1. K

    Super Reverb circuit ID help, AB763?

    Hi all, Posted images a while back asking for insights on what kind of servicing to get done on my Super reverb, greatly appreciated all the insights! Forgot to ask back then, so now wondering if anyone could confirm/identify if the internals of the amp indicate it being the AB763 circuit...
  2. L

    “There’s nothing like a Pre-CBS fender”

    Why? Other than exclusivity and hype what is so special about these guitars? Sure, the history is neat and interesting but what makes Pre-CBS so renowned that people consider it “the best of the best”. I’m not even talking about the high prices, I’m just asking why people see these guitars as...
  3. HotlineBirdman

    What are your impressions of the TVL Jazzmaster?

    I'm torn between the TVL Jazzmaster and the Vintera. Played a Vintera today, loved it. The Ice Blue Metallic look is sick. But the TVL in Copper with the maple fretboard is just so gorgeous, I'm leaning towards that just for the looks. I have zero feel otherwise. Is it basically just a...
  4. W

    Went to buy a Tele (spoiler: didn’t buy it)

    Bit of background: I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately where players use Teles - Mike Campbell mainly, but also saw Justin Johnson say his number 1 is a Tele. I like Keith Richards, ZZ Top and know that Page recorded a lot of Zep with a Tele. I’m mainly a Les Paul player but I do have a...
  5. I

    64’ bandmaster - is it too much?

    Im looking to buy a blonde blackface 1964 bandmaster head & cab (aa763), at $2000… Is it a fair price? Would you go for it? And is it too loud? I’m mainly going to use it for rehearshal, and maybe in some gig cases… Oh and i like drive from my pedals - so i also kinda want the headroom :) It was...
  6. OREO-Greed-Wagon

    What type of body material is used on a "cij" jaguar Circa 1999-2002?

    I have my eye on a Fender Jagur with "crafted in Japan" marking and serial that is P0 + 5 other digits. Apparently that is a 1999-2002 build. I'm just wanting to confirm what wood the body is made of? Anyone here that can confirm?
  7. D

    Tone Master Deluxe Reverb speaker swap

    Has anyone swapped out the speaker on their Tone Maser DR? If you have, what speaker did you drop in and why?
  8. Dannyz

    Squier Affinity Jazz Bass vs Precision vs PJ

    I want an affordable bass just for noodle around (i play guitar but i love bass too). It will be mainly played with a pick because i suck at fingerstyle or slapping lol. I like a percussive, tight bass tone ala Duff McKagan. i love punk stuff like NoFx, Black Flag, Adolescents and the more 90s...
  9. Rock'n'Owl

    Fender Pro Junior Tweed: 90's USA version vs Today's "Pro Junior IV" ?

    Hi guys, I'm really loving all the demos of the Pro Junior IV I see on Youtube. However, I may be able to get a Pro Junior Tweed from the 90s with an Eminence Blue Frame speaker in it, which is really tempting. The speaker is what is drawing me toward the 90s version at the moment, but I wonder...
  10. Q

    Better compressed sound when playing through lightbulb current limiter

    Hi, As anybody been playing through their light bulb current limiter? Because I did just that and had a perfect tone revelation on my Fender Twin Reverb! A sweet melllow overall sound with deep lows and chimey/mellow highs and it even reduced the usual hum caused by my single coil pickups. My...
  11. T


    What kind of frets do you use? This is just for fun but I'm also interested in this topic. I currently have have jescar 47104s and my number 2 has somewhat similiar ”medium jumbos”.
  12. HotlineBirdman

    The Fender Meteora needs a Mary Kaye colourway

    Like how sick would that be. Translucent white with gold hardware and a maple board. Super futuristic Jetsons shape with an absolutely classic and classy look. Here’s a custom one someone did for proof of concept:
  13. S

    Fender Princeton Suggestions

    Unfortunately, my uncle has been battling Parkinson’s to a point where he decided to hand down all of his guitar gear to me. The one piece of gear he requested stay in the family was this amp. He says I can do whatever I want to it and all I want is to make sure this thing lasts for generations...
  14. Chiefsfan15

    What’s your favorite era of *modern* Stratocasters?

