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  1. A

    How Does the Arion SAD-1 Analog Delay's Stereo Work?

    Hi all, I've been eyeing the Arion SAD-1 delay for a while now and was wondering how the stereo output works. It has a switch for direct and stereo. Direct is easy enough, but what does the pedal do in stereo? Does it: a. output 1 has just wet and output 2 has just dry b. both are fully wet...
  2. Jeff_G

    Does this pedal exist?

    Does anyone make a 2-in-1 pedal that is analog delay and reverb? Reverb can of course be digital. Just curious.
  3. B

    MXR carbon copy deluxe or alternatives?

    Hi everyone I've been considering getting a carbon copy deluxe. I like the BBD sounds and its functionality also fits my needs. One problem I have with the online demos is that I can't find one that shows whether it goes to infinite repeats which is important to me. I have tried the mini version...
  4. B

    Tell Me About Your GNARLIEST Analog Delay!

    I'm in the market for an analog delay. I love my el cap but a man can only handle this much tape in his life. What I'm looking for in a delay is the gnarly, crunchy, and rough tone on very long delays. In other words, I want it to be noisy! Do you guys and gals have any recommendations? I've...
  5. PrestonS

    Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT question

    I have a deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT and am wondering about the settings. To achieve typical DMM sounds, I have to crank the blend to just past noon and the gain even higher. Same with the feedback knob. I owned the 550-TT before this and did not have this issue. I bought the pedal used on Reverb...
  6. cosmic_rust

    What's the definitive "best" Memory Man version?

    I see conflicting consensus (a great motto for TGP, by the way) on the bestest best, most coveted version of the Memory Man to get. What makes it best in your estimation or in the annals of pedal lore? I play classic rock, blues, and psychedelic music and wanna get down with top notch analog...
  7. flpul

    2022 Benson Analog Delay - Chorus

    In the recent Demos in the Dark interview with Chris Benson, Chris shared that he has a complete analog delay circuit that he thinks he designed in his travel trailer during the same week he designed the Germanium fuzz. He said that it sounds amazing and that he's currently looking at...
  8. G

    Donner Yellow Fall

    The Donner Yellow Fall. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal, then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used, instead I used a Torpedo Two notes for the load and then a 4x12 IR. Youtube Link!
  9. Stikoun

    Low current draw delay with tap tempo and modulation - what are my options?

    I'd like to build a secondary board powered by a battery-based power supply like the Pedaltrain Volto. I'll be using my Aqua Puss for slapback, but I want a second delay pedal with tap tempo and modulation for rhythmic delays and ambient wash. A low current draw is a must for two reasons - I...
  10. G

    Ibanez Analog Delay Mini

    The Ibanez Analog Delay Mini. Analog delay goodness in a small package. Schecter Solo II reamped through the pedal into a Marshall JCM 900, channel A as clean as possible. No cab; Torpedo captor with IR. Youtube Link!
  11. R. B.

    Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe

    New analog delay from Seymour Duncan, a development of their current Vapor Trail pedal... 4x bbd chips (no detail on what type) giving up to 1.2 second delays, modulation, presets, tap tempo, exp. control, beat divisions, FX loop... and a little piece of graphic design between the two foot...
  12. jnam

    AMpT ADG-1 - Moog's Pedal Engineer Returns!

    "The ADG-1 includes over 400 carefully selected components. The entire signal chain utilizes premium audio-grade op amps and high-tolerance, non-microphonic capacitors to guarantee high performance, temperature stability, and low noise. We began with a classic delay architecture using a pair of...
  13. C

    Looking for slowing delay effect

    Hello, I’m looking for a delay that has a setting that recreates the sound of the repeat rate being turned up or turn down, not only changing the speed with each subsequent repeat, but also the pitch with each subsequent repeat. The clearest example I can think of is on Jimi’s vocals in 1983, A...
  14. somekindofsignal

    I'd like to share an open secret about the Rubberneck.

