1. starvinmarvin

    What guitar (Harmony H44 clone?) is Marc Ribot playing here?

    (At about 15:00m.) Looks like a Harmony H44, but he has sold his well-known one recently, and that guitar has a gold finish while the guitar in the video I'm talking about is stripped / natural, and it's got nothing written on the headstock. At first I thought that maybe he refinished his H44...
  2. ZepFuzz05

    What a discussion….

  3. saltbird

    NGD: Harmony Comet

    OK, so I got this a couple days ago, but I haven't had much time to play with it until last night. It is a wonderful guitar and a fantastic value. It delivers T-Bone Walker and 60s BB King tones in spades, which I'm thrilled about. I really dig the way the gold foils look and the out-of-phase...
  4. D

    What guitar does this vintage case belong to?

    Hi, anyone know what guitar this case belongs to? This case came with a guitar I recently bought but it's the wrong case and I've been searching to find out what guitar it fits. I'm pretty sure it is not an aftermarket case because of it's odd shape. The lower bout is 13" and the case is 3"...
  5. G34RGUY

    EHX Pitch Fork - How do you use it?

    I typically use it one octave down at 30% mix usually, to beef up leads and riffs. I did like the detune mode for a chorus effect without needing a dedicated chorus on my board. I use it as the 'wildcard' spot on my nano+ board for extra flavour, but pretty sparingly live. Anyone use the...
  6. King Loudness

    Some slide fun on my '59 Silvertone 1421

    Hey all, I thought some folks here on TGP might dig this hill country style blues improv that I did for my 365 Days of Guitar show on YouTube, featuring my '59 Silvertone 1421. I absolutely adore these old axes with the DeArmond pickups for playing blues. Hope you enjoy :) W.
  7. King Loudness

    A little bluesy improv on my '63 Harmony Meteor

    Hey all, For today's upload I felt inspired to play a bit of bluesy improvisation on my '63 Harmony Meteor H71. Hope you enjoy! W.
  8. W

    Help Identifying Peter Green Guitar

    Can anyone please tell me what guitar Peter Green is playing in Man of the World: Best views are at 1:05, 1:27, 2:28. Looks like some kind of Kay/Hamony/Supro/Velco but I've looked through a load and cant find a match based on the knobs/pickups and also what looks like typography on the...
  9. NoiseNinja

    Using the TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony for 5th up only, regardless of key and scale?

    I need a pedal that will do a good 5th up harmony and I am pondering on getting the TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony for that, cause I think it's pitched signal sound a bit better than the TC Electronic Brainwaves pedal, though that might just be me imagining things, and then because it is...
  10. Robert Jay

    In Search Of Chord Generator / Harmonist

    Is there a dumb Harmonist pedal out there? One that will play a 5th and 8th Octave regardless of key? I don't want a Harmony played based on what key I am in, I want to hear the 5th and sometimes an 8th octave above the given tone. Any suggestions? All I can find out there are fancy options...
  11. A

    ID Harmony guitar (planning to mod)

    Hi all, I can't seem to find the specs for this model on the internet. I'm considering modding it, but I would like to get an idea of what it's made of in the first place. I was thinking new pots and pups, fresh nut, locking tuners. Does anyone know what model this is and what it is made of...
  12. dbishopbliss

    New Guitar (to me) Day - Stratotone... Now what?

    I accidentally submitted an offer on a Stratotone. I know, how do you do that? I was expecting a confirmation page. Before I could send the seller a message he accepted it. It was a good deal (less than any other similar model currently on the market), so who am I to complain. That said, the...
  13. P

    Electric Guitar Blueprints

    Are there any recommended resources for finding blueprints and schematics for electric guitars? In particular, I'm looking for a Harmony Stratotone H44/88 or Danelectro Pro 1 blueprint that can be dowloaded, printed to size and attached to blank bodies. I searched and came across The Dutch...
  14. [J.K.]

