1. huwutwywen

    Any demos of the EXH Satisfaction Plus Fuzz yet?

    Has anyone here picked this up yet?
  2. D

    Is there an octave fuzz without a "gated" sound, or is that just part of the circuitry?

    I know there are some out there that are more "spitty" than others. But are there any that have that that higher octave but without...that? Or is that sort of defeating the purpose? In other words, at that point...why not put an octave up pedal before the fuzz? Or I guess what I should say is...
  3. W

    Can anyone recognize this (possible) WAH pedal? Thanks in advance.

    Hi, As stated in title I've been trying to figure out what this pedal is (follow white arrow) for over a few years now. I've identified everything else so I finally decided to to turn to The Gear Page for help. The only info I have is this pedal was seen with a group of William Reid's (from The...
  4. flatdream

    Three pedals only till the end of times

    Which would they be ? The desert island challenge.... No multi effects allowed of course ;) I would go for : --------------------------------------------------------EDIT------------------------------------------------------ Love tone big cheese Keeley echo phase And my DITTO looper...
  5. IMG_2498.jpg


    dt splatt's hot recent fuzzies
  6. Ax-Man

    Blues Jr IV fuzz trouble

    I'm having a really hard time getting a decent fuzz tone at loud volume on my BJIV.. Eminence C.Rex speaker. I've been trying with my EQD Spires and Walrus Jupiter. When playing lower volumes they sound great, but once I turn up to play with the band they get thin and muffled. Seems kind of...
  7. edgeofbreakup

    O.C.E. Wrench Fuzz feat. Giordano Guitars

    Premiering now, tap below to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe! Wrench Fuzz // O.C.E. Pedals // New School Fuzz Builders, Old School Mojo // Guitar Pedal Demo #Guitar #guitarist #guitarplayer #guitarpedals #songwriter #musician #music
  8. S

    Help me find a gated / not-gated fuzz

    Okay, this is going to be long, and I apologize for that in advance. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, most of it boils down to two questions: Are “bias,” “gate,” and “voltage” controls on fuzz pedals all different words for the same thing? Do you have any recommendations for pedals...
  9. B

    Active + Fuzz help

    I have recently gotten into fuzzes and it turns out I love them. Unfortunately three of my guitars are active. Two of them have Fishman Fluence in them and the other is an active bass which has piezo and a uhh you know what, I don’t know what it has, it looks like a soap bar. It’s a eda905...
  10. cosmic_rust

    Name that fuzz: Jethro Tull edition!

    Hey, fuzz sleuths and sound hounds! I've got a fuzz I'm trying to identify. Quick backstory (skip if desired): I've been a long-time Jethro Tull fan, especially keen on the often-underrated Martin Barre and his guitarwork and tone. I've read in interviews that he didn't fancy many effects from...
  11. OctoberSoda

    What Fuzz Beats Every Other Fuzz For You?

    Mine was the Jptr Fx Warlow. I did buy a few after but nothing beat it. I kept only the hizumitas because I’d regret selling that and a superfuzz which you can’t compare a superfuzz to a muff. Even the Carcosa got sold.
  12. N

    Question about the Vemuram Myriad Fuzz (and maybe fuzzes in general?)

    I just got a used Vemuram Myriad Fuzz. I've never been into fuzzes before but clips of the Myriad made me want one. It sounds great, but my question is this: Both the Level and the Fuzz knobs seem pretty unresponsive to me. They do -something- but it's definitely not the range I thought, or am...
  13. edgeofbreakup

    Thorpy FX // The Boneyard Fuzz

  14. jaeatmon

    Help me pick out a Tonebender MK1 Fuzz Pedal

    Alright so I'm finishing up a new board build and looking to add a tonebender Mk1 style fuzz to the lineup. The issue is more so size and availability than anything else. Here's basically the requirements I need: Small form factor (Think like standard overdrive size like a timmy, morning glory...
  15. Fouce

    Marshall SV20H and fuzz pedals

    Hi, I´m considering to buy a SV20H. I already have a ´69 100w superlead and a ´72 50w 1987 model. My band is a Hendrix tribute and as we play mostly small to medium clubs, I need to attenuate too much (10 to 12 db) to achieve manageables volumes when using any of the heads and a 4x12 cab. I...
  16. edgeofbreakup

    ZONK MKI Vintage Germanium Fuzz Pedal // Lost in Crystal Canyons x Cunningham Amps w/ Stratocaster

    ZONK MKI Vintage Germanium Fuzz Pedal // Lost in Crystal Canyons x Cunningham Amps w/ Stratocaster
  17. edgeofbreakup

    Cunningham Amps Dual Range Fuzz feat Benson Monarch

    Hand-Wired Tone Bender // Cunningham Amps Dual Range Fuzz // Guitar Pedal Demo
  18. Özzman

    Do you use two of the same gain pedals on your pedalboard?

    I'm a massive fan of the KittycasterFX Groovy Wizard Fuzz Driver. I've had that (And the Tremdriver which Im also a huge fan of. Used as an always on pedal!) ever since they pretty much were released. Not that long ago they came out with a black colorway "limited edition" version of the Groovy...
  19. OREO-Greed-Wagon

    Which is more "wild" a Super Fuzz or a Bee Baa?

    I have a Super Fuzz and I love it (Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz). I like how its very usable but also quite wild. I only ever use it in the more trebley (less boomy) mode. I'm looking to try out another fuzz for my other band and would like to get into a similar territory of wild 60s fuzz. I do want to...
  20. D

    I’m not the biggest fuzz user but…

    Hey everyone and happy new 2023! My band’s third single is out now! I wrote this when I was invited to be a part of a streaming even hosted by TrueFire. The lineup was quite insane and I’m proud to have been a part of this back in the summer of 2020. I composed this tunes knowing that I...
  21. Rolo Shingshing

    Your and You’re/Ça pis Sa available for $85

    Just thought I’d let the good people know that mtlasm.com currently has Your and You’re/Ça pis Sa For $85
  22. SviS

    SviSound germanium fuzz FuzzoZoid-D (dark)

  23. prelich

    Sounds From The Void Effects

    https://www.soundsfromthevoid.com/products Hey guys, wanted to introduce myself on here. I go by Prelich and I run Sounds from the Void. Being a one man show, Sounds from the Void is a product of DIY ethos. Everything from circuit design, art, packaging, testing to content is done by yours...
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