1. Mantras

    need to replace tuning machine of my esp kh 1993 ,a problem for me,please help

    Hi i have sent an email to esp and i have maked some calls without luck i need to replace the tuning machine of my esp kh 2 '93 or 94 (honestly i don't remember) i know they are gotoh tuning machine , on the tuning there is the esp logo i don't know if i need the gotoh sg360 vs gotoh SG381 i...
  2. J

    Low volume, bridge pickup

    Hello! New member here! I'm from Sweden, so I will start to apologize if my English's not understandable. Now to the problem. I own an ESP LTD KH-202 (Kirk Hammet signature) since like 10 years. I have not played on this guitar for several years because I have a lot of other guitars that also...
  3. sorenspete

    Another lurker puts himself before the council of cork sniffing

    Hey folks - Pete here. Just a little bit about me: I like long walks on the beach, ESP Horizons, Steve Lukather, single coils in the neck position, and sifting through Mike Soldano's garbage. I hereby submit myself to the council of cork sniffers and connoisseurs. My gear is respectable but...
  4. E

    ESP LTD Viper-50 Frankenration

    Hi I've been having this ESP LTD Viper-50 for 12-13 years and haven't really touched it in 4-5 years. My dad recently passed away and that sparked the idea to tinker around with this cheapo guitar. I'm no luthier and not a carpenter for but sure I have general knowledge and access to tools...
  5. Guitarjon

    ESP LTD SCT-607B review/demo

    Hey guys, I've had my LTD SCT607B for a couple years now but I've been spending more time with it recently so I felt like I needed to make a proper demo/review. I can say a lot more here but I say pretty much anything there is to say in this video. In short: I LOVE this guitar! It's unique in...
  6. M

    Setting up new E-II

    Hello people, I'm happy to say I got my brand new E-II Horizon NT-II a few days ago. It's my first high end guitar and I'm happy that it's an ESP. I'v been adjusting these past days trying to find the seetspot. EMG 57 was very very close to the strings (as they reccomend) but it sounded a bit...
  7. E

    Japan won't export my guitar because Ebony and Mahogany?!

    UPDATE 4/3/20 see my post below #10 Got a guitar through a broker in Japan, it's a 2000's era Known Japanese guitar maker with an Ebony board and Mahogany body. Rather not state model or specifics till I get this resolved. It got denied by customs in Tokyo and reason was insufficient paperwork...
  8. M

    Buying Guitars from Sweetwater...

    There's a guitar I've had my eye on for the better part of a year, not really high end ($900), and I plan to pull the trigger on it in the next couple of months.. So one of the reasons I want to buy from them is because they set the guitar up before they ship.. New strings, intonation, truss...
  9. apeekaboo

    NGD: Oh snap, it's a strat! (pics + movie)

    This is a NGD that has been long overdue... While visiting Japan I wanted to check out the guitar shops in Ochanomizu, Tokyo for a few hours, all by myself. This was a great adventure in itself, and I initially had this idea of finding a nice Japanese Fender from the 90's, preferably with a...
  10. Skullkrusher

    Looking for a high-end RR-style guitar

    I became inspired by the thread about selling several mid-priced guitars and buying a single high-end one instead, so I'm now trying to three mid-priced guitars I don't really play much anymore. I love RR-shaped guitars, so I'm mainly considering a USA Jackson RR or an ESP Arrow E-II. An RR1 I...
  11. Desert Blues

    ESP Firebird style guitar

    Never seen one of these before - ESP Japanese made Firebird style maybe from the 80s/90s and this is quite possibly the only one they ever made.
  12. Veritas0Aequitas

    Baritone vs Les Paul for drop tuning

    Hey all, I'm kind of stuck in a dilemma so I figured I'd ask for some help from the peanut gallery. Some background: Les Pauls are my favorite. I love the the shorter scale and LP tone. In my band we are tuning to drop A# (A#FA#D#GC) and I tried a few things. I tried the Les Paul with 64-12...
  13. ChampagneCharlie

    Purchased guitar - wrong spec advertised

    Hi all, I've purchased a new guitar from a UK retailer. It came with one fret being far too high but discussed this with the retailer and agreed a partial refund to account for the cost of a local luthier repair. Not good but a good response from the retailer so all OK. I've just noticed that...
  14. Q55-Z

    EMG Active Pickup 18V Mod

    Hey just a quick shout out to any ESP LTD MH owners, I have a 08 MIK model, play’s real nice, but was not thrilled with limited compressed sound. The EMG 81/85 are nice, but designed for shred. They have some nice clean melodics with light chorus help, but I pretty much got it for lead tones...
  15. Guitar Non Hero

    Why don't I see ESP guitars and my local Guitar Centers?

    I like the way the ESP guitars look. The EII Horizon III and the Horizon 7-string really caught my eye, but when I wanted to try one out (when I had the money and inclination), I could not find one at the several Guitar Centers here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area that I live. Why do they seem so...
  16. Guitarjon

    NGD: ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I (made in Japan)

    I got rid of my Schecter C7 SLS Elite because for some reason I just didn't gell with it. A guy wanted to trade it for his ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I and I was in the need of a 'Lester' type guitar. I'm really stoked about this guitar, it just oozes quality. I do love my Korean LTD's a lot but...
  17. JackInR

    ESP/LTD 2019
  18. ChampagneCharlie

    ESP 2019 Range

    Has anyone seen much about the 2019 range from ESP? I believe they come out in January....
  19. ChampagneCharlie

    ESP E-II Arrow

    Hi all, I've considering this guitar - Main use will be for playing heavy rock/metal and soloing. Retails for around $1,900, £1,700 or 1,900 Euros. What do people think of this guitar? Would especially love to...
  20. GusFowler

    Vintage ESP LTD 24” scale neck - what body works with it??!

    Bought this without measuring the scale length and I’m stymied trying to find a body for it. I know nothing about 80s-90s ESP axes. This one has a neck heel like a strat but angled for early floating Floyd without recess into guitar face. The neck has fat frets and a marque “LTD” inlaid at the...
  21. EtaCarinae

    NGD: The first rule of reindeer blue club is...

    ... we don't talk about the fact that it is actually purple (or for that matter, opine as to whether a reindeer has anything to do with the color blue). This is an ESP E-II Horizon III in Reindeer Blue. It's a maple neck through guitar with alder wings, a carved maple top, and an ebony...
  22. Jessi

    Need Help With Vintage ESP Restoration!

    I am trying to surprise my husband for our anniversary by getting his favorite guitar restored for him. He has an old ESP Custom from 1986, or ‘87, I believe. It’s an M-II that was from a very limited run (they only made about 200) that had very 4-5 brightly swirled colors in an oil...
  23. D13110EC-C6AD-4C33-8CFB-505D01E03601


    The guitar was from a very limited run made in 1986 or 1987.
  24. 9C4A747C-F47C-4997-AE1C-4F17460B161C


    Back view - There is only a coat of primer on the body at this point, but that was put on several years ago. So it will need to be re-sanded and re-primed before being painted.

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