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  1. X

    Boss Katana Artist mk 2

    Does anyone know if you can use the dual link feature with any other amp besides another boss katana artist mk 2? I’m curious to see if I can create a delay ping pong effect using this feature. https://www.boss.info/global/products/katana-artist_mk2/
  2. J

    Katana air midi does not pair with android 10

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with Katana Air with MIDI pairing with Android 10. Katana Air-Audio pairs and works as it should. But the phone can't be paired with Katana Air-MIDI at all, the Boss Tone app for Katana Air just doesn't see Katana Air-MIDI. I uninstalled the application, reset...
  3. M

    Fender Mustang GTX100 vs Boss Katana 100 Mk2 1x12"

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a new practise amplifier for home use and I've managed to narrow my choices down to either the Fender Mustang GTX100 or the Boss Katana 100 Mk2 1x12" but that's about as far as I've managed to narrow down my options. I will not be using the amp to gig with or do...
  4. F

    Thoughts on the Boss Katana and coffee talk on fuzzes and a JSX and a question.

    My main amp is currently a Boss Katana 50 mk ii. I am sorta out of the honeymoon phase but it’s still an incredible sounding go to amp for rehearsal and home recording. I wish Boss would put a little more effort into Tone Studio as it is a wonderful platform and updates would be nice...
  5. S

    Joyo PXL live w Boss Katana MIDI issues

    Ok, just got a Joyo PXL Live that I needed because I needed something that could handle 6 stomp boxes and have MIDI control without breaking the bank. I have it all hooked up, able to program the stomp boxes fine but when I got to program the MIDI to switch patches on the Katana, I get one of...
  6. bman5150us

    Katana Artist

    I used my Katana Artist (first version) at band practice this afternoon. I kept it on the brown amp and didn’t go too nuts with the gain. Also kept it in .5 watt mode and cranked the master and channel volume was around 60-70%. Added only a little reverb. It’s really sounded great I have to say...
  7. O

    Roland jc40 for "high" gain?

    First time posting, and english is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. I used to play in a band a couple of years ago, we mostly played alternative rock, and now I'm starting to play again, mostly punk. My previous setup was a strat with a humbucker, into a roland jc40 with a...
  8. Kaklaman

    Mustang gtx100 vs boss katana mk2

    I've a dillema on choosing between these two amps. Not a question of price. I do not own any effect pedals and probably will not in the near future. I prefer crunchier, rougher and also a tone with a nice treble on it. But I also like to fool around and try new sounds. Do you think that the...
  9. Mad Goose

    Sharing a IKEA hack

    Just sharing a IKEA hack (to keep the gear away from my cats) :) Ikea's Hemnes open wardrobe & 3 x Drona box..
  10. Hemanta kakati

    can boss katana mini or roland micro cube run on 9v dc and less than 2a ??

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about to buy an amp between katana mini and micro cube. My main purpose is to use my power bank which output 5v and can give upto 2.4a. So i was watching this video which actually uses a mt3608 step up converter to up the voltage from 5v to 9v. so im going to connect...
  11. A

    Boss Katana 50 question

    Anybody knows if there is a difference in the sound between the Katana 50 MKI vs MKII? I know the MK2 has the same speaker but more options and features. In my country there is no MK2 left and it could take 1-3 months to arrive. There is just one 50 MK1 in stock and I just sold my only amp I got...
  12. PickPlucker

    Audio player in BTS?

    Noodling around today with the software, I tried importing a drum file into my Katana 100 MK1. It will show in the player and the progress bar indicates it's playing, but no sound? Katana is in my sound devices and enabled. File plays fine in other software. Tried deleting it from player and...
  13. mary04

    Boss Katana amazing rockn roll sound!

    I had no idea a $150 amplifier could sound this good! Not even close. Last saturday the norwegian rock n roll band Backstreet Girls held a concert at "the Digital stage" streaming their show for 4000 norwegians. (corona times never stopped rockn roll). Guitarist Petter Baarli presented superb...
  14. S

    line 6 in combination with katana mini

    Hey guys, I just bought a line 6 amplifi fx100 and I already owned a Katana mini. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether it would make sense to just use the jack input on the Katana. Or to get two cables for the left and right main out on the Line 6 and plug it into the aux input on...
  15. F

    Matching Boss Katana 100-H anp and a Blackstar HT-412A Cabinet.

    Hello, I own a Boss Katana 100-H and it shows is meant to operate at 8Ohms. However, I also have a Blackastar HT-412A Cabinet, which works at 16 Ohms and 4 Ones in mono, but also, 8+8 Ohms in Stereo. ¿Would it be OK if I make a Y cables I hook my Katana on a dual mono operation at 8 Ohms on...
  16. ZeddPower

    Boss Katana MK2 50 or any suggestions

    Hi guys, I would like to get advice whether it’s worth upgrading my old Marshall MG30DFX with a Boss Katana 50 MK2? 70% of my playing style is jazz(john mayer style) to light alternative and approx 30% rock. I use a Gibson LP Studio with Pearly Gates pups and Ibanez Rg premium with Di Marzio...
  17. SRVYJM

    Boss Katana in Tweed Cabinet

    So I posted this over at the Facebook Katana Amps group and they all seemed to like it so I figured TGP was a good place to post it too: Thought I'd share this- my re-cased Boss Katana 100 combo and head- now one in a 1x12 Tweed cabinet and one in a 1x15 cabinet. I LOVE this amp- very gig worthy...
  18. Moe45673

    Boss Katana Artist Mk II announced

    Can't believe I'm the one starting this thread (someone will likely refer to me as n00b and teach me how to use the search function) but Boss has this on their webpage https://www.boss.info/us/products/katana-artist_mk2/
  19. O

    Cheap Footswitch for Katana 50

    Hello! I just recently got a Boss Katana 50 and now i want to buy a footswitch. The "official" Boss footseitch is either FS6 or FS7, but I have two problems with them: 1. They're so expensive! 2. They need power Is there a cheap passive (= no power needed) two button footswitch that will work...
  20. R

    Katana 50 MKII Boss patch question

    I recently purchased a Katana 50 MKII and downloaded Tone Studio for this model. There are some patches from Boss in the Tone Studio for the MKII, but they are different than the patches available for the original model of the Katana 50. Is it possible, using Tone Studio for MKII, to access...
  21. HOROR

    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170, Orange Pedal Baby 100 & BOSS Katana 100 mkII sound horrible!

    I own a Crate Powerblock solid state amp. I got it when they came out with it (2004? 2005?) and been continuously using it since. For the money ($200?), it sounds great but even if it cost double that amount, it would still be a great deal, because the amp sounds good and I've never had a single...
  22. caledoneus

    Boss Katana as a bass amp?

    Little demo I did plugging my Boss Katana guitar amp head into a Trace Elliot 4x10 bass cab to see how it works as a bass amp.
  23. emrah

    GA-FC Sticker for Boss Katana

    Hi, I made a sticker artwork ready for print. If you didn't receive this, you can print this at a print house.
  24. sidk47

    Inconsistent volume in my Katana

    My Katana's volume dips and stays down at intermittent times. Especially during the evenings/nights. Is there any way to fix this? It really sucks to play at such low volumes. I don't know why my Katana is doing this. I'm always on the 0.5 watt setting but my Katana is loud in this setting...
  25. bman5150us

    Going to Gig the Boss Katana Artist Tonight

    Ive got a two-set charity gig with one of my bands tonight. The setlist requires lots of clean/cleaner tones so I decided to give the Katana a try for the first time. I programmed 5 channels completely dry and plan to use my normal pedal board with it tonight. I’ve got the EQ set up around the...
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