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  1. 13stitches

    Which MKIII ToneBender does the VOX MKIII Tone Bender thing right (smoothness, compression and all)?

    Hi folks, i've had the luck to own an original VOX MKIII ToneBender in flesh and blood. I bought it expecting it to sound along the lines of the Jumbo Fuzzes (i bought it only because i got a good price and i wanted to resell it), as i was not informed about the true MKIII and MKIV nature. So...
  2. 13stitches

    Please guide me through the recent Dunlop/MXR octavio pedal zoo!

    Hi folks, i'm looking into current options of replacing my cheese wedge Dunlop Octavio reissue with a smaller version. I also have the Hendrix Octavio (standard mxr enclosure size with a blue picture of Jimi) and in my comparisons to the big one, they sound pretty much identical when both are...
  3. C

    Hellbilly clone

    Been looking for a hellbilly/McFuzz Can’t seem to find one. Does anybody know someone that could build me one??
  4. C

    Looking for hellbilly clone

    I’ve been looking for a hellbilly or McFuzz but can’t seem to find one. Does anybody know someone that could build me one?
  5. Guppie

    NPD and review: Mid Valley FX "Takeover Fuzz". Super heavy and "different"

    I think they are a fairly new and small "boutique" pedal builder who seem to specialize in heavy fuzz and distortion. There isn't a lot to find about them online so I thought I should chip in and leave my thoughts here. I just bought one from Reverb. They are pretty rare over here in Europe. The...
  6. T

    Turn old Yamaha EM80 into a pedal?

    Hello, I've had this old Yamaha EM80 mixer for quite some time and have no use for it. Other things are wrong with it, channel 1 works 50% of the time, it won't power speakers and really only works with the line out jacks. It does however sound quite cool when I run a dry guitar signal into it...
  7. J

    Speaker buzz (video)

    Can this be fixed? Do I need a recone kit? I can’t hear any voice coil rub when I press down on the speaker (when the amp is off). The speaker is an Eminence 10446 (1028K). In the video I’m trying to show how the buzz gets worse in some spots and goes away completely in others. The buzz only...
  8. S

    Scarab Deluxe Signal Chain Placement

    For a few years I have drooled over the Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe. I honestly have never owned a fuzz, but just love the versatility of this pedal in all the demos I've seen. One thing I learned recently is how Fuzz pedals don't like coming after buffers (or really any other pedals, from what I...
  9. Hulakatt

    Who has a vintage Mosrite fuzzRITE out there? Edit:Repaired!

    Over the holiday festivities, a family member gave me an old Mosrite fuzzRITE to see if I can repair it. It was used by the bass player in some touring band, back in the 70's, when the bass player became fed up with its intermittent and temperamental behavior, removed it from his signal chain...
  10. Robmo

    Fuzz w/switchable octave?

    I have a VooDoo Lab Proctavia which seems ok, but sometimes I want just the fuzz without the octave. In the $100. Range I’m trying to eliminate having two separate pedals. Thanks in advance
  11. G

    EHX Nano Big Muff Shootout

    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi's. Nano Big Muff Russian Big Muff Ram's Head Big Muff Triangle Big Muff Op Amp Big Muff I reamped a simple guitar riff into each pedal. Then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used. Instead, I used a 2x12 cab IR with 2x SM57 emulators. Youtube link!
  12. G

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz on bass

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz on bass Squier PJ reamped into the pedal and then back to the audio interface. Ampeg amp sim with an 8x10 cab sim. Youtube link!
  13. G

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz A recreation of the popular 60's tones. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal and then into a Blackstar HT club 40. No cab/mic combo used, instead I routed the Blackstar into a Torpedo Two Notes Captor and used a 2x12 IR. Youtube link!
  14. Puneet Wagh

    MJM London Fuzz on the way…. Tell me more.

    Got my first ever germanium fuzz on the way. I’ve been really enjoying the Jackson audio modular fuzz (especially with that octave) but I also wanted something simpler. Got a great deal used on it. This is the two knob, small enclosure version. I’d love to hear some thoughts about Jose who are...
  15. Stratburst70

    Favourite Bass Fuzz?

    (Yes, I did search the forums before posting this) What’s your favourite bass fuzz? Right now, I’m going between the Fuzzhugger Bass Bloom (no longer made, unfortunately) and the Wampler Ratsbane. What are yours? While you’re at it, also mention your rigs. I go between an Am Std P-Bass with La...
  16. C

    1970s Sola Sound Tone Bender: Help with unusual transistors

    Hi everyone, I've recently got my hands on a 1970s Sola Sound Tone Bender. I noticed that the germanium transistors look noticeably different from any other examples I've seen online. Don't get me wrong, it sounds awesome and I wouldn't want to change any parts. I'm more curious to know what's...
  17. G

    EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi on Bass

    Squier PJ reamped into the pedal and then back to the computer. No amp used, just an Ampeg sim with a 4x10 cab IR. Youtube link!
  18. Deseps

    Good Fuzz for Vibrolux

    Hey all! I'm running a tele into a '69 silverface (blackface mod) vibrolux. What fuzzes have you found success with into similar set up?
  19. G

    EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi

    The EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi. A recreation of the original. Schecter solo II reamped into the pedal and then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used. Instead I used a 4x12 IR. Youtube link!
  20. Short Tooth

    Why have Distortion when you can have Fuzz?

    I feel some Fuzz's can do distortion, but distortions can't do fuzz. Kinda fringe because the bleed over of each is real!.. Beyond the philosophical stuff which I would love to hear. I have a #2 spot on the pedal board ALWAYS in flux. Have a OpAmp Muff there now. Looking at some distortions...
  21. G

    Boss FZ 5 on Bass

    The Boss FZ-5, but on the bass. Squier PJ reamped into the pedal and then back to the computer. No amp used, just an Ampeg sim with a 4x10 cab IR. Youtube link!
  22. rotarytone

    Fjord Fuzz Berserk

    I just bought this fuzz because it has a cool mushroom LED and a big knob. It also sounds really good in the demo video. Does anyone know anything about Fjord Fuzz or the Berserker? https://fjordfuzz.no/berserk-1/
  23. Bob T.

    Octavio Fuzz Cleanup with a Dirty Amp... will I be disappointed compared to a Fuzz Face?

    I love running my germanium fuzz face into my OTS 20 set dirty. It's thick, it's wooly, it sustains and sings.... and I still get cleanup on my volume knob from both the Strat and 339. Love it! But.... that octave up thing from an Octavio is really cool. I wouldn't want the octave effect all...
  24. G

    Boss FZ-5

    The Boss FZ-5. Three legendary fuzz pedals in one pedal. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal and then run into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used. Instead, I used a Torpedo Two Notes Captor and a 4x12 cab IR. Youtube link!
  25. D

    Other than the Hoof Reaper, are there any good Muff+TB or Muff+FF pedals in one enclosure?

    I'm looking to get a muff-style fuzz and a Tone Bender or Fuzz Face style fuzz, but I'd like to only use up one spot on my power supply for the two. I'm leaning towards the Hoof Reaper, but I was wondering if there are any other dual fuzz pedals out there worth considering, or if there are any...
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