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  1. W

    What makes high gain amps to have higher voltage gain, thus higher decibel gain?

    Hi, @teemuk @HotBluePlates . I just want to gain more understanding. I just got a manual of an Ampeg high gain solid-state amp called SS140C and on the technical specifications, it said the total system gain for the highest gain channel is 115dB @ 1khz. Marshall JVM410H, which is a high gain...
  2. W

    Can the gain of distortion pedals exceeded the max gain of hi gain amps?

    According to this comment https://www.thegearpage.net/board/i...highest-gain-guitar-amp.2165296/post-30886030 by @michael_ibrahim, the gain of high gain amps with the highest channel gain knobs at max can reach around 120-130 db. Are there any distortion pedals out there that have higher gain...
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    Can the gain of distortion pedals exceeded the max gain of high gain amps?

    According to this comment https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/what-is-the-highest-gain-guitar-amp.2165296/post-30886030 by @michael_ibrahim, the gain of high gain amps with the highest channel gain knobs at max can reach around 120-130 db. Are there any distortion pedals out...
  4. EddyLenz

    New 100W Rock Amp | Hot Chili - Lenz Amplification

    Hey Guys, I'm extremely excited to finally reveal what I've been working on for over a year. Due to everything going on in the world, it took way longer than it should have, with some parts not being available... This all began with developing a custom circuit for Siggi Schwarz in a 1970...
  5. D

    Best Amptweaker Into Dirty Plexi For High Gain?

    Hello! Does anyone have any recommendations on which small-form Amptweaker would work best for goosing an already dirty plexi into high-gain 5150 territory?
  6. A

    About PRS 85/15 pickups

    Hi I'm a long time lurker to the forum and I was wondering why the 85/15 pickups were considered "high output" and "modern" when I look up reviews on here or other forums. I had core series custom 24 with the said pickups installed but eventually sold it for different prs guitar because It...
  7. B

    Unbearable String Noise on Some NUX MG-300 Settings

    Hi, I just got a NUX MG-300, and it's the first device of this type I've owned. I was trying to create some high gain settings and I found that whatever I'm doing is causing just ridiculous amounts of string noise - extremely loud finger squeaks, and also when I play a distorted chord, then palm...
  8. EddyLenz

    Half the Weight = Half the Tone? 20W High Gain Amp Prototype

    Hi Everyone, I recently finished a prototype build that I've been interested in for a while. It's a 20W High Gain Amp with EL84. After hearing the Friedman JJ Jr. when it came out, I was really impressed by the sound for its size. That's basically what made me consider this project. That said...
  9. EddyLenz

    '76 Marshall JMP 2203 with Custom High Gain Mod

    Hi Everyone, I just finished modding this amp with a custom 4 stage non-cf high gain mod. It's based on the gain channel of my 2 channel prototype, but I've tweaked it for a long time. It also has a tube fx loop. There's a bass shift switch on the bass pot, a mid voicing switch on the gain...
  10. EddyLenz

    1980 Marshall JMP 50 Arcuturs Mod (4 Stage non CF)

    Hi Everyone, I got this Marshall that has been modded before by a German tech, but it was completely butchered, so I threw out the preamp part of the Marshall PCB and put in my own board with my Arcturus mod, which is a modern high gain circuit. It's also got a tube FX loop and a 2nd...
  11. SeanChristopher

    Hitting front end of an amp (High Gain)

    Hi everyone, Is there a difference between slamming the front end of a high gain amp with a Tubescreamer-style pedal with low Drive/high Level, and slamming the front end of a high gain amp with a Tubescreamer with high Drive/low Level? I recently was talking with someone and was explaining...
  12. I

    Help me choose a new guitar: HH or HSH

    On the market for a new guitar to add to the collection, I own a Les Paul, HSS strat, and Jackson DK7 with blackouts that aren't going anywhere. Now I'm hunting an HH or HSH guitar, hard tail or non-locking Trem (no interest in a Floyd) with some modern appointments to cover some slightly...
  13. Antonis

    Children of Bodom - Everytime I Die bridge & solo | guitar / instrumental cover

    Signal chain: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to C# standard Fulltone OCD Dunlop mini cry baby Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Fredman Catharsis impulse responses AMA All feedback welcome
  14. Vesperado

    Crushing Distortion discoveries

    When and how did you stumble across that crushing distortion sound on your rig? You know, that sizzling sweet treble that just fills the air and that low thundering transient that robs your lungs of its breath all while you thought you could never attain to such fatness, such a display of power...
  15. petey pants

    Shredders: What to Buy?!

