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  1. Javiceres

    Your favourite Cornford

    I really like the Cornford model and IR in the Amplifire modellers (still haven’t tried the new-ish firebox MK II model though). I’m not sure what model is based on but it really lets the pick ups’ sound through, from cleanest to meanest gain settings. I’m impressed. I’m happy to hear about...
  2. M

    Guitar -> Two modellers -> Poweramp_

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right (sub)forum so please forgive me if this is the wrong address :-). And please forgive me if this is a dumb question. I am an old man... I have two modellers (Atomic Amplire 6 and Boss GT Core) that I want to use next to eachother. I've only got one amp (of...
  3. Australopithecus

    Suppose you had $1200 for a new pop-blues rig...

    ... that would be suitable for home practice AND live use with a PA that could cover the gamut of classic guitar sounds. What would you buy? Prior to the pandemic, I had recently started gigging some of my solo stuff and playing a lot of open mics. While I was previously playing classic &...
  4. Brandon7s

    Strymon Iridium vs Atomic Amplifire: Deluxe Reverb and AC30 comparison

    I know you're probably wondering why I didn't also include the Plexi model in this comparison and it really just comes down to not having enough time today to get that one done as well as these two and since I use both the DVRB and AC30 far more than any Plexi models, I figured I'd get these out...
  5. sm.8o8

    Need Amplifire help: Holdsworth tone?

    I recently came across this post : Excellent tone. I don't even know what I am hearing but it sounds good to me. Amplifire experts: Any idea how to create a preset on my Amplifire 3 to get in the ballpark?
  6. Sunburst71

    Amplifire - PRS DC3 and Les Paul through Friedman HBE model

    Here's my PRS DC3 (panned hard left) and Les Paul (hard right) double tracked through the AF3 Friedman HBE model. I think they complement each other nicely.
  7. Alejandro

    Atomic Amplifire AA3 for live use?

    Enlighten me please if AA3 works well straight to real amp (Marshall Origin 50 or Fender Princeton Reverb) What should I do in this way, cabs sim on or off?
  8. Shaun Moore

    Most Versatile Rig

    I'm interested in knowing how others approach creating a versatile guitar rig that works anywhere - at rehearsal, in small clubs, at church and, if you have the occasion, a sold out stadium. I just completed a setup that gives me: 1. The quality tones I need (punkrock band and church worship...
  9. M

    Atomic Amplifire 12 - You Give Love A Bad Name (Pitchshifter goodness)

    Here's a quick cover of a Bon Jovi classic to demonstrate the pitchshifter block on the Atomic Amplifire. You can hear it in the intor & solo.
  10. Z

    Anyone tried a digitech RP500/1000 into an AmpliFIRE?

    Hey guys, Recently picked up an AmpliFIRE 12. The common feeling seems to be it's great for amps, but has a limited set of effects. I know I have a Digitech RP500 gathering dust somewhere, anyone have any experience running it into something like the AmpliFIRE just for effects (i.e. with...
  11. Sunburst71

    Great Amplifire tone tutorial - Angus Clark

    He focuses on Brian May tones, but there's a lot of general knowledge that I found very helpful.
  12. Charly GuitarNerd

    Atomic Amplifire VS Fractal AX8

    Atomic Amplifire VS Fractal AX8... Could you identify and say which is which? ;)
  13. Jagbo

    Atomic Amplifire/ Line 6 HX effects- Spiritual

    A really short recording Used my Yamaha SA503TVL modded with gibson mini humbuckers . Atomic Amplifire Friedman BE model- ownhammer gnr IR Line 6 hx effects vintage delay, kinky boost, and double tank reverb The boogie mk2b is just sitting there looking pretty.
  14. J

    Celestion F12-X200 Guitar Speaker for Amp Modellers and IRs.

    Celestion F12-X200 https://celestion.com/product/200/f12x200/ From the Celestion page: A dedicated guitar speaker for amp modellers and IRs. The F12-X200 is a truly full range driver that delivers a frequency response from 60Hz all the way up to 20kHz, the higher frequency part of the signal is...
  15. Drop the sun

    Listen Loud (Fractal Audio AX8 and Atomic Amplifire-box content)

    For the Best quality, listen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wsj66rqlosynr8/8.%20Maze.mp3?dl=0 Recording and mixing this song has had few changes on it's way until it came to the final form. I first recorded everything with my Ampli-Firebox (yes, bass track as well) . Sounded already awesome...
  16. Drop the sun

    New Pedalboard Day: Ultra Portable

    I reasently bought the Atomic Ampli-Firebox and decided to build a little pedalboard for it. Love the amp models in this thing and just needed a couple nice pedals to get all the tones, that I'm after. So here it is: Some awesome packages to open! And here is the pedalboard when finished...
  17. T

    If I don't like Helix Native, will I like the floor unit?

    I really want to like the Helix. I love the interface. It is so fast and easy to use. I like being able to use multiple amps, IRs and signal paths. I have been using the Helix Native demo since it came out. I don't like the high gain tones through my Alto TS210 or headphones. The cleans are...
  18. Gearzilla

    Atomic: The real question.

    Is social media engagement a significant sales driver?
  19. Imerkat

    500ms Impulse Response: better or unnecessary?

    So I recently purchased cabir.eu 4 Core tone pack (or something to that affect) and came with 170ms and 500ms IR folders. Now I don't have a way to try the 500ms but that seems like a huge gap to me and has me wondering; Should modelers accommodate these longer times or is that extra time...
  20. A

    Atomic Amplifire Bypass Patch to use it for effects

    I love the atomic amplifire for amp and cabinet modeling. But I've got a nice amp I want to use sometimes, and use the AA for effects only: - compressor - Boost and drive - Delays and reverbs I need/want to create a patch with no amp modeling and no cabinet emulation, with no volume increase...
  21. RHPN

    sloppyrays w/ atomic amplifire

    Finally had time to mess around with Ableton live. Hope people like this!
  22. Drop the sun

    Axe FX2 vs AmpliFIRE in a full song mix

    I love to do this kind of comparisons and this was really fun to make. So why not share it with you guys. :D I have my GO TO presets in my AFXII, that covers my Bass, Shimmer/Big reverb Clean and tight High Gain tones, that i use 90% of the time. I have had the Amplifire for few months now...
  23. Drop the sun

    Atomic AmpliFIRE: Full song mix

    Atomic Amplifire: Atlas Sky MIX I recorded this song with my Amplifire rig. Gear : Atomic Amplifire Strymon BlueSky Chapman ML-7T Ibanez K5 Steven Slate plugins Hope you guys like the clip.
  24. PaisleyWookie

    So here's the million dollar (actually $50) question: (Atomic)

    So, I think for the time being, until I can get some quality alone time with a Kemper, I am going to go back to a AA3 or AA12 for my modeling needs. I was set to go with the AA12, because A. it's only $200 more, and B. it's not nearly as large as I thought it was, based on Brett Kingman's video...
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