far as giving the guitar a more “stock” look.
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    Family pictures - USA Schecter

    I had a Korean Solo II and thought it was a great guitar for the $, but got rid of it a few weeks ago. I came across this last week and it’s on a whole other level. It has some light nitro lacquer checking, but other than that, it’s super clean. Feels great and sounds amazing. It’s definitely...
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    Web Strings Issues

    It was a pleasure speaking with you last week and discussing the issue which I had since I had never experienced such a thing in the past. I’ll restring a few guitars with the hopes that it’s smooth sailing from here on out as the replacement D strings for my remaining sets came in a few days...
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    Web Strings Issues

    No string trees added or removed. It’s the strangest thing. It’s happened on multiple guitars And only with these strings. I had two where one I got above a certain fret it went away. Never had these issues so I was wondering how this happens
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    Web Strings Issues

    I recently ordered a bunch of sets from Web Strings and I’ve had multiple sets with the issue where my wound strings have taken on a sitar like sound. Some over the full length of the string and others up to a certain fret where it disappears. Once the string (usually the d) is replaced the...
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    Show me your Les Paul

    My “authentic” LPs.
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    PRS SE Tremonti Custom

    I see that, but it appears as though the colors and specs change fairly regularly. Are some more desirable? I believe the new ones are Indonesian and the older ones are MIK. I can’t find many if any of the models that I am talking about up for grabs, and was just trying to find out why.
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    PRS SE Tremonti Custom

    Does anyone have any information regarding the going rate of the Cherry Sunburst Quilt top models with the 245 pickups? I don’t know much about the line, and it appears that they do these in limited runs of different colors and specs. I look these up on EBay and Reverb,but I’m not getting much...
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    Is Guitar or Amp the most important part of your sound ?

    I work it backwards as far as importantance. Cab=>head=>guitar get the best cab you can first IMHO. The biggest tonal change (for me anyway) is playing through different cabs. Heads give me a different flavor and feel, but the change of cabs is far more drastic of a difference.
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    I think moving import lines from WMI Korea is a mistake

    I’m kinda surprised to see the routing as my MIK Schecter Traditionals both have swimming pool routes. That said, they sound and play exceptionally well. I did swap the stock electronics though.
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    What's your take on Richlite?

    I dig it. Looks good, feels good, and the guitars sound good with practically zero fingerboard maintenance.
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    Schecter nick johnston traditional vs Sterling Cutlass (both Indonesian made)

    I'd second finding a old stock traditional or traditional custom. Those are cheaper and MIK at WMC. They are pretty darn nice right out of the box.
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    pickups and nut work, northern NJ

    Where in Northern NJ are you located? You can try http://www.vellarepair.com/ if you are near or in Morris County.
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    Best crafted guitar you ever had?

    Tom Anderson Drop Top would get my vote for a strat style. McInturff Taurus/FLE for set neck single cutaway.
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    New Gibsons Memphis ES-355 Studio's for $899

    They did not take the promo code, but they did send a follow up email offering it to me for $819 after the code was declined.
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    New Gibsons Memphis ES-355 Studio's for $899

    It is bound, but in black.
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    New Gibsons Memphis ES-355 Studio's for $899

    This was on on the CME website.
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    New Gibsons Memphis ES-355 Studio's for $899

    Put it in your cart, and leave it there. They will email you the discount code NOGEARLEFTBEHIND Put it in, and it will not work. They will email you giving you the discount so you get it for $819.
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    Who's rockin' a McInturff these days?

    That would be correct. I also had ordered the Purple FLE 9 that was cool, but I let it go in a weak moment. I don't plan on letting any of these go.
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    Randall or Jet City?

    There is no USB on the JC. It was originally intended, but its not on the final product.
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    New TC Nova System variant.

    Their is an update to 1.2 that just came out.
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    Shure SM 57?

    SM-57 is my go to mic. i also use a Heil PR-20, and sometimes a PR-30. I have a 609, but I really dont care for it.
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    Jet City ISO cab Mic Holder loose

    I replaced mine with a 6 inch gooseneck. The factory one was way too long IMHO. Just unscrew it, and get a new one for a few bucks.