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  1. J

    Pedals advice

    Hello, I’ve been playing straight out of my amps for years without any effects. I now play a Mesa mark v25 and it has always sounded great straight out of the amp. I bought some pedals and I’m not too sure how to set them up. Someone mentioned to run them through my amps effects loop? But all...
  2. E

    Expression pedal for MoogerFooger and Meris

    I’m very new to expression pedals aka no experience. I have a Moogerfooger MF-102 ring mod and a Meris Polymoon. I only need control over one parameter at a time. Ring mod control would be for frequency, and delay to sweep to infinite repeats. I was wondering what am I looking for to see if a...
  3. Huffy Piletone

    Strymon Volante and Keeley Eccos Comparison

    There are heaps of Volante and Eccos discussion here but I haven't seen them directly compared often. I was wondering if there was anyone who has played through or owned both that could share some opinions. Specifically, I am interested to hear some thoughts about the sounds of the repeats as...
  4. cosmic_rust

    What's the definitive "best" Memory Man version?

    I see conflicting consensus (a great motto for TGP, by the way) on the bestest best, most coveted version of the Memory Man to get. What makes it best in your estimation or in the annals of pedal lore? I play classic rock, blues, and psychedelic music and wanna get down with top notch analog...
  5. G

    U2-style delay choice

    Now I'm finding multi mode delay with tap tempo for playing U2 stuff like Streets, Pride, Bad etc and could also play songs other than U2. In my mind there are -TC Flashback x4 : 2290 mode, 3 presets, but so huge -Boss DD200: dual delay mode, 4 presets -2 delays for make dual delay -Other...
  6. M

    Low Voltage inside Echoplex, please help!!

    I bought a non-functioning Echoplex EP-3 as a project and it has turned into quite the headache. When you look at this schematic there are 3 filter caps after the second bridge rectifier. The first one reads the correct voltage 35v the second one reads the right voltage 26v but the 3rd is...
  7. flpul

    2022 Benson Analog Delay

    In the recent Demos in the Dark interview with Chris Benson, Chris shared that he has a complete analog delay circuit that he thinks he designed in his travel trailer during the same week he designed the Germanium fuzz. He said that it sounds amazing and that he's currently looking at...
  8. T

    Question about tc flashback 2 delay pedal?

    Hello does the three toneprint settings allow you to have saved presets. What i mean is each time you switch between one of the tone print presets will it remember all your settings so you dont have to mess around with the knobs?
  9. K

    Would You Treat Yourself with a $400 Delay Pedal?

    Hey guys, I recently had the chance to play the new J.Rockett Clockwork delay pedal. It's an awesome fully analog tape echo delay that also has a boost and modulation function but the thing is, it clocks in (pun intended) at around $400... For the same amount, for $100 more you could get an...
  10. D

    a long journey to find the right delay pedal...

    Hi, I have been struggling in the internet to find the most suitable delay pedal for me. What I need is a pedal that allows me to switch the time division back and forth between dotted 8th and regular quarter/8th note, with tap tempo available for each setting. This would allow me to run a...
  11. COYS

    A simple one touch dotted

    I’m looking for a simple delay solution for a secondary board. I have a TimeLine for my main board, but this is a lightweight board and I don’t want to swap pedals or buy a second TimeLine. This will mostly be used to turn a dotted delay on and off and set the tempo… no wide variety of delay...
  12. 33C63783-5690-4D0C-9E47-9493DDC7B461.jpeg


    Pedals for sale
  13. cosmic_rust

    Looking for headroom... Delays and reverbs that can handle a hot preamp signal?

    Hey, all! Got a specific delay/ verb related question for the gallery... I use Kingsley preamps when recording direct, but most of my digital delays (and some analog delays) and many digital reverbs I've tried end up clipping or sounding squished and weird if I place them AFTER the preamps, even...
  14. The Holy Drinker

    Mooer D7 X2 Delay

    New version of the D7 delay with more modes, dedicated tap tempo switch and stereo in/out. It has really nice modes. Tape and analog aren't the best but I like the more interesting ones like Liquid and Modverse. http://www.mooeraudio.com/product/D7-X2-Delay-242.html Here are a few videos...
  15. cosmic_rust

    Choose just one stereo delay for your board based purely on sound/build quality...

    Hypothetical: you only have space for one delay pedal on your board-- it can be any size, analog or digital, tap/midi not mandatory, but it has to be the only delay you use, offer stereo outputs, and NOT be an uber multi-function delay like a Timeline or Nemesis; ideally something that excels at...
  16. S

    Issue with Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai

    Hello everyone, my first post! I bought a SMMwH around November last year and it has taken me a while to figure out all the bells and whistles it comes with and how best to use them in my project. I have noticed the common volume drops that people often mention yet i feel that this may be...
  17. cosmic_rust

    Delays with Stereo INPUTS?

    I've decided to part with my Strymon Volante, so I'm in the market for a great stereo delay (preferably higher end and smaller than the Volante) that also has stereo INPUTS as I'm running a stereo chorus before the delay. Don't care if it's analog or digital as long as it sounds good and can do...
  18. I R P

    What's your stereo pedal Trifecta?

    Modulation, delay, reverb... stereo pedals. What do you like? I've since scaled back, but last year I was running: GFI Synesthesia, Walrus D1, Ventris.
  19. M

    Delay Pedal Experts Wanted!

    So I am in the market for a delay to compliment my slapback delay. I want to do the fun stuff; dotted 8th, quarter note, clean repeats, maybe even modulation. What I have found so far is that I want a tap tempo, the ability to store presets is a huge bonus, and if I can adjust the “color” of the...
  20. O

    Weird delay pedal question

    I've always tried to ask pedal makers this question and could never get an answer, so I figured I'd post it on here. I'm a huge Bloc Party fan and their guitarist Russell Lissack has a custom-made delay pedal that has infinite repeats until he presses the footswitch again which stops the...
  21. sillennium

    Pedals that are super cheap - What are your thoughts?

    So I recently decided to check out 3 pedals I have had but never actually plugged in and see what they sound like. They are pedals from Monoprice and they cost quite a bit less than a standard pedal. Part of me didn't want to check them out because I just felt how could they be so cheap if...
  22. G

    Donner Yellow Fall on bass

    Donner Yellow Fall, but on bass now. Squier Jazz V reamped into the pedal and a 4x10 IR was used for the cab. Youtube Link!
  23. J

    Finding the right delay

    Hey ya'll, happy first post! So I'm searching for the right delay for my board, but haven't quite found the one that hits all the right buttons for me. I currently have a carbon copy and a Grand Canyon. The Grand canyon is... just ok imo. Having presets is nice, sound quality is decent, and...
  24. G

    Donner Yellow Fall

    The Donner Yellow Fall. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal, then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used, instead I used a Torpedo Two notes for the load and then a 4x12 IR. Youtube Link!
  25. G

    Boss DD8 question

    In the shimmer mode can you get just the shimmer delay effect sound without the initial notes or chords? Such that it sounds kinda like a synth cause the notes or chords thats being played cant be heard? Can this be acheived maybe with an exp pedal?
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