1. Danrose

    Best Mini Desktop Amp?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a mini desktop amp cab for practice. I don't want anything as big as the mini katana or the Yamaha THR's. I just want something very small that can fit on a crowded desk. What is the best one in your opinion and experience? Not looking for a small amp to stick under my...
  2. F

    Several ODs vs one great amp

    Today I found myself wondering about this. I’ve been lurking around overdrive threads, even starting some of my own, and now I realized that if I sold my vibrochamp and three of my four overdrive pedals I’d have the money to get something like a Revv D20, which I think would solve all my...
  3. O

    Tone king Iron Man mini on a Vox ac30

    Hi guys, I own a Tone King Iron Mini II that can handle until 30 Watts RMS. Do you think it’s safe to use it with a Vox ac30 ? Thanks!
  4. V

    Swapping out a Blues Deluxe Reissue for another

    I've had a Blues Deluxe Reissue for about a year now, and I'm not feelin it. The tone just isn't right, plus the thing is too loud (and too heavy!!!). I play mostly cleans, with a Rat kicking in for solos. All my gain comes from my board, same thing for my spring (Golden) and all my effects. I...
  5. D

    How to setup signal chain?

    Gear: Guitar, OD, Noise Gate, JCM 800 2203x, Torpedo Reload, Focusrite Solo, Reaper (Two Notes Wall of Sound cab sim, chorus diffuser fx), Samson SM10, TC 2290 (original/hardware), Studio Headphones. Wanna hear through headphones (not play through cabs). I wanna use the TC 2290 stereo but want...
  6. John Nada

    Is a big amp still useful nowadays?

    I first got a big amp while I was still young and playing with my first band. It was a Fender Frontman 100w head with 4x12" cabinet, which I got for graduating high school in 2006. Ofcourse it wasn't much of an amp, but I had been playing guitar for just a year and started gigging a lot. Besides...
  7. Mike D

    New annoying amp hum (help)!

    Some extra buzz/hum (more than typical) in my blues jr and silver face champ in the basement where I play. Both amps serviced within the last year, see only about an hour use daily. Cables, effects, and power supply all check out. Outlet receptacle checker showed everything good. Took an amp...
  8. T

    Valeton gp100 direct into 4x12

    Hi. I was wondering if you could run a Galeton gp100 multi fx into a 8 ohm 4x12?
  9. P

    Amp I sacrificing tone by running rack preamps through the JCM2000 effects loop?

    I've been running my JMP-1 through my JCM2000 effects return. One thing I have always wondered is whether or not this is compromising on tone, or if I would be better of tracking down an external power amp. I always found the JCM2000 effects loop to be lacking when playing the amp itself with...
  10. P

    Anyone live in a condo and comfortably plug into your amps without noise complaints?

    I currently live in an apartment with the worst noise separation in history, so it's a total no go to plug into basically anything. At my previous apartments, I've never had my amps, always kept them elsewhere. Thinking a bit about buying a place, and am curious, in order to get any kind of...
  11. wichita

    Ronin Audio Research amp

    I was lucky enough to try a Ronin Audio Research amp this week. As many of you may know I have had the pleasure of demoing a lot of great amps over the years. I own Smart Belle and we make some great amps. This RAR amp is mind blowing when it comes to an amp that is extremely touch sensitive...
  12. F

    What is a boost really doing to your signal?

    Looking for a light overdrive (some of you may even have replied to thread I posted about it a while ago), I ended up wanting to try a boost. Great. I tried an EP Boost and a Spark (the “full“ version). The EP impresses at first, but after a while I started feeling like it hyped up some...
  13. S

    Fender Vibro-King Alternative

    Following my last post, the tube itch has only gotten stronger. After clawing through video after video of Fender amp tones, I finally found the sound that I’d been looking for. This clip of John Mayer from 2001 had me playing it over and over again for the tone and playing both, especially the...
  14. Danrose

    Anyone play silktone amps?

    Has anyone played silktone amps? What was your experience?
  15. mryoho

    My first time building Guitar Furniture

    I just finished building my first piece of furniture from scratch and I'm pretty stoked! Here's the context: I live in a one bedroom, wood-floored loft in Chicago. My "office" and guitar space take up a corner of the living room. I have two amps in the corner of the room, a billm-modded...
  16. GearDolt

    Best FREE guitar amp sim plugins or VST. What's out there? Free Amp Sims and Fx pedal plugins.

    I'm really surprised but I couldn't find a thread for this that exists already. The question is simple, what are your favorite FREE guitar related plugins or VSTs. They could be amps, guitars, or effects. I'll start with one that I found on a cursory google search which I'm extremely...
  17. B

    Fender Bassbreaker 007 Head Knob Issue

    I have a ~6 year old Fender Bassbreaker 007 head amp. Both the bass and middle knobs have an issue where they regularly stop working. When this happens it's as if they were set to "0", i.e. the amp still makes sound but there's no bass or middle tones to it. I can get it working again by...
  18. T

    Speaker switch inside 2x10?

    First time poster and all that, I'm planning a 2x10 Princeton Reverb build and settled on a rajun Cajun plus a lil buddy, I figured they'd sound great together but I was wondering if it's possible to install a switch the the back of the cab to switch between both being on, or one or the other...
  19. T

    Good idea to buy a fender blues jr if I already own a quilter Superblock?

    Iv played on some frnder blues jr amps before at some jam nights and they sound great. However if I already love my quilter Superblock US into my 1x12 cab is there much point getting a fender blues jr (i can snag a brand new one off someone for a very good price) i cant compare the two because...
  20. tobi_

    Begginer amp help

    So I'm getting into playing, I wanna use my headphones for the most part, not wanting to annoy my neighbours. The amps I looked at are: Katana mini - seems decent but kinda pricy for what it is and I don't really want to mess with the batteries. Wall adapter is like another 40 or 50 bucks and a...
  21. R

    What capacitor and resistor use to make a volume master after a FX Loop on a tube amplifier?

    I'm trying to mod and amp I'm buying. It's an all tube amp with 12/25W which has 2 12AX7 on preamp and 2 EL84 on power. It doesn't have a FX Loop, but I'll ask a technician I know to put one, and I was planning to make a Volume Box pedal to use with it, but now I'm planning to make my life...
  22. L

    New amp: expensive solid state o cheap tube?

    Hello, I have a Crate FX212 120w solid state amp with a problem in the last months: I have to turn on the amp, leave it warm up, then it works. To make a long story short I know what is failing, and I guess it's very hard or impossible to fix it. I need a big amp because I use to build pedals...
  23. S

    New amp advice! Any (most) suggestions welcome!

    Hello TGP world! I’m in the market for an amp upgrade and I thought I’d come here for suggestions! I play Strats currently through a Marshall SV20H which I love (though it can be a little harsh sounding sometimes). I mostly play in a Praise and Worship context (though I’m a bedroom John...
  24. thebloggingmusician

    Marshall DSL1CR Review (1 watt valve combo).

    Great amp this. Perfect for home recording/practice. 1 watt (for too loud) switchable down to 0.1 watts. 8-inch Celestion speaker, 2 channels, tone-shift, FX Loop, emulated out. Extension cab out. Looks and sounds, well, just like a Marshall. Surprisingly great cleans too. Check out the full...
  25. S

    Speakers to Pair with Dirty Shirley Mini (JTM45 Style Amp)

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for any help with speakers to use with my Dirty Shirley Mini amp head. My current setup is the amp run into a closed-back Freidman 2x12 cabinet loaded with the stock V30's. What I do not like is the high end - it's just too bright for me. I usually end up with the...
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