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  1. R

    *Collector Grade Strat Freaks* Help Deciding

    Hi Everyone I've got a main strat I play and absolutely love from a player's standpoint - its got a personality I really resonate with. However, i've lusted after the idea of a Strat with as much "Damn" factor as i'm willing to pay for for a while.. as far as bad-a$$ery/allure/rarity go. As...
  2. MomentFX

    Color Blind Mod for 2-Color LEDs

    A few years ago, I helped a color blind guy with a pedal LED problem. I thought I’d share it here, since it’s a cheap solution, and no one would ever find it on my blog. (If you don't feel like reading, see the illustration below.) I was asked to replace a dual-color LED in a TC Electronics...
  3. gendefect

    What pickguard for a white (Suhr) guitar?

    I just got a new Suhr Classic T Pro in Olympic White. It looks like this (with the rosewood neck and all): 27923_002 by gendefect posted Mar 12, 2018 at 3:58 PM I'd like to change out the pickguard so there's some additional accent color other than white. My immediate thought was to do...
  4. Goosio

    Lets play name that Fender Strat color

    It's a 2003 MIM, dude wants $350 for it. He says the photo reflects the actual color pretty accurately.
  5. Stratonator

    Favorite Strat color? Vote!

    This is a tough one but if you have to choose a single one, what would it be? Let's see what most TGPers think. EDIT : Just realized I made a mistake by adding "Blonde" in the White category. It belongs understandably in "Golden"