impulse response

  1. N

    Line out vs speaker out

    Hey tgp, I have a line out on my amp that the manufacturer claims takes the signal from after the power section. Does this mean if I want to record with IR’s I needn’t bother with something like a Captor X / any load box to handle the speaker out? I’m thinking I should just be able to take the...
  2. N

    Sound guys, do you prefer DI or Mic’d amp for guitars?

    Why / why not? Does it depend? On what? Guitarists, have you ever had a sound guy tell you to use the house amp instead of DI? Or Vice versa? Curious to hear everyone’s experience and see which way things are leaning.
  3. Short Tooth

    OK, this is the first video that makes me want to dive in Digital Modeling...

    I have always had reservations about digital modeling. But, I am also far enough along to know these are all tools and each serve a purpose. It is short sighted to eliminate one, especially one everyone uses to great affect. Especially the new players... This is the first video that took away...
  4. Guitarjon

    Impulse Response VS Real Cab (BLIND TEST)

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another blind test! :) IRs are amazing, I love them and I use them every single day. There is still some doubt out there on whether or not an IR can truly replicate the sound of a real mic'ed cab. So I thought a blind test would be a great way to see if people can...
  5. JohnnyBGoode

    Wet/Dry/Wet combining amp and going direct

    So it might be a complicated question because W/D/W rigs are kind of complicated (at least to yours truly). I use an lunch box amp into a Power Soak (the simple Bugera PS1, it works great) and go straight into a soundcard. I was thinking about making it into a rig that I carry with me and...
  6. middle_pickup

    Hiwatt SE4123 cab with fanes? Best IR set?

    Are there any great IR packs of this specific Hiwatt cab? I've been testing the Nembrini Hiwatt plugin. Seems cool. I have never played the real amp, so Idk if it's accurate. You can get cool sounds though.
  7. British Boxer

    Is there a way too use STL Howard Benson IRs with Softube or NDSP heads?

    I read interviews where Howard and Mike stated that they used WIZARD 4x12 Cab IRS to get the tight Marshall tones, their best is "Dirty Little Secret Lead" I actually cant find the exact IR but see them on my iMac and all, I know how to load IRs into Neural DSP but not softube, does anyone know...
  8. British Boxer

    Do all amp sims sounds the same through cab IRs?

    Ok so there are a few YouTube videos showing how amp sim by STL, Neural DSP, Softube all sound if not identical 90% close simply by using the same Cab/IRs. If the IRs. play 90%+ percent of the tone why are people still buy softube Marshall, the nameless etc? aesthetics? what set ups have you...
  9. James Freeman

    Oversized Woody 1x12 IRs

    Note: Please don't quote the first post (don't click 'Reply'), things might and will change like images, samples, and download link, thank you. :) DOWNLOAD LINK: Oversized Woody 1x12 IRs (v2) (1MB) IR format: 48kHz 24bit. Over a few months I've bought several new Celestions through Thomann...
  10. mrmatt1972

    School me on IRs

    I’m really late to this party, but can anyone point me in the direction of good tutorials, good free ones etc. How do you use them? How should I use them?
  11. N

    Does loading your own IR’s negate differences between modelling pedals?

    If I am deciding between the Iridium and the ACS1, but I plan on loading in some Matchless IR’s, does that make the distinction between either almost pointless apart from price? If not, then why?
  12. J

    Analog preamp + IR-loader for 80s sound

    Sorry for opening the thousandth amp-in-a-box-thread, but I'm new to that concept. Still very confused about various options and what I can('t) achieve with them. Let's start with the certaintys: I want a setup not larger than pedalboard-size, without an amp that would require a...
  13. 13stitches

    What amps sound best with your Suhr (or other brand) Reactive loads and IR's?

