1. Leonardo Guillen

    Best Boutique Brands for Clean Head Pedal-platforms

    Hello, I hope you all are doing well. So I've been in a seemingly endless amp search, looking for the best head that has a great clean tone and can take pedals very well. I've tried Twin Reverbs (I know those are combos), and I loved them, but they lack mids required for good od/fuzz tones imo...
  2. miczap

    Bartlett vs Frank Brothers

    If you were to order a boutique build from either of these incredibly talented makers, which would it be- and why?
  3. Vcaster

    Premier Guitar: “When Exactly Did ‘Boutique Pedals’ Become a Thing?”

    Article featuring TGP’s own @analogmike and @joegore — check it out.
  4. Hulakatt

    Current Japanese Fuzzes

    I'm on a huge fuzz kick right now and I've always loved japanese pedal design and sounds, what are some cool, maybe under the radar japanese companies putting out cool or interesting fuzzes these days? The NineVoltNirvana ones look kind of neat and I just found out Shin-Ei is offering repros of...
  5. DT-PRS

    Cheap vs Expensive Pedals... I made a video about it

    I compared a cheap distortion pedal to an expensive overdrive/distortion pedal with the aim to trick snobs, Hope you guys enjoy it!
  6. C

    Matchless DC 30 Dilemma...(Solved)

    I recently found a good deal on a Matchless DC 30 ($2000). However I'm a bit concerned wether it's a "too good to be true" deal. The local online ad: For sale Matchless dc-30 in Excellent condition. Must have for guitar player. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Price firm only, serious...
  7. Yoasis

    Synergy Amps popularity? And what next?

    Okay I’m curious to know the popularity of the synergy amps system, it seems that it’s a vast improvement on the XTS/Egnater concept/platform and unbelievably versatile. But, I’ve yet to see it be widely adopted? It appears to answer almost every kemper/etc critique while keeping a ton of the...
  8. Danrose

    Built in attenuator and Footswitchable gain?

    Hey guys, Do you know of any/what's your favorite amp with a build in attenuator and foot switchable gain? Kind of an oxymoron, but I want something for the bedroom that I can also play live. Built in reverb is a plus.
  9. WPmedia

    Peak Handmade / Boutique Pedal...? Has this gone too far? I have a feeling this represents "peak boutique"* in terms of pedal building. Are there any significant events in pedal building history, which represented a watershed moment for whatever X...
  10. no1special

    Emery Superbaby fuse or OT?

    I have a 5-year old Emery Sound Superbaby that faded out as I was playing the other day. I opened up the fuse box and saw that it was blown, so I got some new 1A slow-blow fuses. I replaced the fuse, powered it up, and it turned on for only a moment, then immediately died again. The new fuse...
  11. GV Quinn

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Custom Tones Ethos Overdrive

    Hi Guys, I've got the Van Weelden, it sounds epic, but I do look at the all the extra control that the Ethos Overdrive seems to offer. Has anyone tried both? I'd like if the Van Weelden offered a little more high end presence, does the Ethos provide for that?
  12. bossaddict

    Galasso The FuZe Nigredo

    I thought you folks might enjoy seeing a pretty unique guitar that I picked up from @Zen_Guitar a few weeks ago. There is another The Fuze that was made with slightly different specs (dual P-90s and maybe some other differences) that may or may not still be available. This one is a prototype...
  13. Guppie

    The more expensive the pedal the brighter the led. Please stop it!

    Sometimes, I would like to turn a knob on my pedals without having to put on welding glasses first. The only argument I hear for doing this is it helps during daytime outdoor shows. That seems like a very narrow application. I recently purchased a Basic Audio Scarab and was pleasantly...
  14. ilikeoverdrive

    Your rarest of all...?

    I have seen many gems on this forum (especially fuzzes:D), effects pedals that are not only awesome, but very unique sounding as well! And low supply certainly doesn't seem to hurt their mystique! Nevertheless you most likely got one not because of their status, but because of their...
  15. B

    James Tyler Vs...

    Hi guys! i've come across JTG recenrly and i'm really wondering what is the difference between James Tyler's, Suhr's and Tom Andersons. What can justify the reason behind the price tag of a James Tyler and what makes them so different. i am a huge fan of their unique finishes but i would love to...
  16. P

    Red Witch Medusa Wiring

    Hey Guys, I own a Red Witch Medusa, and recently the Tremolo side has stopped working. There is still a volume drop (so I guess it still runs through that circuit) but there is no audible tremolo. Do any of you have the wiring diagram for this thing? Would really help to figure this issue out...
  17. Dannyz

    Earthquaker Devices Arrows: difference between versions?

    I can get an Arrows at great price but ive noticed that there are two versions of this pedal, one with side mounted jacks and one with top mounted ala Klon. Side mounted gutshot: Top mounted: The top mounted one looks better built. Also, it has some additional components, isnt it? What is...
  18. Saltbath86

    Pedal planets aligned?

    I've never participated in any sort of limited edition anything and have definitely avoided anything Black Friday related until this year. I had already set money aside for the OBNE Whitecap and was just waiting to pull the trigger as a gift to myself for finishing classes. As I was going to...
  19. RLP

    Custom amp build: rolling the dice

    Hi all Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever rolled the dice on an amp build with a local/relatively unknown builder. There's a local guy here who makes amps and I'm thinking about having something made, however, being a relatively unknown builder (I say "relatively" because the dude...
  20. MasterOfReality13

    Your ideal boutique pedal company?

    Hey guys, My wife is an engineer and I am a writer and musician. We're starting an effects pedal company, small scale at first with an emphasis on affordability, stellar CS and build quality. What other aspects of USA based boutique pedal companies do you guys feel are neglected or lacking and...
  21. Hunter George

    Boutique amp decisions (benson vs milkman)

    Hey guys, looking into buying my first nice amp. I run a newer British AC15 but have nice guitars and nice pedals, so I’m trying to step up my amp game to be more on par with the rest of my gear (not that the AC is bad, because it sounds great). I’m kind of stuck between bensons and milkman’s...
  22. J

    Favorite Med-High Gain Amp? Boutique Suggestions Welcome

    I'm looking at getting a new amp, but can't quite decide what I'm looking for. I'm not into anything ultra high gain or super modern. Not a huge Mesa guy, but I'd be open to recommendations other than like a dual/triple rectifier. I won't ever need to be dirtier than a JCM800, and I'd like it to...
  23. badgerchemist

    Gibson Authorized Partnership Info-Banker Custom Guitars, Echopark, & Jimmy Wallace Guitars

    All: Some of you will know that I've talked about Banker Custom Guitars a bit on TGP, as an extremely satisfied customer of Matt's. Gibson (who I've been extremely critical of) has made good on their promise to pivot from confrontation to collaboration with small builders, the details of which...
  24. Jabocaster

    NGD: Whitfill "T" Style

    Yesterday I picked up my first T-Style guitar. Charles Whitfill knocked it out of the park once again with this handmade guitar. The neck feels very smooth and it is super playable. All three positions sound incredibly good. Neck pickups is clear, round and fat, the middle is twangy and the...
  25. Distortion-Bros

    Distortion Brothers - What makes that guitar so cool?

    With Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop, my goal is to offer you something different and, in my opinion, better than what is commonly available. Most of the gear I stock is from up-and-coming builders who are raising the bar of quality, aesthetics, or innovation. I believe the craft of guitar...