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7 string

  1. T

    Active mount cavity passive pickups?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any other 7 string passive pickups that are built for active guitar pickup cavities. So far I've not found many. Here is my list. Seymour Duncan-Duncan Distortion (neck and bridge), Nazgul Active mount, Sentient Active mount Lace-X bar 3.5, Deathbar 3.5, Drop N...
  2. Antonis

    Meshuggah on a 6 string guitar | Demiurge cover

    Gear: Charvel Joe Duplantier signature (the cheap one) w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 (Custom custom) on a bridge. Tuned down to drop B Digitech the Drop. -6 pitch shift Fractal FM3: Xotic RC Booster, EVH 5153 red channel. Unfortunately the FM3 doesn't have the Fortin Satan Drums: Toontrack Superior...
  3. J

    Cheesy solos from the 80s

    But so, so good. Here's me trying to pretend to be Michael Landau. Off Michael Bolton's version of the song.
  4. cube

    Jackson js22-7 dinky archtop 7 string

    Jackson JS22-7 DKA HT Satin Black
  5. ironguitarist

    My 7 string LEF EXP

    Just wanted to share my EXP from LEF Custom Guitars. They are handmade by a guy named Luis.
  6. Ovalsaucer

    Setting up and Unique guitar

    I'm a huge fan of Trivium and I ended up deciding to go with Matt Heafy's signature Epiphone Les Paul custom 7 string. I have to say I absolutely love this guitar because I love Les Paul's and I love the way this one looks but the issue I have with it is that it's a 7 string guitar built to a...
  7. Dannyz

    Ibanez RG 7321 pickup upgrade

    Here's the thing. I almost made my mind about gettin an RG 7321 (made in 2012). Baswood body, 5 piece Wizard neck, Gibraltar I fixed bridge, 500k tone, 500k volume. As we all know, the stock pickups suck. Yeah, i can say that even without trying the guitar. This is TGP baby!. So, i have some...
  8. Dannyz

    7 String Ibanez: Iron Label vs UV70p vs RG 7321

    Here's the thing. Im gassin for a 7 string Ibanez. I have in mind four options, the last one the most expensive. 1) Ibanez Apex 2 with Dimarzio PAF 7s, mahogany body and Les Paul string through bridge. 2) Ibanez Iron Label 7 with EMG 707, basswood body and Gibraltar II fixed bridge 3)...

    NGD Markline from Italy 7 String CHAOS

    Markline Guitars from Italy. My custom 7 string I call CHAOS. Scale 25.5 - 26.5 Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets Ebony fretboard, 20 " radius with custom epoxy inlays Body is Burl Maple Top with natural binding carve, Black Limba wings 5 way switch, coil splitting Bare knuckle Ragnarok matched set...
  10. D

    7 String: Active or Passive

    I want to get a 7 string. I loved korn and deftones back when I was in middle school (still do) didn't have $ to get a 7 string then, and then nu metal fell out of fashion and never bothered ... now I find myself craving one. I don't know whether I prefer actives or passives. I have a...
  11. Suhr Modern 7 Satin Limited Run MS7

    Suhr Modern 7 Satin Limited Run MS7

  12. rich_chaffins

    Agape Guitars Salome 7 multiscale demo

    Hey all, Here is the latest Salome demoed for your enjoyment. Specs: Black limba/Richlite body & 5-piece neck Pale moon ebony fretboard- 24 frets, 25.5"-27" scale length Bone nut Hipshot bridge/locking tuners Elysian pickups, Freeway 6-way switch Played through a Line 6 DT25, no post...
  13. The Tone Ranger

    Bass OD for Baritone Guitar

    I tried with a Wampler Low Blow. I like the results!
  14. LixXxi

    Ibanez RGA Iron Label RGAIX7U

    New for 2017 Ibanez RGA Iron Label RGAIX7U 7-string (also available in 6-string RGAIX6U). Ibanez expand their popular “Made for Metal” Iron Label series by re-working their famous RGA body shape (an RG with an arched top) with a couple of firsts – lightweight contoured Ash body and the Bare...
  15. Bastardbullet

    Murat Akça

    Hails to all, i’m a 35 years old 7 string addict from Izmir/Turkey. This year it's been 20 years since i got stuck into guitars, gear and everything else related. I just wish to reach out to more people with same/similar musical interests, gain both positive & negative comments on my current...
  16. drawnacrol

    NGD - Carillion Guitars Multiscale 7

    Not sure if this will be many peoples thing on this site but this is my new multiscale 7 built by Carillion Guitars in the UK. It took a few years and a lot of guitars but I've really nailed down what I like and want in a guitar. That means going custom but Carillion was more than up for the...
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