    School me on Gold Foil pickups

    I've played a handful of guitars with gold foil pickups, but I've seen so many variations that I never really knew what the differences were. I have an old Harmony with an "S" style gold foil, and I've played a Collings with Lollar gold foils (and I used to have a Curtis Novak gold foil, I...
  15. F

    Harmony Bobkat H15 - Low Output - Why?

    I recently acquired a Harmony Bobkat H-15. It was in rough shape when I bought it however at face value the pickups looked like they were in solid shape. I had someone set it up who always does right by me however he did warn me of it having low output. When I tried it, the low output was...
  16. vladorg

    And now for something a little different - Twinle Twinkle reharm w/ Suhr & Red Plate

    There's a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star challenge going on on IG, so I did a quick take reharmonizing the melody last night with my Suhr Classic T Antique through my friend Devon's amazing Red Plate Supernova 160 amp (what a tone beast that amp is!!!).
  17. TheComaCalling

    '64 Harmony Bobkat Restoration, dot inlay? Dead stock/relic/aged?

    I cannot seem to find a good replacement dot fret-marker inlay for my Harmony Bobkat that was missing the 3rd fret marker upon purchase of the instrument. I've been restoring this guitar for the past month and ran into this problem of only finding really new and shiny replacement inlays that...
  18. TheComaCalling

    HELP!!! '64 Harmony BOBKAT issue.

    Hey All! I acquired a '64 Harmony Bobkat that had been put through the ringer for only $15 bucks from a dude who said it had been his grandfather's and that he had no use for it. The Pickguard had been smashed in and was missing the output jack, missing a couple of those D shaped knobs and was...
  19. P

    video of a cheap old Harmony

  20. ramonneke76

    Harmony H1260 Jumbo vs Silvertone Jumbo 618

    Hi, I am on the hunt for a nice jumbo acoustic. I am really going for that big sound with lots of bass... A little store in my area have a mid 60's Harmony Jumbo H1260 (x-brace I think) and a 50's Silvertone 618 Jumbo (ladder braced). The Silvertone is basically a Kay 22. Love the tea burst on...
  21. DanRao

    Harmony Stratatone Jupiter H49 in need of Serious TLC!

    Recently purchased a used 2008 Harmony Jupiter re-issue in need of some TLC. Cosmetically the guitar is in wonderful condition with a great neck and a great set of DeArmond gold foil pickups. Problem is, it is missing all of its pots. Need to replace the three way pickup selector, both tone...
  22. Young Dad

    Vintage guitar expertise needed

    Hi. I have a '67 Harmony H78. It plays really well and sounds amazing but I have two problems that I could really use some guidance on. #1: The bridge pickup is much quieter then the other two pickups and is not nearly as hot when cranked. Looking at the guitar, the bridge pickup is much...
  23. Godsend428

    Pyuma stamped harp tailpiece

    I'm uncertain of how to post a pic on here. Odd format for me. I found a guitar - it is pictured as my avatar, the harp tailpiece has Pyuma stamp on it, it appears to be a Chicago Musical Instrument Company guitar. Original pickguard, good binding, dot inlays (not painted) If anyone can help...
  24. Godsend428

    Hollowbody with Pyuma Harp Tailpiece

    I have a guy wanting to trade me an old Hollowbody guitar (I couldn't figure out how to post pics on this site) 1. It has no serial number (anywhere) 2. It has true fretmarker inlay dots 3. It has Pyuma engraved into the harp tailpiece. 4. Matching pickguard 5. Looks like a Harmony or Stella 6...
  25. De Batz

    Do I want to buy this guitar? Do I want to buy from this particular shop?

    Now then. I was in Wizard Guitars in Sheffield today and I had a go with a couple of guitars. One was this Prestige which looked nice on the hangar but felt fairly poor in the hand, and had a ridiculous neck bend that looked far too far gone to be corrected with truss rod action. The other...
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