    I learned a lot from the gear community as I cut my teeth on gear design; I want to give something back. I've been waiting years for the DIYSB/FSB crowd to take a look at this thing, but as far as I can tell no one on the internet has pulled the bottom plate off and connected the dots. Maybe no...
  15. ScottNL

    Fuzzbuster! ..the album - psyche pop blues mellow bop & groovy

    yup, its my first album. the more i listen, more i like it. i'm beginner/intermediate level with lots of skills to work on.. still, myself, i find it's aging pretty well. here's the track list and link: 01. All Aboard! 3:30 02. The Big Trip 3:32 03. Fuzzbuster...
  16. Tubes99

    Best analog delay to pair with RE-20 Space Echo?

    Looking for an analog delay to pair/contrast with my re-20 space echo. Definitely with modulation.
  17. Tubes99

    Best Big Box Memory Man clone?

    I want those juicy analog modulated repeats, but not for £500 for some old chippies - I'm not doing that. Been looking at the DMM XO, the DMMTT1100, Death By Audio Echo Dream 2, Ibanez Echo Shifter ES2, Xvive Memory Analog Delay. What's the best pedal? Good quality, low aliasing/white...
  18. A

    My Analog Delay Review: Boss DM-2 vs. Ibanez AD-80

    As promised, here's my comparison/review of two iconic 80s delay pedals, the Boss DM-2 Delay and the Ibanez AD-80 Analog delay. I acquired them 2 and 1 months ago, respectively. Both feature the MN3005 chip, and both oscillate. Both sound warm, like an 80s analog chorus should. Both are...
  19. A

    Could use help/insight choosing between two excellent analog delays- what should I be looking for?

    Hello folks, the title is pretty self-explanatory: which analog delay pedal to choose between the Ibanez AD-80 and the Boss DM-2? To try and keep this a bit objective, I'll point out the following: money isn't an issue. I've paid a fair market price for both. both are from the late 70s/early...
  20. OREO-Greed-Wagon

    what power supply for Vintage Maxon AD-80 Analog Delay

    HI there, Hi there. I just purchased a vintage Maxon AD-80 Delay pedal, which is apparently an 18volt 3.5mm (1/8") plug, tip positive power supply. Can anyone confirm if that is definitely true? I don't want to melt this pedal with the wrong power. It is the version that has the flat bit where...
  21. A

    [NPD] 1981 Boss DM-2 Delay

    (Taken from my post on /r/guitarpedals, if anyone cares.) I'm now a proud owner of an '81 Boss DM-2 Delay with that chip- the MN3005. Curiously enough, the op-amp is a rare NEC C4558C, identical to the one in my '81 TS-808, as opposed to the slightly more period-common JRC 4558D chip. I'm...
  22. Bshecko

    Warp Drive analog delay with expression control of time and feedback

    0:01 - What does it sound like 1:40 - Warp knob pitch bent repeats 2:42 - Controls 9:38 - TIME expression control 10:45 - FEEDBACK expression control
  23. M

    DOD Rubberneck - loud hiss with repeats

    I just got a DOD Rubberneck online as I was shure I'm gonna like it but as I played a bit with it I realised that there is a reasonable amount of hiss coming with the repeats. I have a couple of good analog delays and I know a bit of hiss coming with the repeats is normal but on the rubberneck...
  24. oansun

    NPD: ARDX20

    Oh yea. Bought this at a local shop, Amzae1 I’ll get soon. Sounding great so far, replacing my DM-2w and so far killing it. Think I’ll set this to dark, tho. It’s so lush. Who else has this and loves it?
  25. Izalith

    Dark analog delay with tap tempo?

    I like the dark delays of the Ibanez delay mini, but I want tap tempo. Any other options for dark analog delays with tap tempo other than the Ibanez Echo Shifter? No MXR CC Deluxe. It's not as dark as I would want it to be.
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