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    New Browne Pedal- The Atom

    As a Protein owner, I can confirm, this (green) side of the pedal sounds really great. And it's different enough from an ODR-1 that it's worth owning. They did a great job dialing it in.
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    May actually be interested in a new Combo. What amp has GREAT Blackface tones and great low to medium gain? BOUGHT A FILLMORE 50!!! YES!!!

    Ok, I spent some time with a Filmore 50 Combo and yes, it sounds very nice. Great job Mesa. I could see myself owning one of these some day. On a side note, I also got to play a Mesa California 2:20 and it also sounds really good. Mesa is on a roll right now.
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    What bridge pickup do you have in your Strat?

    Lollar Special in mine. It sounds great. I have another Strat with a full size Suhr Thornbucker + and it also sounds great.
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    On a bit of a Tubescreamer kick lately

    I have a TS7, TS808HW, and an AM modded OD9 w/ Bad Bob boost. I think I’m covered. All sound great. I need a Keeley to compare!
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    Boutique Amps - Stage Use by Big Names

    I’ve seen a lot of players using boutique amps over the years. It’s not unusual anymore.
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    Is Centura the Best Klone?

    Personally, I like the Rimrock Vintage Spec and the Mythos Mjolnir Wildwood edition. Those are the two that are closest to my KTR. The Centura was also great, but it’s huge, so I sold it.
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    Any high quality Rat type pedal with good control options?

    Another FatRat suggestion. It’s great.
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    Is the Klon being made? KTR or Big Boy?

    There are an aweful lot of companies making those grubby Klon clones. Way Huge, MXR, J. Rockett, electro-harmonix, Mythos, Wampler, Ceriatone, Ryra, Nordvang, Rimrock, Decibelics. I’m guessing you’re staying clear of their business as well. Consistency is key, and I really respect that.
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    NPD - Caline High Chief

    Having both a High Chief and a PoT, I don’t find them to replace the other. The Caline sounds pretty different to me in person. Sounds good, just different from the Analogman. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dumping on the Caline. I would imagine some folks might prefer the Caline, similar to some...
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    Best Deluxe Reverb speaker....

    I have a Scumback M75 in mine and it’s fantastic.
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    jb/jazz vs paf 36th set

    JB can be cool depending on the guitar and the sounds you are going for. Personally, I like the 36th’s better.
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    Sold Don Mare Zep-o-tones

    Pickups are sold! (Note - original thread was deleted for some reason. Reposting so buyer and I can leave each other feedback)
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    Does anyone own a Paul C amp?

    I used to own a Heritage Colonial head and cab, and it sounded incredible. I sold it to get something else, but I loved that amp.
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    How 'good' are Suhr guitars in your eyes?

    I owned a Suhr HSS and it sounded and played great. Really nice guitar. Someone local made a really good offer on it, so I sold it. My experience is that they are really consistent, so I know if I ever want another one, it won’t be hard to find a good one.
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    Anyone ever build a partscaster and then regret it?

    I have two, a strat and a tele that I put together. I consider myself fortunate, both are fantastic. I bought all the parts used, so that helps a lot with cost.
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    3rd power dream 50 plexi owners!

    It doesn’t have as much top end as a Marshall, but I think it sounds really good. In a live mix, I’ve found that the 3rd Power amps sound really great. As a former JCM800 2204 guy, I think I’m qualified to discuss. I understand that the newer Kitchen Sink 6Vel has more of the kerrang, but I...
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    Pedal Hoarders Club

    I don’t even want to know my pedal count, lol. Not sure at all where I would land. And honestly…I find it inspiring that some of you keep spreadsheets of your gear. That might sound ridiculous, but I think it’s probably a really good idea if you have a lot of gear.
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    Is anyone doing an ODR + Klone dual pedal?

    The Protein is indeed a great drive, but the BB side is definitely not a substitute for a Klon(e).
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    Easiest way to trigger backup sounds/tracks while playing guitar

    If your drummer won’t, or can’t, play to a click, then this is going to be a challenge. There are few things worse then a band that gets off tempo with tracks. And trying to course correct the tempo in real time will be a challenge all it’s own. Especially if tempo changes are a common...
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    Marshall Origin on a great deal....or Bugera V22?

    I’ve owned a V22, and while they are really good for the price, I’ve liked the origin much better every time I’ve played one.
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    Suhr Thornbucker PAF Bridge Tone

    Oh, gotcha.
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    Suhr Thornbucker PAF Bridge Tone

    That’s way too low for those pickups. I’ve had Thornbuckers in two guitars and they sound incredible. They should be reading in the 8k+ range.
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    Need 3rd party AC for HX Stomp

    You mention “no extension cord”…but I always carry extension cords for this exact reason. Super easy solution. Why are you against that idea?
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    Top 5 "TGP Darling" pedals from the last 15-20 years

    KOT Timmy Klon (or klones/variants) Strymon (pretty much all of them) Tubescreamer (and a million clones)
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    Germino classic 45 with 3rd power hybrid master

    I’ve had just about every typical master volume you can imagine, and that 3rd Power hybrid master is easily the best. Whatever they are doing, it works. That said, I’m also a big proponent of the Power Station as a volume solution. It’s just a fabulous all around unit.
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