    Hi there, i've compared 8 amps through the reactive load and while they all sound quite good recorded with good impulse responses, i've realised that some sound not nearly as good as they sound live, while some seem to sound equally great live and through the reactive load. My favorite thus far...
  14. Andrea Maccianti

    Nembrini Audio BST100 V2 and 8180 w/Jens Bogren Signature IR Rhythm + Leads and Cleans IR Pack

    Hey friends! In this video I want to let you listen to the beautiful Nembrini Audio guitar plugins in this case the BST100 V2 emulation of the famous Soldano SLO100 and the 8180 emulation of the legendary Peavey 5150 to be clear the amp of the great Eddie Van Halen. You will hear these two amps...
  15. T

    Amplitube 5 IR Discussion

    I got Amplitube 5 earlier this year and have been using it for recording. I've noticed that some of their cab IR's sound better than others and have been considering getting third party ones. Have any other Amplitube 5 users compared the stock IR's to third party ones like Celestion/Ownhammer/ML...
  16. Bob T.

    Simple IR Box for Tube Heads: It Exists, Right?

    I did some searching and digging, but I'm not really finding what I think I'm after. Hopefully this is the right forum! I use a BluGuitar BluBox as my IR cab simulator to play through headphones at home and as a way to play direct in quiet stage environments (P&W most often). I use the Black...
  17. Isca

    Hotone Binary Cab users, please help (loading 3rd party IRs)

    I've acquired a Binary Cab and I have Celestion IRs that I'd like to use with it. I've used them in the past to good effect with DAW-based plugins. However, when I use the Hotone's software to load them up, they don't seem to functioon - they import successfully into the cab model panel, but...
  18. andrescoca

    Fender Princeton IR?

    Hi there lot, I am looking to get a good jazz clean tone when I go straight in the box. In the real world a good ol Princeton is my go-to, but I can't seem to find any company that did IRs on a Princeton. Is any of you aware of where I could find them? Cheers! Andres
  19. O

    How to edit / EQ IR files?

    Hi, So that's the question, how do I apply EQ directly to an IR file and save it as a new IR? I'm trying to do this to save blocks on my Line 6 HX Stomp (so I don't have to apply separate EQ block). I thought this would be as easy as recording a sample clip to my daw from the preset I want to...
  20. G

    Best Hiwatt/Fane IR's?

    Hey all, I recently got a Suhr Reactive Load which I have been loving, and using with IR's in the DAW. I have a Hiwatt style amp which I use with a Hi-Tone 2x12 cab, with their DR-F speakers, made by Eminence (Fane clones). I absolutely love that rig and it sounds just awesome for so many...
  21. D

    Bias Fx 2 As Cab Ir

    Hey guys! There's a question that came to my mind recently: I'm using the Amplitube (free version plus Metal pack) not only as a 'full rig' stand-alone software (for practice) or a VST into Reaper (for recording), but I'm using it as a Cab IR in conjunction with my tube amps too (as stated in...
  22. adam_l

    Using IRs - Picking Thru the 100s of Files

    I have Helix Native. I'm new to IRs and I just bought a couple from Ownhammer and one from Cab.IR and there are HUNDREDS of files... Can someone, Please, help me navigate this mess?! I'm lost! Just somewhere to start would be amazing. Thanks.
  23. G

    Suhr RL into Strymon Iridum as Cab Sim?

    Hey all, I was looking into a silent recording solution, and one time I tried going from my amp to a Palmer PDI-03 (the line out), into my Strymon Iridium, with the amp modeling DISABLED, so just the cab modeling was active and it effectively became an IR loader (I'm pretty sure!!) I thought...
  24. York Audio

    Wall-O-Guitars and a recording tip.

    Well it's been what, three months of being quarantined and the state of the world is a lot to handle right now. The truth is, I needed to let out some steam to maintain some sanity, and what better way to do that than to play something aggressive? I already know this kind of music isn't...
  25. Gabriel S

    Gabriel Impulse Responses

    Hi good folks! i would like to share with you guys my attempt at impulse responses . check the video and the donwload link . i've provided a free ir so you can try it out. Check the sample rate of your project and youre good to go. I will do more of these but they will be a comercial release ...
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