    Among modern Strats, what’s your favorite era? (Not talking vintage, so post-1980) The 90s, with the many classic meets experimental features, new bridges, lace sensors, roller nuts, et al? Plus and Ultra and superlatives abounding? The late 90s - early 2000s, more classic features, the modern...
  15. Brockstar


    Brock Davisson & Friends - Self Titled (2020) album available on physical CD now! https://www.ridgerunnerrecords.com/product-page/brock-davisson-friends-cd
  16. OREO-Greed-Wagon

    Fender 65 deluxe reverb giving off weird sizzle on G and B strings with dirt

    I just bought a '65 deluxe Reverb secondhand. It sounds great in a lot of ways, when clean. However I notice that whenever I put overdrive or distortion on ( crowther hot cake, 70s Mxr distortion+, late 80s lm308 Rat) that the distortion has this extra little sizzle to it. I could actually get...
  17. madsteex

    New 2022 Fender JV Modified Stratocaster and Telecaster

    Trying the new 2022 JV Mod series guitars, updated from the legendary Japanese JV models from the 80s. On test I've the Stratocaster '60s Olympic White and the Telecaster '50s White Blonde Cool Push-puul tone pot adds neck pickup on the stratocaster or make counter phase pickups on Telecaster...
  18. W

    Original Fender Blackface Deluxe Non-Reverb Tremolo Problem

    Hey amp gurus! Having an unusual tremolo problem with a 60's Deluxe (non reverb) that I have not come across before nor could I find anything online with this exact issue. Hoping someone with more experience than me could shed some light. The optocoupler (roach) light works, but it stays on...
  19. test123455676

    Is the wear pattern on this '65 strat original?

    Hey everyone, I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to vintage guitars. I impulse bought a 63' musicmaster recently, and I fell in love with it. As a result, I've been considering getting a vintage strat, and this one caught my eye. However, the wear pattern on the front of the guitar looks...
  20. HotlineBirdman

    Fender Starcaster Player Plus

    I mean, it just makes sense right? Let’s put the pieces together, amigos. The Ensenada factory is putting together the Acoustasonic models, so they have experience with hollow body electric weird guitars. Fender just released the Meteora directly into the Player Plus line with a newly...
  21. CrocMule

    Fixing a '64 Tremolux

    I just opened up my friend's 1964 Tremolux head that he just picked up (blond tolex and grill cloth painted black, with what looks like an original black face plate, FEIC). Blown fuse, fried power transformer, no bias voltage. He was running it hard when it let its smoke out. One of the bias...
  22. Z

    Squier Stratocaster Neck on Squier Jaguar

    Hi everyone! I have both a Squier Affinity Stratocaster HSS and a Squier Classic Vibe 70's Jaguar and I like necks of both guitars but I so much prefer the neck of my Strat. I wanted to know if it was possible to buy an other Squier Strat and switch the neck of my Jaguar to the Strat one? Here's...
  23. F

    WTF was I thinking???

    Hey guitar peeps. I recently purchased the new Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster because IMO it does what no other guitar can do. I play a solo act with backing tracks and don't want to have to bring several guitars, just one. This one does it all with regards to playability and sound. The only...
  24. R

    Stratocaster Vineham vs Mojotone 59 clones

    Hi all, I have a (Originally) a Squier Stratocaster that I've been modifying slowly here and there bringing up the specs a bit. The only thing that's actually squire is the neck (which I like) and the physical body (refinished in Nitro myself). I popped in some inexpensive Tone Emporium pickups...
  25. greenlemon

    Strat Neck Pickup Suggestion for PRS Silver Sky??

    Hi everyone, I am looking to change my PRS Silver Sky neck pickup only. 635JM are excellent pickup but they are not cup of tea. I have tried the following pickups (in the order of what I like the most): -Fender Pure Vintage 65: Really liked the low end but sounded bit dark -PRS 635JM (2019)...
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