1. S

    Seymour Duncan Woody Hum, Fishman Neo Hum, or other pickup for busking?

    When I started learning guitar i just wanted to play as a hobby. Now I want to try busking. I play a Martin dreadnought that doesn't have a pickup in it. I'm looking for something decent and affordable because I also have to get a bunch of other equipment. I'm looking at getting a Fishman Mini...
  2. J

    Can I power an amp with this power bank?

    Hi, I currently busk using a cube street ex but looking for more power and better sound. Prefer to use a "proper" amp between 30-50w and will need some portable power. Really would like to avoid the whole car battery/inverter setup so when I came across the Jackery Explorer it sounded like it...
  3. slidincharlie

    Batteries/accumulators for live music - How do you supply power to your busker gear?

    Hi all, I was wondering what is the best / most efficient method to supply electrical power to a busker instrumentation. I've heard of car batteries and step-up transformers (inverters?) to obtain a portable source of 110 Vdc (or 230 Vdc here in Europe) to feed a small P.A. Any idea of the...
  4. GuitarArt1980

    Wireless Busking Amp for playing with Quiet Drummer?

    My drummer and I are looking into doing some busking around town. I'm playing acoustic guitar and singing and he is playing a stripped down kit with brushes at low volumes. For example: Our practice volume is almost low enough for my vocals to be heard clearly without a mic. almost. Would a...
  5. J

    Portable power supply for Zoom G3XN?

    Yellow!! Please help me.. I'm interested in buying the Zoom G3XN primarily for my busking setup. So far I've just been using 9v batteries for pedals however this particular pedal wont take batteries so I will need to either get an external battery or just pick a different pedal ~ aw but I want...
  6. G

    Portable amp ideal for guitar and voice in small venues and busking!

    Hi gear experts! I was just wondering if anyone had some recommendations for an amp that would have 2 channels (or even 3) and power enough for a vocal and an acoustic guitar to sound decent and co-exist! It would mainly be used for busking, as well as small resturaunt, coffeehouse, festival...
  7. adamajah

    Is this guy playing a Suhr in the Subway station?

    Not that it would be that weird. Also, amazing singer!