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  1. fishbones

    Baritone guitars for non-metal genres – thoughts?

    The reverend baritones such as the descent w and ra and the danelectro '66BT have always caught my eye but I'm not sure how useful they'd be. I play stuff from experimental rock, jazz, slow core, post rock, shoe gaze but I've never been into hard rock/metal so I'm wondering how much use they'd...
  2. liamtmlacey

    30" Baritone vs. Bass VI

    Hi, Edit: TL;DR - Can I use a Bass VI as a 30" baritone guitar, if I'm unable to get the latter (as I'm left handed)? I'm in the market for a left-handed Baritone guitar for tuning down to drop E - essentially for playing 8 string-style stuff but without the discomfort of the larger neck...
  3. ChordSolo

    PRS Baritone & Fender Stratocaster

    PRS SE 277 Baritone Guitar's FX Chain: Line6 HX Stomp Eventide Blackhole Fender Stratocaster's FX Chain: Sonuus Voluum Ethos TWE-1 DOD Rubberneck Fender Super-Sonic 22
  4. bossaddict

    1964 Danelectro Shorthorn 3612 - Video added

    Kind of silly to call this a NGD thread as I got this last fall (2019), so I won't; however, I thought I would share it for those of you that might be interested in seeing it. It's a '64 Danelectro 3612, which is really a six-string bass, but I have it strung as a baritone and it works...
  5. Guitarjon

    PRS SE277 semi-hollow PRS Baritone

    I've had my PRS SE277 semi-hollow for a while now and it's truly one of the most unique instruments I've ever owned in terms of looks, features and sound! I mean, it's a semi-hollow baritone with P90's for crikey's sake! :) Before I got this one I had purchased a used sunburst SE277 with the...
  6. cube

    Prs se 277 baritone

    2020 PRS SE 277 Charcoal Burst!
  7. M

    Recs for strat pickups/pots/caps for B standard tuning on 25.5" scale?

    Hi there! I was inspired by the likes of Joey Landreth and Ariel Posen to buy a standard scale length guitar and downtune it. My original goal was to have a different vibe when playing solo electric shows. I'm having a bit of a tough time determining which parts to replace (and with what) in...
  8. Nick Hill

    Helix | Metal tone for Low and Drop-tuned Guitar

    Hey gang. I posted a video on how I approach building a tone for low and drop-tuned guitars. It's long but I'm hoping it can be helpful to some people as I do get a ton of questions on the topic. Cheers!
  9. Nick Hill

    Metal tone for Low and Drop-tuned guitar

    I wanted to share a video I recently posted. It is by no means a definitive guide, but it goes over how I build a tone geared more for low and drop-tuned guitars as I do get a lot of questions regarding this. Hoping it can just be helpful to someone. Cheers and I hope you are all safe and well!
  10. aussie_owner

    NWB (New Warmoth Build) Fretless baritone Jazzmaster

    The latest project. Had the neck for a while, and found an oddball Jazzmaster body in the showcase. Recessed TOM bridge, angled neck pocket, and routed for SSS pickups. I changed the routing to HSH, but elected to just do HH on the pickguard. Still getting the neck dialed in, but so far it’s a...
  11. CanuckChris

    NGD: Squier Paranormal Cabronita Baritone Telecaster

    Since GC leaked the Paranormal series from Squier back in January, I've had the baritone tele on my list. It checked off a lot of boxes for me. So when they were finally released, I phoned up Long and McQuade (Canada's GC), had them add it to the website and ordered one immediately. Finally...
  12. E

    ESP LTD Viper-50 Frankenration

    Hi I've been having this ESP LTD Viper-50 for 12-13 years and haven't really touched it in 4-5 years. My dad recently passed away and that sparked the idea to tinker around with this cheapo guitar. I'm no luthier and not a carpenter for but sure I have general knowledge and access to tools...
  13. Guitarjon

    ESP LTD SCT-607B review/demo

    Hey guys, I've had my LTD SCT607B for a couple years now but I've been spending more time with it recently so I felt like I needed to make a proper demo/review. I can say a lot more here but I say pretty much anything there is to say in this video. In short: I LOVE this guitar! It's unique in...
  14. bigtone23

    Fender releasing Subsonic baritone conversion necks!

