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  1. sorlati

    New Live Video Project in Brooklyn Studio (Post Rock Vibes?)

    Hey everybody! I’ve posted here as a pedal demo before on my own channel, but I’ve started a new project, FourWest Sessions. The project is meant to feature different artists with the same core rhythm section that you see in the video. For our first video, we have a piece of my own with just...
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  4. Larsenpeople

    A way to set knobs with your foot

    Hello, I have a Kingsley Page always on, last before delay. That thing is crazy good to my tone. I wish it had an expression pedal to control the volume, but I won't try to mod it. Then I wondered, has anyone ever tried to attach some sort or giant clothespin to a knob ? I could even add a...
  5. sorlati

    Kingsley Page Demo (Humbuckers)

    Here’s a video of the Kingsley Page into a Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb, let me know what you guys think! I love it as an always on pedal, but the drive has worked great on gigs as well!
  6. scopa

    gigrig G2 & Humdinger question (wet/dry)

    Anyone know if this would be safe or not? Specifically I normally run my G2 out 1 to Kingsely Constable input as pre-amp pedal then out to FX return of Amp. Want to try a Wet/Dry rig like below - just not sure if this is safe? Assume so since Out1 is plugged in and Humdinger buffered out is...
  7. DoctorTim

    Kingsley Minstrel v2 suggestions for woofy bass

    I just got a v2 Minstrel yesterday and it sounds great. For my ear though, the bass is a little bit woofy unless I use enough gain that it gets swallowed. The bass knob doesn't fix it. The Harlot has a bass-cut switch that effectively deals with this issue and I use that feature almost all of...
  8. justin1287

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Harlot vs ToneHunter BlueLine

    Anyone have experience with these or have any other suggestions?
  9. Tevilspek

    Dirty Shirley + Kingsley Jester? A great combo?

    Hey all, I did do some searching. I would have thought this specific combo would have been covered here, but I didn't find anything. I have a DS 40w combo. Damn good amp. I run it quite hot I guess, 6 or so on the gain, with a Strat with two HBs, a C-tuned Tele and an Fsharp tuned 7-string...
  10. L

    The Kingsley Constable Club

    I want to start this club to talk about the Kingsley Constable. The main thread relating to the Kingsley pedals (AKA The Kingsley Pedal Club) is an immense source of useful data, but often conversations are interrupted and information is buried by newer posts. That's why I open this exclusive...
  11. L

    The Kingsley Page Tube Boost club

    I want to start this club to talk about the Kingsley Page. The main thread relating to the Kingsley pedals (AKA The Kingsley Pedal Club) is an immense source of useful data, but often conversations are interrupted and information is buried by newer posts. That's why I open this exclusive...
  12. axdxm

    Probably the best TPS episode I’ve seen (Simon/Kingsley in the house)

    Serious info here. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know!
  13. tommyhk

    Why did you sell your Kingsley Page?

    I am asking any of you who had and sold the Kingsley Page: Why? What didn’t work for you, or what alternative did you find that was better for you? I am not a heavy overdrive user at all, I just like some mild dirt, specially if I can “play” with the amount of grit thru dynamic playing. I...
  14. Footbutt

    Running a Kingsley Page into a HX Stomp for tube-warmth??

    I LOVE my HX Stomp. i can pretty buch get by with it as a stand-alone unit, even with six blocks. But i love me some El Cap tape and a few Chase Bliss pedals. My question is this: Has anyone ran a Kingsley Page (or other tube preamp) into the front end of any Helix-type unit? I want to use it...
  15. ToneIsKing55

    Kingsley Roll Your Own Tubes Cafe

    It was suggested in the Kingsley thread to start a separate thread on tube rolling, so here it is. If folks can name the pedal (version and type) and tube they've tried with a short note (maybe on how it compares to the stock tube), I'll try to keep the OP organized, by Pedal and tube. I'll...
  16. JonD123

    Playing through back line amps!

    hey all. Been through tons of drive pedals and now have a lovepedal amp 11 arriving shortly, which in my head will be for quiter settings , as doesn’t have mid push... and am in the waiting list for a KOT, which I think will be more for louder, gigging volumes , due to its slight mid push. Had...
  17. movingmatter

    HELP Can't Power Whammy II w/ Yankee HS-M10

    I recently order the Yankee HS-M10 to power my Kingsley Juggler, Line 6 HX Effects and Whammy II. It powers the Kingsley and HX Effects, as it should, but I can't seem to get it to power the Whammy II. The Whammy II requires 800 mA of 9V AC power and the Output 1 section of the Yankee HS-M10...
  18. Dan Bankhurst

    Kingsley Amplifiers

    Hello everybody, I'm in search of a Kingsley amp. I love everything I've heard from them, but I know they aren't the easiest to come by. If you have any that you are willing to sell please call/text me at 216-233-0715, or email at danbank88@gmail.com. I'm also interested in general thoughts...
  19. S

    Anyone swapped their Ethos Clean 2 for a Kingsley preamp?

    I currently love my Ethos Clean 2 it has a fantastic clean tone with on board speaker sim. I play direct through the Ethos. However I have also read great things about the Kingsley preamps eg Maiden. Has anyone swapped the Ethos Clean 2 for the Kingsley and if so what are the differences that...
  20. mikeyfam

    What to stack into a Kingsley Page?

    What's going on TGP, I'm rethinking my drive section. I just picked up a Kingsley Page. I'm on the waiting list for a Maiden BF as well. I was wondering what you Page users out there are stacking into your Page to push it into OD. I'm a fan of my Wampler Tumnus mini but I'm not really feeling my...
  21. Samarasa

    Almost Sold My Jester

    I have been GASing for a Dyna-Trem and a Bubbletron, and have been using my BB Preamp clone exclusively at rehearsals and practice lately. In the last iteration of my big pedal chain the Jester was at the end of my tone pedals before the W/D split to the modulation pedals, the boost was set for...
  22. JonD123

    Pettyjohn Chime vs Kingsley Harlot vs Timmy

    Hi. Someone with any experiece on the 3 pedals.. advice would be much appreciated! Need the following: 1. Dynamic/responsive to pick attack 2. Cleaning up well (not getting too dark or muddy in mid range etc) 3. Natural, light to medium gain tone, with no mid scoop. Thanks!
  23. OverdriveLover

    Zed's Dead - Tom Anderson > Kingsley Tone Baron

    Here's our new track. Guitar is a Anderson T and amp is a Kingsley Tone Baron. There are not a lot of clips I've found with the Tone Baron and it kills. Its being pushed by a King of Tone in the solo at the end. All modulation and delay is Chase Bliss All comments and likes are appreciated!
  24. OrangeAD30TC

    Kingsley Harlot vs Minstrel vs Jouster?

    Kingsley Jouster, Minstrel and Harlot quick thoughts, Kingsley Minstrel - Does low to Medium gain the best. The 3 band eq makes it the most flexible, for edge of break up and low gain having control over the mids is very useful. Between the 3 modes the minstrel is super versatile. It can do...
  25. OrangeAD30TC

    NPD - Kingsley Harlot short review and video inside

    Got this a week or so ago but didn't have a chance to play it until now. Mode 1 - voiced fairly neutral, maybe a bit more midrange. Perfect for edge of break up, blues and just general lighter OD tones. Very vintage sounding. Mode 2 - Rock and Hard rock tones for days. EQ is scooped, meds are...