1. gerrickreidenbach

    Is any 50k pot usable for permanent bias adjustment?

    I have a Silvertone 1484 arriving next week and the mods for this amp presented in GW's book All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers caught my eye. He recommends using a cermet pot for the bias adjustment mod but will any pot work?
  2. S

    Silvertone 1484 - One speaker setup

    I am a Silvertone 1484 owner and I am looking to have an alternative to the 2x12 setup. While it sounds nice and loud with the 2x12's, I am in need of a 1 speaker option that is easier to carry to practice and gigs at smaller venues. Any ideas on size, wattage, etc... ? Also, If using just one...
  3. Adam79

    Silvertone 1484 vs 1485

    Ever since I played a 1484 at a local store, I can't stop thinking about it. Decent cleans and one of the coolest, spacey and original sounding reverb I've ever heard. Unfortunately the tremolo wasn't working; I've read that it rules as well. The store was packed, so it was hard to really get...
  4. B

    Silvertone 1483 Issue

    I'm having an issue with a 1483 Silvertone head, which I think may have something to do with the output tubes bias. When a guitar is plugged into either channel, the signal is heard through an attached 8Ω speaker, but with sharp ugly distortion even at low volumes. When one of the tubes is...
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