1. iconte

    For fingerstyle fingerpicking guitarists

    A duet i arranged and recorded with my "twin"..
  2. MrClint

    Norwegian Wood

    A lot of great players and gear heads here, my stuff usually doesn't get much of a sniff. Tough nut to crack. I still consider myself a student so my expectations are minimal & realistic. :) I was looking at some courseware that had major scale movement based on the open D major chord shape. So...
  3. Feodor

    TOP 10 Great Fingerstyle Songs (You MUST Know)

    Hello guys! Today I’ll show you 10 great fingerstyle songs of all times starting with some easy ones (perfect for beginners) and finishing with one of the most challenging fingerstyle songs to learn on the guitar (the last one is HARD). Let me know which one is your favourite! Thanks for...
  4. Feodor

    TOP 10 Carcassi Arpeggios | Perfect Fingerstyle Workout

    Hello guys, hope you’re all doing great! In this tutorial I will show you my 10 favourite right hand arpeggio fingerstyle exercises from Matteo Carcassi’s “Complete Method for Guitar” book. Perfect for beginners, but anyone can benefit regardless of playing level! In case you don’t know...
  5. Feodor

    Easy Fingerstyle Blues - Tutorial

    Hello guys! Hope you're having a great week so far :) Today I'll teach you a simple 12-bar fingerstyle blues in E. I will show you how to play the melody and how to combine it with a classic shuffle bassline. I'm using an acoustic guitar in this video, but you can try this on electric...
  6. Feodor

    BEAUTIFUL Melody and Chords - Fingerstyle Lesson

    Hello guys! In this week’s tutorial I’ll show you how to play a beautiful and easy fingerstyle melody with chords. I wrote this little composition in order to help you with practicing fingerstyle technique in a musical way and to show you some beautiful chords as well. Thank you for...
  7. fingerstyler

    Little Autumn Blue - new solo album

    Hi friends, my new solo album has been finished a while ago. It contains 17 pieces (13 originals and 4 covers ). I even dared to sing and played mostly acoustic guitar. My wife Elke sang on a Pat Metheny composition and wrote new lyrics as hommage to Lyle Mays. She also helped on piano...
  8. Feodor

    Fingerstyle Tutorial | AWESOME Fingerpicking Exercises

    Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great week so far! This weeks tutorial is on fingerstyle guitar technique. In this video I’m going to show you a nice chord progression and 6 different right hand exercises. Even if you’re pretty comfortable with the fingerpicking technique, it’s always a...
  9. Feodor

    Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak (Fingerstyle Cover)

    Hello guys! This time I decided to post a performance video. This song was released 2 weeks ago and I couldn't get it out of my head once I heard it and decided to make a fingerstyle arrangement! Hope you enjoy and I'm waiting for your feedback :) Thank you and have a great weekend!
  10. strattone75

    Henriksen Forte Jazz Amp Combo

    here's a sweet little amp I use for solo fingerstyle guitar. Sweet, articulate and BIG cleans. In the first part of the video I dont mess with my tone knob at all and my tones is already a big jazz clean tone. The amp also features a gain knob and a saturation control that brings in a slight...
  11. J

    Guitar, another traditional Eastern instrument, English classical music

    This piece probably needs no introduction. I'm no classical guitarist, but classical music is my first love (both tuneful pieces like this as well as harder edged works from Schoenberg, Penderecki, Shostakovich etc). The solo part here is played on a dizi, a transverse bamboo flute often used...
  12. Sol Kingston

    Just The Two Of Us - Jazz Fingerstyle

    One of my first fingerstyle arrangements! I'm a massive fan of Sungha Jung, and have been studying jazz playing for a few years now so I thought i'd have a go at solo arranging a famous song. I hope you enjoy it, and if you would like the tabs don't hesitate to PM me and ask.
  13. Sol Kingston

    Just The Two Of Us - Jazz Fingerstyle

    One of my first fingerstyle arrangements! I'm a massive fan of Sungha Jung, and have been studying jazz playing for a few years now so I thought i'd have a go at solo arranging a famous song. I hope you enjoy it, and if you would like the tabs don't hesitate to PM me and ask. Thank you.
  14. M

    The Most Insanely Difficult Riff I Know

    This is the most challenging riff I can play. It starts out relatively simply (!?) and then just gets harder from there over THREE levels of difficulty. Just a 3min video, and the 3 levels are explained and demonstrated within. Let me know what you think! What is the most challenging riff that...
  15. T

    Alip Ba Ta - The Fingerstyle Guitarist

    Alip Ba Ta is one of the fingerstyle maestro from Indonesia.
  16. bainmack

    Britney Spears cover

    the lady friend and I went to work this weekend and did the cheesy bubble gum pop song: Britney Spears' "SOMETIMES" enjoy!
  17. H

    0C-3 running my amp really hard ?!

    I play some functions as a three-piece with a guitar and bass amp and use an OC-3 octave pedal’s Poly Mode to split the signal across the two. My Fender Hotrod generally handles this well (Its needed a service due to some speaker rattle) but I’ve noticed that most guitar amps sound really...
  18. Hayden

    Super simple recording setup - it's not sounding great... Help!

    Hi all, Recently, I purchased myself a little home studio setup composed of an Audio-Technica AT2035 and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which I've been running into my new MacBook Pro running Garageband. Really, my goal is to record my original fingerstyle pieces, which are only acoustic guitar...
  19. mikkokarhula

    Solo guitar arrangement of Over the Rainbow

    Hi! Have made some arrangements for solo guitar for little café gigs and etc. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  20. George Heathco

    Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka) for solo guitar

    Here’s an arrangement I put together of “Pure Imagination,” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, for solo guitar. I’ve loved this tune since I was a kid! There’s a ton of awesome arrangements of this for solo guitar, and so I’m happy to add one more to the mix.
  21. C

    Don't bother putting your socks on.. Powerhouse fingerstyle solos incoming.. Lots of fun!

    Yeah, fingerstyle with a pick. I haven't played in 10 years so all my fingerstyle "equipment" was not with me. Still lots of fun! I think it's my best video yet. I appreciate shares, likes, comments, any of that stuff.. Currently homeless and if this got any attention, a good gig could go a long...
  22. C

    Taylor V-Class demos.. Doyle Dykes covers.. Fingerstyle rock songs!

    First up.. sitting down with an 814dlx in standard tuning. I go into "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Good part around 3:30. Secondly, just dropped it to..drop D. Some fiddling just for a random intro., I guess, and then went into "Coldplay Medley". Also Sweet Home Alabama (I'll do a solo...
  23. Qwesda

    Original Music

    Hey everyone! I'm a singer-songwriter/fingerstyle guitarist. Here are a few live takes of my songs, if anyone checks them out I'd greatly appreciate it:
  24. dvdkinman

    Day Tripper - Tommy Emmanuel's version

    Hi Guys! Just wanted to share my take on this brilliant arrangement by Mr. Emmanuel :) The Gear used is: Taylor 214e, Blue encore 300 (about 80% of the mix) and TC electronics Body Rez pedal into LR Baggs Para DI (20 %). Compression, reverb, and a little E.Q. of my DAW (Logic X) Hope you like it!!
  25. Brian Rotella

    Quick Licks On YouTube

    Hello everyone I wanted to share my YouTube channel! I recently started creating content. In my first Quick Licks series I focus on finger style where I show you some tricks and tips I have come up with while playing 3 finger style guitar. Fun stuff! Please Show some love and support. Thank you...
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