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  1. G

    JTM45, Fuzz Face, Strat and Band Mix

    Will the combination of a JTM45 (Mojotone e34l's) Fuzz Face (JHF1) Strat (HSS) VOX Wah a little spring reverb have any problems cutting through a band mix with 2 guitars? Provided I use no other pedals, od's, treble boosters and just ride the guitar volume and tone knobs? Have You Experienced?
  2. Marshall50w

    Pink Floyd Time (Breathe reprise) Movie

    Hi, From the classic album Dark Side of the Moon, I play Time on my 1963 Fender Stratocaster.
  3. Hulakatt

    What color to paint a full size Fuzz Face?

    Edit: New poll choice! So, I have a battered Fuzz Face coming to me in the mail at the moment and it will most likely be sent of to Analogman for internal and electrical love. I'm on the edge between a few color choices and wondering which you guys would like to see? I already have a regular...
  4. benihana21

    Drive Before or After Fuzz?

    I know this question has been posed before, but the threads I found were pretty old, and I don't want to trigger anyone with a "zombie" post. ;) I like to use fuzz for lead and heavy rhythm tones. I used to play with muff-style fuzzes (Hoof, Red Muck), but now play exclusively with germanium...
  5. zacmac

    JHS Smiley

    How do these compare to other fuzz faces? How’s the cleanup? Any idea what transistors are in there?
  6. Dannyz

    Boss Fz-3 to replace Dunlop FFM-1 Silicon?

    Early this year ive acquired an FFM-1 Silicon Fuzz Face Mini from Dunlop. Excellent pedal, very late 60s sounding ala Gilmour. Two things turned me off: as a faithful Fuzz Face reproduction, it hates the wah in front of it. Also, it doesnt work when plugged into the High Treble channel on my...
  7. O

    does this pedal exist ? (fuzz face / clean up/ impedance inside !)

    Hi ! I started to really interested in all kind of fuzz face, Cot 50, ehx double muff etc... Pedals that really do a good clean sound when you roll back the volume knob on the guitar. Is there a pedal that you can put before a fuzz face for exemple, that can make it usable after other effects ...
  8. S

    60s Fuzz Search / Hendrix BOG

    Hey guys, I am in a market for a new Fuzz pedal and I am looking for a Hendrix vibe/sound. Because of current situation I am not really able to test them out irl. I watched bunch of videos on YouTube and tried to find some reviews but unfortunately I am still puzzled. It would be great if people...
  9. G

    GGG Fuzz Face Minimal Output/ Gating/ Q2 Voltage Issue

    Hey guys. Bought a GGG fuzz face that I cannot get to work. Almost no sound comes out until I strum real hard. GGG Schematic resh battery measures 9.25V Q1: c: 1.34 b: 0.62 e: 0 Q2: c: 9.15 (sweep max range .10V) b: 1.34 e: 0.84 D3: a= 0 k= 9.24 I added some optional mods (e.g. optional...
  10. Michael Clevenger

    Oh God, Another Fuzz Recommendation Thread?!

    I'm in the market for a fuzz pedal. And I am not a fuzz aficionado so I could use some help. For a long time, I had been wanting a Thorpy Muffroom (I guess it's the Fallout?) Cloud. But after hearing various shoot-out videos, I really like the blue Fuzz Face Mini from Dunlop. And on Reverb it...
  11. J

    Boss Blues Driver vs EHX LPB-1

    Hey guys, I have a Blues Driver which I use primarily for boosting a fuzz face, however since I'm only using it as a boost, I'd like something that has a bit less gain. I know that the LPB-1 is an actual boost whereas the Blues Driver is an overdrive, but I just want to know how do they compare...
  12. Dannyz

    Fuzz Face: bias vs voltage sag

    Ive been thinkin, is it the same tweaking the internal trimpot that some fuzz faces have vs dropping the voltage from 9v to 7v, 6v, and so on?
  13. Dannyz

