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  1. Guppie

    Analog Octave up pedals. EQD Tentacles Vs Henretta purple octopus

    I had the opportunity to compare the Earthquaker Devices Tentacles to the Henretta purple octopus pedals. These are both octave up effects to put in front of your favourite fuzz to turn them in the an analog octafuzz. I love this effect. Your guitar tone just explodes with harmonic content when...
  2. stargazer747

    NPD actually more like New Pedals Days

    I recently had a NPD x 2 but posting this a bit late since I've had them for about 2 weeks now... Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector v3 Chorus Who has these? What are your Pros & Cons on them? How are you using them? Thru the FX Loop? In front...
  3. cube

    Earthquaker Devices Plumes

    What a cool overdrive. Earthquaker Devices Plumes Transparent Overdrive
  4. Gera RG

    Afterneath V3 is coming!

    Good news for EQD Afterneath fans, V3 is coming soon and has some serious improvements. Finally the drag knob can be controlled by expression pedal! Also price is improved $199 instead of $229 Nice! https://www.earthquakerdevices.com/afterneath
  5. benihana21

    If the Dispatch Master Had Spring Reverb...

    I really like my Dispatch Master, but I’m a sucker for spring reverb, and while the hall reverb on the Dispatch Master gets the job done, it doesn’t satisfy my desire for that 50’s feel, especially with the modulated tails which I really don’t like. If EQD came out with a limited edition DM...
  6. ilikeoverdrive

    The Olive Screamers

    18V, tons of volume, untouched low end, transparent overdrive pedals that can do tube screamer tones too! Well, they're quite a bit bassier than a TS9/OD9, but they sure can fill in for one! I'll call them "Olive Screamers", they might be on to something with that paint job:D. Sound wise, even...
  7. CohenTheBarbarian

    Versatile tubescreamer-style pedal?

    Hi I am a looking for a tubescreamer-style pedal with more versatility than the usual Ibanez/Maxon versions or similar clones. By versatility I am thinking clipping options rather than the plethora of knobs and dials you find on some pedals - yes I am looking at you EQD Palisades! The 2...
  8. SeanChristopher

    What are EQ IR's???

    Hi everyone, I recently downloaded some IR's and in the IR pack, there are 2 separate IR files. There's a file titled "EQ IR's", and another titled "Raw IR's". Raw IR's seem pretty straightforward but, what are EQ IR's? Is there one that is better to use or something? Also, how do IR's...
  9. SeanChristopher

    What are EQ IR's???

    Hi everyone, I recently downloaded some IR's and in the IR pack, there are 2 separate IR files. There's a file titled "EQ IR's", and another titled "Raw IR's". Raw IR's seem pretty straightforward but, what are EQ IR's? Is there one that is better to use or something? Also, how do IR's...
  10. Louiddur

    EQD Sea machine settings - a noob need help

    Hi guys, I bought a EQD Sea Machine V2 last week from a friend at a really decent price. I'm a real chorus noob, but I wanted to introduce some new sounds in my songs I really like the faux warped vinyl / detuned / lo-fi flutter sounds. I have a hard time dialing it, or anything remarkable...
  11. Lord Radish

    Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things

    Okay, so I have a 12 pedal pedalboard that I run my 6 string bass through (and occasional guitar) for mostly soundscape-type stuff, and I've been struggling with tone-suck, I've tried buffers, moving things around, etc. I didn't go the big bypass-looper route, but that was my next thing... and...
  12. Jaygo

    Advices opinions ideas

    hi guys so finally after more than 6 years of being away from music I have my “final” set up for now....haha I’m looking for advices with my signal chain or whatever thanks So it’s something like this: Pj mustang bass> Eqd aqueduct> ehx big muff triangle reissue> eqd black ash> eqd pyramid...
  13. camilovelandia

    EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things

    Hey guys! As you may know, today EarthQuaker Devices released their first switcher/looper/booster Swiss Things. Here’s my overview! Would love to hear your thoughts.
  14. bottom crawler

    EQD announcement

    lookin' good! :D
  15. F

    Hello all! Hobbyist guitar player

    Hello all! Gee-tar player here, hobbyist now (I've been playing for a couple decades, used to do the band thing, but took a loooooong break). Anyway, was in need of a small amp and just pulled the trigger on a VHT Special 6 Ultra Combo (<-- reads like a combo from the game "Killer Instinct"...
  16. Fendrix

    Grinding Footswitch EQD Palisades

    Hi All, I just received a brand new EQD Palisades, its my fave OD. I had it before and regretted selling it so I bought it again. Anyway, two of the three footswitches are grinding/ rubbing inside. They are soft relay switches and should be really smooth. I have 12 other pedals with soft relay...
  17. SR King

    Earthquaker Devices -Talons & Grey Channel both based off of the same pedal?

    Just curious if anyone know if the Earthquaker Devices -Talons & Grey Channel are both based off of the same pedal (DOD 250)?
  18. chankgeez

    Purple Rainbow Machines! & all kinds of other new purple EQD (including Plumes)!

    I want a purple sparkle Rainbow Machine. :D Now available from Gear Hero HQ: https://gearhero.com/products/earthquaker-devices-rainbow-machine-v2-polyphonic-pitch-mesmerizer-gear-hero-exclusive-purple-sparkle Oh, yeah, here's a photo: (Think the color of the Night Wire enclosure.) I...
  19. A

    EQD Sea Machine V3 - distortion at higher Dimension level?

    Recently got an EQD Sea Machine (V3), brand-new from an official dealer (internet shop). Now, if I increase the Dimension level to about two thirds of maximum range (and above that) and strike whole chords on the guitar it makes a distorted sound. I contacted the dealer I got it from - they say...
  20. The Tone Ranger

    Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master SR

    Earthquake Devices disaster transport SR played with fender tele and Jim Kelley 30/60. Unrehearsed and this EQD pedal is pretty complicated so it's rough but will give yah the idea. Do me a favor and subscribe. Thanks!
  21. wornoutjunkie

    Favorite non traditional overdrive?

    I would like to know what other kinds of overdrive there are and what do you like about them. There are "families" within the great nation of overdrives, and I would like to explore some of the less classic ones. Should be from a different family than: -Tubescreamer ...
  22. A

    Speaker cranker EQD and Morning Glory JHS ?

    Does anybody compared both pedals side by side? I have a Speaker cranker and sounds great but in YT videos it seems to sounds very similar to the Morning Glory... So I was thinking if the Morning Glory could replace my Speaker cranker... or maybe not? Which one is better for you? I need a...
  23. monkmiles

    Do electronic relay based switches constantly draw power?

    Do electronic relay based switches constantly draw power? I'm speaking of the ones that require power for an audio signal to pass through (like the ones EQD use now for example). I use battery power often (Volto currently) and am curious if it is constantly pulling/draining power even when the...
  24. Saltysnook

    Tyler Amps JT46 settings, pedals. Owners, help me!

    Our venue has a Tyler JT46 That they use and are not open to guitarists using their personal amps. I own a Morgan AC40 and can instantly get a cutting lead tone as with any amp I've tried. I just can't get anything close on the Tyler, I know it's there but I'm not getting it. I know it's a...
  25. shaps6

    EQD Spires vs EQD Erupter

    Let's compare these two fuzzface-type pedals. Anyone have a preference? Tried the Erupter, but didn't love that it didn't have a level knob. Was too loud for my purposes. Wondering if the Spires will give me similar tones at more manageable volumes. Curious about your experiences!