friedman runt

  1. SmartyPantzVA

    HELP - Friedman Runt 20 sounds like Rice Cripsies

    Hello, First time poster here, and I'm afraid I need help. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my amp, and I play it every week, but I can't use it live anymore due to the snapping crackling and popping coming from the amp, even with no input. I have just changed the power tubes and the pre amp tubes to no...
  2. I

    Friedman Runt 20 AIC

    Here's a little Cantrell inspired session I did with the Friedman Runt 20, hit up front with a Tone Freak Naked Overdrive. Pickups are the Motor City Afwayu set. Enjoy!
  3. I

    Marshall DSL40C and Friedman Runt, any real world comparisons?

    Hey all, as the title suggests, does anybody here have firsthand experience with either the Runt amps from Friedman or the DSL 40 combo from Marshall? Sweetwater is running the DSL 40CST for $650 right now and I can likely pick it up next week. I'd be considering these amps for Alice in...
  4. mattsmusic

    Friedman Runt 20 Quick demo

    Chris Bryant is in the shop today trying out the new Friedman Runt 20 amplifier head through a Splawn 2x12 with Creambacks! Thanks for watching!:) - Jay