    Need Fuzz: Dunlop FF1 mini vs BOG Mini

    I would like to add a fuzz to my pedalboard, since im goin to get a nice Strat with grey bottom single coil pickups. These are my two main options: In the past, i was into a Hendrix craze, so ive bought the big turquoise Hendrix fuzz face but the size started to bother me so i ditched it...
  14. benihana21

    Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase vs Analog.Man Sun Face

    I have a Fuzz Phrase and love it, but based on the near universal good reviews, I feel like I’d be missing out if I don’t try a Sun Face. I’m thinking of ordering one with the RCA/NKT hybrid transistor option, but it’s an expensive purchase, so I want to consult you all first. For those who...
  15. A

    Fairfield Barbershop and Fuzz Face

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone has any experience stacking a fuzz face with the Fairfield Barbershop. I am looking into getting one as an always on clean boost and am wondering if it would combine well with a fuzz face style pedal. I have an analogman sunface germanium pedal and it always...
  16. ZuZ

    MXR fuzz m173

    Hi guys. I want to share my experience with this pedal because there's not a lot of decent reviews that helps someone to really know about this pedal and how it can be a great tool. I mainly do blues this days in a semi-pro and a pro envoirment - clubs and blues festivals and stuff. I'm a strat...
  17. ilikeoverdrive

    Buffer before fuzz face? YES!!

    Many here have heard the "rule": "fuzz needs to be first in the signal chain, no boosts/overdrives/distortions before fuzz!". The punishment for breaking this rule was cited as "sputtery, splattery, overly saturated, unorganic, GMO-fed, life-threatening tone". Well, I “accidentally” plugged...
  18. ilikeoverdrive

    Passive vs Active EMG pups with Ge Fuzz (+FFM2 content)

    Really liking my Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini. So much so that I decided to throw it all at it, vintage singles and EMG 81's included:eek:! Hearing both the 50's Strat and the EMG81/60 loaded ESP-LTD, I can only say that the Ge Fuzz Face mini is a world of tones, from cleans (even with EMGs...
  19. JohnnyBGoode

    Tameable Fuzzes

    Not sure if tameable is the best term... Just the best I could come up with. So... Fuzzes can be grungy, nasty and weird... But a lot of them can also go for sweeter lead tones and Classic Rock riffs. What fuzz pedal do you use for the 2nd application? (and please be more specific than "any...
  20. Loganmartin444

    Fuzz Face into Hot Rod Deluxe?

    (I already posted this same question on the effects and pedals forum but then decided it might be more appropriate here) Lately I’ve been considering purchasing a Hot Rod Deluxe III as my first tube amp, since it seems to have everything I want in an amp, especially its reputation as a great...
  21. Loganmartin444

    Fuzz Face into Hot Rod Deluxe?

    Lately I’ve been considering purchasing a Hot Rod Deluxe III as my first tube amp, since it seems to have everything I want in an amp, especially its reputation as a great pedal platform, which is really important to me. However a little bit ago, a friend of mine let me try out his Hot Rod...
  22. johnetone

    Analogman Mini Sun Face

    This right up my alley for fitting into row 1.5 of my cramped yet not completely full board: The Fuzzface isn’t my favorite fuzz by a long shot. But it is quite useful for stacking or setting up as a mild harmonic booster. I’m definitely interested in this. Just can’t decide yet if I would...
  23. samtheman

    Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz..

    Fuzz Facade engine...
  24. ezyrydr

    Why did I sell my old Fulltone '69 style fuzz? Other options?

    Once upon a time I had a big box Fulltone '69 fuzz. I loved this pedal but when the used price shot up to nearly $400 I sold it. I've missed it ever since. I am wondering what other fuzz pedals are out there that are in the same ballpark as the big box '69? I don't want to spend the money to...
  25. J

    Beatles Fuzz Face?

    Hi guys, just wondering did the Beatles ever use a fuzz face? I know they used the Maestro Fuzztone in the early years, but what about the later Beatles era? and if so, did they use silicon or germanium models?

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