1. Brian Johnston

    Hagerman Boost (broadband & treble)

    This is no ordinary boost, and built in the USA by a sound engineer, Jim Hagerman. And as I tweaked the knobs I knew there was something unique about this boost pedal. Depending on where you place the Ungain knob (relative to working with a clean vs. dirty amp, or single coils vs. humbuckers)...
  2. Brian Johnston

    Hagerman Phase (with demo)

    I was impressed with the Hagerman Tube Overdrive, and so how good are his Silicon pedals? Without missing a beat, this non-guitar-playing engineering certainly knows sound and quality. I’ll be reviewing the Hagerman Boost at a later time, whereas this review is focused on his Phase, which sounds...
  3. Brian Johnston

    Hagerman Tube Overdrive

    :aok:aok:aok The term ‘organic’ may be overused in the music industry, and perhaps a bit of a peculiar nomenclature to describe circuits and electronics, but its applicable nonetheless when comparing sounds that tend to be full-bodied and rich, as opposed to those sounding more sterile or flat...
  4. fechart

    Hagerman Boost with EF86 tube. Anyone tried it?

    Pete Thorn's demo blew me away, especially when he runs it in front of the Komet! I'd love one of these in front of my Plexi... Anyone owns this pedal? Pete's demo: