1. iconte

    Stairway to Heaven solo note per note (slow and full speed)

    i took only 1 license which is adding the note E to the D bending to E, for the rest it's 100% accurate. Peace!
  2. iconte

    For Led Zeppelin lovers..

    I would not want to spoil.. take a listen. I hope you like it 8 )
  3. gunslinger

    Led Zeppelin to stream ‘Celebration Day’ reunion concert film for free this weekend

  4. Guppie

    The more expensive the pedal the brighter the led. Please stop it!

    Sometimes, I would like to turn a knob on my pedals without having to put on welding glasses first. The only argument I hear for doing this is it helps during daytime outdoor shows. That seems like a very narrow application. I recently purchased a Basic Audio Scarab and was pleasantly...
  5. deepcove17

    My Band covering Ramble On

    Decided to have a proper video done instead of the usually live footage from bar or whatever.....old skool live of the floor. Queue the lights! lol :cool:
  6. P

    Now I Can't Find that LED KillSwitch on the OCTAPUSSY

    I was afraid of this. I do see what I assume to be the Bias trim pot. Around that top edge all I see on the other side is the black 'dome' of the trim pot. There IS no "switch"... no "lever"... unless it has something to do with that black dome, but like I said that seems to be the trim pot's...
  7. P

    Dear 'Cry Baby' Diary...

    ... today I did my first mod ever! The wah in the basement turns out to be a GCB-95 (S/N AA-16L066), @1993 (the switcher says 'Mexico 9317). I know who used it but I don't know how he used it, but it seems ok. 1) After a week of watching YouTube videos of wah fixing (AshBass, etc.,..) I...
  8. LPSupreme11

    Pedal without indicator LED? Is it annoying?

    I'm interested in a hand-wired recreation of fuzz, but the vintage circuit had no LED. I like that they are sticking to the trueness of the circuit but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with using a pedal with no LED in a live show situation. Is it a major inconvenience?
  9. ragamuffin

    Troubleshooting pedals; flickering LED, annoying switch

    So I've got two pedals that are giving me a bit of trouble right now: Fairfield Accountant comp: Works just fine, but the LED occasionally starts flickering, and may even go out for a minute or so, and comes back on. No effect on the signal, just the light... I've tried using a different output...
  10. MomentFX

    Color Blind Mod for 2-Color LEDs

    A few years ago, I helped a color blind guy with a pedal LED problem. I thought I’d share it here, since it’s a cheap solution, and no one would ever find it on my blog. (If you don't feel like reading, see the illustration below.) I was asked to replace a dual-color LED in a TC Electronics...
  11. Desert Blues

    Led Zepplin in Marrakech

    thanks for watching!
  12. Ch Ra

    Sound-sensitive LED setup for speaker cab or amp

    Hello, I'm thinking of modding my speaker cab or amp with LED strips that will flash with the intensity of the sound. Yes it's silly I know, but in a dark room, it could look cool. I'm thinking of driving an LED strip with the amp output itself, but I'm a little concerned that: (1) I could blow...