1. S

    Bugera 6262 [pre-infinium model] - random massive volume and low-end fades

    First of all - this is my first post, so good morning/afternoon/evening everybody! I got my first tube amp ever recently and it seems to need some love. It's a Peavey 6505/5150 clone with 4 x 6L6/EL34 120W power amp section. Schematics link...
  2. Guitarjon

    Evh 5150 Iii 50w El34 Stuff

    Hey all! A year or two ago I got this EVH 5150 III 50W EL34. Before I chose to get the EL34 version I also checked out the 6L6 version and I preferred how the EL34 sounded in a full mix. To me that's the most important thing so that's why I decided on getting this one. The 6L6 seems really...
  3. Guitarjon

    Peavey 6505

    Hey everyone! About half a year ago I finally got myself a Peavey 6505. I had a 6505MH before that (still have that one as well) and I was super impressed with the tones I got from that little guy that I had to also get one of the 120w heads. I checked out some comparisons between the 6505 and...
  4. D

    Aquestion regarding flyback diodes in EVH5150 50W amp.

    Hi all! New to this forum and thanks for accepting my request.So as the tittle suggests I have a question regarding the power stage on the EVH5150 50W head and more specifically the diodes connected from each plate of the 6L6GC tubes to ground.As I read in previous posts these diodes serve a...
  5. Guitarjon

    Peavey 6505 vs 11 guitar amp modeling platforms! (Axe Fx III, Helix, TH-U etc.)

    Hey guys! I got a Peavey 6505 120w head last week, it's a killer amp! One of the reasons for purchasing this amp was that I really wanted to compare it to a bunch of modeling platforms. For some reason I enjoy making those I suppose. It's just really interesting to hear how far (or not)...
  6. Antonis

    Mooer GE200 metal tones

    I made a clip testing some metal tones with the GE200, playing various heavy riffs
  7. Drop the sun

    Fractal AX8 vs Line6 Helix: Peavey 5150

    This was an interesting comparison to do and use my freetime. :D I took one of my favourite Amp (5150) and made an easy comparison between AX8 and Helix. So no bells and whistles. One guitar track, same guitar and riff, only Amp + Cab Blocks were used, no high/Low cuts. Just PURE RAW tone. 6160...
  8. Belensky

    Peavey 6505 + Music man Axis – Playthrough

    quick playthrough of peavey 6505 and music man axis. I always dreamed about having 5150/6505 but newer got it, first I didn't have money, then I when I had money I already had some other amps.
  9. Drop the sun

    The One And Only Metal Amp: 5150

    I had so much fun playing these riffs. Hopefully it'll be a full song later. This was a test run with my new Strandberg Metal 7 guitar and boy did it deliver! :D Awesome guitar! I have Fishman pickups in two of my guitars now and they are becoming my favorite thing now. Riffs are dual...
  10. Antonis

    Mooer GE200 EVH vs REAL EVH comparison

    In this clip I am running: Mooer GE200 with just the amp block turned on, straight to the interface using an impulse response. EVH 5150III preamp out straight to the interface with the same impulse response.
  11. Guitarjon

    Evh 5150 Iii El34 50w = Wow!

    I got my EVH a while ago but I've been so busy that I haven't had time yet to do some proper 80s hair metal with it. Tried it out for a new song idea and it was as if the stars aligned! There is just something really special about this amp. Big but focused bottom end with a nice thick midrange...
  12. C

    ( Question) 5153 6l6 50 watt V2 effects loop questions

    OK...so...I apologize if this is a dumb question...that being said: the effects loop jacks (both send and return) on my 5153 50 watt 6l6 v2 (say that three times fast) are stiff. It’s actually kind of difficult to plug a cable into them as well as remove it. Is this normal? Second issue: that...
  13. EVH & Gear TV

    MXR EVH 5150 Chorus Pedal Demo

    Hey everyone, thought I would share my recent demo & review on the MXR EVH 5150 Chorus pedal. I hope you may enjoy it. Cheers and thank you!
  14. J

