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  1. S

    Duesenberg Star player Tuning Issue

    Just got in my Duesy today! The only issue is the tuning is awful when I bend or use the term. Bending pulls it flat and the trem makes it sharp. Its not a super significant change in pitch but will drive me crazy. Any Tips? I may take to a luthier to see if the nut is an issue, but I'm...
  2. thebloggingmusician

    The 'guitars improve with age' myth.

    I'd like to believe they do, I'm just not sure it's true. I saw Chuck Berry say in an interview that he replaced his guitar every 6 months as they wore out. From my own personal experience my old Gibson Les Paul improved in its initial months ( The sharp bridge saddles grinded down ), but...
  3. Sam C

    Cranked preamp tubes + low guitar volume input

    Hi all, just had a question about what is happening to a preamp tube when it is cranked but receiving a low guitar volume as input. In that situation is the preamp tube still being "driven hard"? Or is it only driven when the input guitar volume is also high?
  4. slapback delay

    Valuable guitar gadgets thats not a pedal

    I love pedals. I have tried a bunch of them & enjoy messing around with them. BUT Other than picks and strings. What are some "guitar gadgets" that you find valuable other than pedals? I am takling from a practice/live playing perspective and not a recording perspective. I use different picks...
  5. D

    Best 14" ES-Style Guitar. D'Angelico Mini DC, Eastman T184MX etc.

    I'm looking for a smaller-body semi-hollow guitar, in the same (or similar) size as the ES-339 (so a 14" body). The main 2 I've been considering are the D'Angelico Excel (or Deluxe) Mini DC, and the Eastman T184MX. The D'Angelico's come with either Duncan '59s or Seth Lovers (depending on the...
  6. T

    Any Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz users out there?

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a new fuzz and have narrowed things down to Roger Mayer's Rocket Series of fuzzes. I'm fully aware that these fuzzes sound best into an amp that's cranked hellaciously loud and already broken-up. I typically play my amp this way. Now, with that being said, can...
  7. thebloggingmusician

    Greetings from England!

    Hi Everyone. I'm a guitarist and singer/songwriter of 25+ years now, disillusioned with the live cover's scene before COVID was even a thing, but thankfully been pushed back into focussing on my own playing as well as spending more time on the creative aspect of original material and music...
  8. Feodor

    Fingerstyle Tutorial | AWESOME Fingerpicking Exercises

    Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great week so far! This weeks tutorial is on fingerstyle guitar technique. In this video I’m going to show you a nice chord progression and 6 different right hand exercises. Even if you’re pretty comfortable with the fingerpicking technique, it’s always a...
  9. Guitarjon

    Tour/rundown of my entire guitar collection! (LTD, Fender, PRS, Gibson, Schecter etc.)

    Hey guys, I just posted a tour video of my entire guitar collection, just to have some fun and nerd out about my guitar collection. I'm a huge ESP LTD fan, no surprise there but I also have some guitars by PRS, Schecter, Fender, Gibson etc. I hope you enjoy this tour and of course I'd love to...
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Gary Moore - Victims Of The Future Guitar Solo Tutorial

    In the end, as I promised, I made for you the guitar tutorial for the solo of Victims Of The Future by the great Gary Moore. It wasn't done based entirely on the original but it's based on the cover I made. You will find it at the end of this video as a final screen. Hope it can be of help to...
  11. E

    help with zoom 505i reassembly

    hi. i decided to clean my zoom 505i, inside and outside, after a decade. i took 3 pictures to know the correct places of inside parts, just after i remove the circuit from the plastic box. unfortunately, my cell phone just erased all pics taken in the last two weaks (i really don't know why)...
  12. F

    Cabs? Wow... Who'd a thunk.

    Today, I pulled an alnico Blue Dog out of one of my cabs and put it into another empty cab that I had in storage, simply so I could safely stack the Weber's cab on top of another cab with near-exact dimensions (so I could easily switch between the Weber and a standard greenback when recording...
  13. Feodor

    Neural DSP Soldano SLO-100 - Demo & Review

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good week so far :) I made a quick demo/review of the most recent Soldano SLO-100 plugin from Neural DSP and decided to share this with you. There’s also a little comparison to the NI Guitar Rig plugin in this video and I’d like to know your opinion on that...
  14. B

    Screws on Guitar Extremely Tight.

    Hi everyone, (new to this forum so I don't know if this is the right category), I am writing this thread as I am having a problem with my Epiphone Les Paul. The washer and nut fell off of my input jack and I'm trying to unscrew the input jack cover. But the input jack just wont budge, I've been...
  15. K

    The NUX MG30 is cool, but how does it compare to the Line6 HX Stomp?

    Hey guys! I had a loaner hx stomp that blew me away and I sold all my pedals to buy one. Along the way, I came across this new NUX MG30, it sounded cool, it looked cool and it was way more affordable than the Stomp. I pulled the trigger, got one to shoot it out against the stomp and this...
  16. Jwblack

    Ambient Guitar Track

    Very Chilled and Laid back Instrumental
  17. Feodor

    Guitar Arpeggios Workout Routine (With TABs)

    Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great week so far! This time I decided to make a tutorial/workout routine for practicing 7th chords arpeggios. In this lesson we’ll be arpeggiating all 4 types of different chords available in a major key: major7, minor7, dominant7 and half-diminished...
  18. Big Blue Guitar

    Big Blue Guitar

    2010 Gretsch Hot Rod with copper Tru Arc, Chet bar, custom pickguard & an old Ampeg chicken head knob.
  19. Big Blue Guitar

    Big Blue Guitar

    2010 Gretsch Hot Rod with copper Tru Arc, Chet bar, custom pickguard & an old Ampeg chicken head knob.
  20. Low Watts

    Optimal practice session

    I've been pondering the question of how long is the ideal practice session lately. I knew, in order for practice to be efficient, that one should engage mentally in the training by staying focus and not mindlessly noodle. But I still was under the impression that, as long as this is quality...
  21. Andrea Maccianti

    Gary Moore - Victims Of The Future Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! New video! Victims Of The Future by the great Gary Moore (RIP) Gary is one of my biggest guitar heroes and influences. His vibrato, phrasing and choice of notes was just amazing! As always, the solo was not played note by note identical to the original for my choice, I always try...
  22. C

    Problem with my Acoustic Guitar

    I was trying to plug in my PRS SE Angelus A40E acoustic in today to record, and I haven't plugged it in for a while. I plugged it in to an acoustic amp model (courtesy of the Positive Grid Spark 40), but I noticed that my low E string was normal volume, maybe a little quieter than usual, but the...
  23. Javi Music

    Metal Guitar Instrumental

    Hello friends, this is my first single "Open the door". I hope you like it, you can listen to me in this plataforms: Spotify Apple Music iTunes I would like to form a community of musicians like me, to create a spotify playlist and thus be able to share our music with a greater number of people...
  24. C

    To anyone who uses a glarry guitar

    Does anyone know of any necks that fit a glarry strat??
  25. D

    The Best Semi-Hollow Guitars

    Hope this is cool to post here. I recently did a bunch of research trying to find the best semi-hollow guitars out there. Tried out every model I could try in stores, as well as buying and returning a couple (and keeping one). I wrote a big article about it (Best semi-hollow guitars of 2021)...