    Hello Shredders of the World! I am not worthy! I'm a lowly session player in LA, generally doing indie, pop, folk, rock, and retro stuff. I've recently been doing a lot of film, TV and video game scores and I need to expand my pallet. I grew up playing nylon, picked up enough jazz in college to...
  16. Dannyz

    Orange Jim Root Terror #4 users: please chime in

    I've ordered this lil amp and i would like to anticipate about settings, speakers, what overdrive work best for boosting it and more. Also, what speakers/cab are you guys using with this amp? matching cab, Orange PPC, other cab? Ive heard that since its a mini Rockerverb OD chanel with...
  17. Dannyz

    Framus Cobra head: need info

    I've been listening A LOT of metal this quarantine, so i started to look for a high gain amp for my br00talz needs. I can get one of these 100W heads at $900. First, some considerations: My main cab is a 4x12 with greenbacks. Ive read that the Cobra was tweaked around those speakers. My...
  18. Dannyz

    Bogner Atma: mushy sounding? change my mind.

    Here's the thing. For the sake of change, im looking for a small amp for home. My main amp is a 50W 68' Handwired Plexi head (with PPIMV) into a 4x12 with greenbacks. Also, a small pedalboard with wah, chorus, phase, some drives, reverb and delay. The classic stuff. Bogner makes top notch...
  19. EddyLenz

    80s Bogner modded Marshall 2204

    Hi Everyone, I finally got around to making a video of this beast. I absolutely love this amp, but it took some time to find the right IRs, which do this amp justice. Somehow this amp doesn't handle IRs as well as my other amps, but I think I got a decent sound with this setup now. It still...
  20. I

    Stratocaster / Single Coil HIGH GAIN

    My tribute to the almighty Stratocaster, and it's many capabilities! These are my humble offerings of Fender American Original 50's Stratocaster straight into heavily distorted Orange OR15 tones! No noise reduction, boosts, cuts, effects, just a raw strat into a gainy amp! May those who seek...
  21. HOROR

    Order of Gain Pedals

    I own a number of high gain pedals and was wondering if they should be connected in a specific order, or if it makes no difference what's first and what's last (and what's in between). I'll list four that I use most often (in alphabetical order, not as they currently appear in my signal chain)...
  22. Antonis

    Gojira - Silvera | instrumental / guitar cover

    Signal chain: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to C# standard Digitech The Drop Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out Fredman Catharsis impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2 Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian Rate my mix!
  23. Ape2000

    Distortion Advice - Grunge, Metal, Rhythm, Lead

    Looking to get some insights from those of you that have played a ton of distortions. I definitely feel that amp gain is better; however, I don't know that it's in the cards for me any time soon to buy a new amp. That said, I do play a Mesa Electra Dyne that I enjoy for crunch. Looking for a bit...
  24. Karaokesteve

    Metal-esque tone from my AC15HW1X

    I'm looking to get a nice tight and heavy distortion tone from my Vox. The other guitarist in my band has a Les Paul with dark humbuckers and a Mesa Dual Rec out of a 212 with v30s, so he's got high gain and low mids covered. I'm looking for a high gain tone that will compliment his tone, and my...
  25. bfdeluxeab763

    High Gain Pedals w/ a Deluxe Reverb

    What high gain pedals (Modded Plexi, JCM800 or higher gain levels) work well with a deluxe reverb style amp on the normal or vibrato channels primarily for low volume use. if it's on the vibrato channel it has to play well with a bright cap. if it's on the normal channel, it needs to be on the...
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