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    Bad Bob
  2. Dirty Dave

    Analogman Beano Boost / Pedal Battery Mod.

    Hi folks. I was going to put an on/off mini toggle switch into my Beano Boost, and possible other pedals - which are in the middle of a board, so no unplugging of jacks etc. Obviously I'll have to drill out the enclosure for the switch. But - am I basically just putting the switch (SPST 5A)...
  3. 850Special

    Is a Volume Boost on Vox AC15 Top Boost Channel Possible?

    I've always run my Vox AC15 in the normal channel, fairly clean and used pedals to create two main gain stages: EQD Westwood for my normal breakup sound, Rat for higher gain. And I'd use a Tumnus Deluxe when I needed a big volume boost and width (level at 2pm, gain down). I've been...
  4. Brian Johnston

    Hagerman Boost (broadband & treble)

    This is no ordinary boost, and built in the USA by a sound engineer, Jim Hagerman. And as I tweaked the knobs I knew there was something unique about this boost pedal. Depending on where you place the Ungain knob (relative to working with a clean vs. dirty amp, or single coils vs. humbuckers)...
  5. P

    MF Boost?

    The 'cheapest' Moog... or, the only affordable one... What say ye? Vids make it sound like a SonicMaximizer... it seems like a total VanityPedal for me, just something to make me sound just even sweeeter. Why this over something else, an EQ, a TrebleBooster, or any other Boost for that matter...
  6. Guitarjon

    Comparing 5 boost/overdrive/eq pedals through a Dual Rectifier

    Hey guys, I thought I'd do a shootout/comparison of a bunch of overdrive or boost pedals as I'd done one before and that was a lot of fun. The results were also interesting! This time instead of using my JCM 800 Studio I wanted to use a completely different amp so I went with my Mesa Dual...
  7. fechart

    Hagerman Boost with EF86 tube. Anyone tried it?

    Pete Thorn's demo blew me away, especially when he runs it in front of the Komet! I'd love one of these in front of my Plexi... Anyone owns this pedal? Pete's demo:
  8. Jim Marciano

    Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer Compressor Thread

    I really like the sound of these so i threw together a list of available pedals, well not exactly available most of it came from effects database, but there are still a few out there, whats your favorite? Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer Dan Armstrong Micromod 6 Kent Armstrong Orange Squeezer...
  9. Matt W 77

    Booster , buffer and fuzz.....

    Hi all , I know this an age old topic but I'm after a bit of specific guidance re fuzz pedals after a buffer/boost . Basically my board layout/flow is: Guitar Vein tap two chanel loop switcher: 1-tuner 2-EHX POG Then into Full tone 2B boost Then into Gigrig quatermaster 6 loop switcher...
  10. flatdream

    King custom 312 OD Boost

    Recently received my order from king custom pedal. Here s my modest little blues testing it. I got to say it is very touch sensitive I wish it would show more in the video ;) Love all the positions but for now it will be my always on 1st in the chain in boost mode. I LOVE IT.
  11. homeunit

    Drive and Boost options for a Mesa Triple Crown 100

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some option and opinions for drive pedals and boost pedals for the TC 100. I run 2 strats, 1 is s/s/s and the other is a mahogany body with 2 hot rodded P90's in it. I attempt to play a variety of tones and styles from bluesy fusiony kind of stuff all the way up to...
  12. C

    TC Spark in effects loop?

    I want to get a boost for my solos. If I put the TC Spark (not mini) in the fx loop of my amp, would I be able to get extra volume, gain and mids? The pedal has separate controls for all of these. Thanks
  13. N

    Diamond boost eq. 2020 review

    Hi all! Anyone still use the BEQ? Do you use it as an always on pedal? Before or after drives? Does it have clipping/dirt? Would like to gather your thoughts before procuring one. Thanks for your time!
  14. Ape2000

    Don't Flame Me - Boost Pedal Question

    Ok, so I've realized that my amp (Bad Cat Lynx) sounds really damn good and has a healthy amount of mids as is. I've had some great overdrive pedals, but I think a boost, or something more 'transparent' (I hate the word) may be better suited here. Considering the following: Zvex SHO, Bearfoot...
  15. CohenTheBarbarian

    Xotic Super Clean owners - how much do you like it?

    Hi all! I am thinking about getting a Xotic Super Clean and since they have been around for a few months now I thought it’d be good to ask for opinions. So how much do you like yours? If anybody is able to compare their Super Clean to an EP Booster that would be super useful too. I like my EP...
  16. J

    Boss Blues Driver vs EHX LPB-1

    Hey guys, I have a Blues Driver which I use primarily for boosting a fuzz face, however since I'm only using it as a boost, I'd like something that has a bit less gain. I know that the LPB-1 is an actual boost whereas the Blues Driver is an overdrive, but I just want to know how do they compare...
  17. Bady

    Recommendation for a clean boost

    I have a blues jr. 3 and a P90/humbucker guitar. I'm looking for a clean boost that works well with this setup. I have tried the ep booster in the past; however, it muddies up the tone and adds a low end boost that is not flattering with this amp. I'm currently using the soul food as a clean...
  18. Guppie

    ClinchFx EP-PRE, how to use it?

    I'm about to acquire a ClinchFx EP-PRE. I know it's not a booster but more of a fixed tone shaper. How does it behave if it gets boosted from the front? Is there enough headroom or will it saturate? Is it possible to put it in the fx loop as an always on pedal and what could be the benefits or...
  19. Del Rei

    (Video) TC Electronic Spark Booster - Demo & Playthrough

    Hi there! :) Just recorded this video today! Used the pedal in a clean amp and in a dirty amp for boosting (input + loop fx). Hope it's useful for someone! :)
  20. L

    One overdrive pedal for low to medium gain rhythm/lead/boost?

    Hi everyone, I've read tons of threads in this page but this is my first time making a new one. I'm looking for a low to medium gain overdrive that can do rhythm crunch, low gain lead tones and boost. I use a JHS Angry Charlie V3 for high gain tones and would like to boost it with another pedal...
  21. L

    Greer Lightspeed and Browne Protein

    I am interested to hear your thoughts on stacking the lightspeed (which I own) and the Protein (don't own). Here is the context: I have a fuzz hoofreaper that covers my fuzz, extra fuzz, octafuzz needs. But although I like to get a distorted sound from time to time (stacking a ts+ds1), I mostly...
  22. Guppie

    NPD: In praise of the Solidgoldfx BC108! Review

    Received it today and I'm really happy with it. I have quite an extensive pedalboard (pictured below) and I really need the sound boosted a few dB in front to ad a little "freshness" and integrity to the signal. I used to rely on a Carl Martin double injection. It's a dual boost with separate...
  23. M

    Pigtronix Octava Micro Question

    Hi folks! I have a little question that I couldn't find the answer anywhere, so... Can the Octava Micro be used as a clean boost? I have a small slot in my pedalboard and I need a booster but an fuzz/octave also wouldn't hurt. So why not to have the three in the same pedal? Lol. I guess that if...
  24. S

    Boosting a dirty amp

    Hey everyone; I'm new to this site so forgive me if this question has been posted many times before. I have an Orange Crush Pro 120 half stack (it is solid state) and am using either a Gibson Les Paul Junior or Fender Telecaster. I use the dirty channel on my Orange with the gain slightly below...
  25. I

    Guitar sound cuts out when boost is engaged

    Hi guys, I use original ProCo Rat for my gain tones and my gain is set at around 1 o'clock, volume is at 4 o'clock and filter is somewhere around 12 o'clock. A few months back I bought Behringer Super Fuzz (boss fz-2 clone) and I really liked the boost mode on it and I used it as a boost for...