    EVH 5150 LBX Footswitch with LED

    Hi there, I have an EVH 5150 LBX 1 (blue & red channels only) and I want to find out if the footswitch output on the amp will send voltage to power an LED on a footswitch (this is to help indicate which channel it's currently on). This can easily be found out by placing a multimeter on the tip...
  15. sinasl1

    5150 Chorus (mxr/evh)

    So i have had one of these for about a month- it kicks ass both in front of an amp and also using it to split to stereo (via fx loops or post load box, etc). I spent the better part of a few days attempting to recreate some VH classics, using this pedal, was fun! Hope you dig the tracks.
  16. B

    What tubes for an EVH 5150 iii??

    Hey everyone! I have to retube my evh 5150 iii 2x12 combo. I’m debating between buying a pack of all Tung sols, sovteks, or TAD (Tube amp doctor). What tubes do you guys like? What are the tonal differences? Here are links to the stuff I’m looking at: TAD...
  17. fechart

    EVH 5150 El 34 100 Watter. Anyone loving it?

    I did a search and it seems people owning this amp are too busy playing it, they don't write about it! :) I'd like to read your opinions, comparisons, etc. I own it since a few months ago, had troubles with it due to a bad speakers/cabinets combination that ruined the amp's tone. But I got...
  18. SBO

    Does the bodywood affect the pinch harmonics?

    I tested a Evh 5150 striped, regular striped and a fender HSS strat. Both of the evhs have a basswood body while fender sports an alder one. The pinch harmonics were not only way "louder" and open sounding, but they were also way easier to perform on evhs, while the harmonics were almost...
  19. B

    Evh 5150 Iii Problems!! Help!!!

    No clue if this is the right page to put this I bought a 5150 iii 2x12 combo amp. I love this thing so much, but I have a bit of an issue. When I am not playing, or even when the guitar is not plugged in and standby is off, there is an extremely loud hum/fizz. I can't use it in a band setting...
  20. 5150

    EVH 5150 Amps Concentric Knob Kit

    @hkaplan131 Is there any word on a Fender/EVH concentric knob kit for older EVH model amplifiers? Price, availability? If there will be no official OEM kit, can the OEM concentric pots and knobs be bought individually through Fender/EVH dealerships? I see no mention of any kit on either...
  21. F

    Kasha Quick Mod + JCM 800 = ???

    Hi Forum! I have a JCM 800 2204, Jet City JCA20h, Orange Rocker 30 head, Mesa Boogie Mark I combo, and I will likely be purchasing either an EHX MIG 50 or a tweed bassman '59 RI to complete my collection. I feel like with these amps I will have all of my bases covered, save one: modern metal...
  22. Funny123

    Dual Recto and 5150 users....

    All of my amps are old in design. Vox AC30, Marshall Jubilee, Fender Blackface Princeton - you get the idea. One of my favorite guitar players uses a Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier (triple is backup) and has for years. It's a modern and heavy style of music. I would say that the playing style...
  23. BamBam5150

    Need A Little Help Running 2 amps

    Hello I have been running the 4 cable method through the GT 100 to 1 5150iii half stack and now I just got a second 5150 iii S100 EL34 half stack.....so what would be the best method of running 1 wet and 1 dry ? I mean the first half stack ( with 4 cable method ) uses all the inputs but...
  24. Meshuggah5150

    How would you run this pedalboard, if you were me?

    Hi everyone, I'd like your advice. I write all kinds of music, mainly these three: -Death Metal/Chaotic Metalcore (same vein as Decapitated/Meshuggah/Gorguts/IonDissonance etc.) -Ambient Music (Eno, Library Tapes etc.) -'Tap-heavy' rock (Hella/Marnie Stern/Giraffes? Giraffes!/Maps and Atlases...
  25. D

    educate me on 5150 cabs, please

    I've got an opportunity to get a used Peavy 5150 slant cab for $260. It looks in good shape, it's been used but nothing is obviously bashed-in or anything. I'm going back to play it next week, see how it sounds. My current and only 4x12 is an Orange straight cab, and it's very heavy (over...

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