    Just found out about this a couple days ago and this is cool news to me. They will be available for both Strats or Teles. When installed, it will be a 27" scale. MIM and seems that the profile and features will be right in line with the Standards/Players necks and should just bolt/screw right on...
  15. U

    I think the PRS 513 is the ultimate sleeper Baritone guitar

    Slightly controversial territory, but bear with me. Also note I am an unashamed PRS and Gibson fan (at the same time yes) I have been getting into playing drop A recently, and in theory have the perfect tools for the job ( A Gibson Explorer Baritone with BK Painkillers and a LTD Hetfield...
  16. foxyguitars

    let's see your ***** 5 ***** string guitars !

    to kick this off sharing with you this original Schecter CelloBlaster serial number 1 built by the USA Custom Shop in 1998 paved the way for the A-5x and Cb-2000 used by Robert Smith of the Cure and many others.
  17. Veritas0Aequitas

    Baritone vs Les Paul for drop tuning

    Hey all, I'm kind of stuck in a dilemma so I figured I'd ask for some help from the peanut gallery. Some background: Les Pauls are my favorite. I love the the shorter scale and LP tone. In my band we are tuning to drop A# (A#FA#D#GC) and I tried a few things. I tried the Les Paul with 64-12...
  18. NoiseNinja

    Converted my Ibanez Mikro bass to a 4 string baritone tuned A to C

    So I impulsively decided to convert my Ibanez Mikro bass, which for those who doesn't know is a just 28,6" scale bass, to a 4 string bartitone tunes A-D-G-C, or well that is I changed the strings for some lower gauge ones, tuned them, adjusted the truss rod and set the intonation to fit the new...
  19. NoiseNinja

    Converting a 25,5" guitar to an A-A baritone!

    I plan on buying a cheap 25,5" scale guitar and then file the nut and set it up for using it with the 2nd to 6th string (counting from the thickest string and up) of a string set meant for 28" scale 9 string guitars, all wound strings, plus as the highest string a separately bought wound .017...
  20. THRobinson

    Baritone Guitars

    So... nephew mentioned back at Xmas that the next thing he's after is a cheap baritone guitar, so, had a search alert setup on Kijiji (Canadian Craig's List) and 3 months later, squat. Occasionally something very pricey pops up, or something (usually Agile) with 7-8 strings. I like Agile, I...
  21. BerserkerKing

    Doom/stoner/sludge rig decision!?!? (guitar)

    Hello all, I'll keep it short and to the point. I'm wanting a good rig that'll be great for jam sessions and eventually playing in a few small venues. My budget is roughly $1200 and I'd prefer to buy new as opposed to used, simply due to payment method flexibility. As for style/genre, I'd like...
  22. DonaldDemon

    Cheap Baritone for Recording?

    I'm looking for a baritone guitar, the cheaper the better, say <$400 used. I mostly want it for recording to double up guitar parts for a thicker texture. I'm assuming because of that it doesn't matter too much about what style it will work for but I'll mostly be playing stoner heavy rock/metal...
  23. Melt In The Sun

    Talk me out of a baritone...or not

    So I just crossed the 10-year threshold at my current job. Instead of buying us some generic gift, they tell us to buy ourselves something and then expense it. The 10-year amount is $1200, roughly half of which I've set aside for a guitar...I'm trying to convince my cheapskate wife to buy...
  24. MichaelK

    Great hard case for Danelectro '56 Baritone

    Just thought I'd let y'all know that the G&L "Deluxe Tolex Hard Case for Basses" is a darned good fit for a Dano '56 reissue baritone. Probably any similarly shaped Korean Dano bari (Les Paul-ish singlecut shape) of the last 20-odd years would fit, assuming the body width is the same (13-3/8")...
  25. Ape2000

    Best place to get a baritone conversion neck...

    Hey there, I know Warmoth is pretty much the given answer. USACG is a possible contender, but seems to be having some sort of issues. Can anyone recommend where I might be able to find a good baritone conversion neck for my Jazzmaster? I'd prefer somewhere that would give me some leeway for...