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les paul

  1. K

    In case you like the not so common models like the RD, a humbucker LP DC, 4 knob Teles and V's, may I show you Green guitars!

    It appears to be a brand based upon Sweden but they built their guitars in South Korea, Guitarnet seem to be the shop where they opperate from. https://www.guitarnet.se/sv-SE/gitarrer-tillbeh%C3%B6r/%C3%B6vriga-vintage/green-rd-42193261...
  2. K

    LP DCs with wraparound bridges other than the 2012 BJ signature, the LP DC Nashville (GOTW #41) and the Tributes without counting the 58-60 run?

    Has Gibson USA ever done the DC LP with a wraparound bridge other than in those models without counting the original run? LP DC Nashville (Guitar of the Week 41) LP DC Billie Joe signature Tribute Jr/Special
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Guitar Plugin

    Lots of fun with Fortin Nameless Guitar Plugin by Neural DSP. Hope you enjoy!
  4. K

    Jerry Cantrell's Wino if it was a LP DC (M2M LP DC)

    Source: https://reverb.com/item/34620350-gibson-les-paul-r0-1960-special-dc-m2m-wizz-jimmy-page-pickups-historic-makeovers-transp-red?gspk=TmF0aGFuQnJvbWhhbTc2ODc%3D&utm_campaign=NathanBromham7687&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=partnerstack-legacy I long for the day Gibson does either a USA or...
  5. R

    Am I smoking crack or my luthier? (angled tailpiece)

    So... I have a 76 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe recently set up by on old guitar player in my area. I actually love how he set it up (plays great), but I'm kind of bothered by his one setup item I've never seen before... The bridge is angled to be lower on the treble side than the bass (see images)...
  6. C

    Mystery MIJ LP - Need help

    Hi guys, I came across this MIJ Les Paul on Reverb and was wondering if anyone on you knows anything about it. It says it's an "Alexander" built by PGM in Osaka. Looks kinda legit but there's absolutely no info on it anywhere. Of course it's a risk if it had to be resold but I would see myself...
  7. G

    My les paul truss rod nut is getting out

    How could I fix it?
  8. G

    Epiphone Les Paul custom upgrade idea

    Any idea like hardware wiring etc if I want a coil split upgrade
  9. N

    Gibson LP Studio/Classic vs Standard - tone and feel difference

    Hi folks, I'm planning to to upgrade my 2016 LP Tribute, but should I pick the Studio or Classic, or go for Standard? What I can say about my LP Tribute is, it has some not very chunky rounded neck, and I could use a little more comfortable neck profile, but not Fender-like neck. I don't...
  10. G

    Original 1952 Les Paul price advice

    Hello, I'm new here...my father-in-law has a restored 1952 Les Paul gold top, with a serial # that makes its production date in the first 6 months of production. When he found it, it had been painted black, but he's taken it to a reputable restorer and had it restored to its original colour...
  11. Custom 24

    NGD! Les Paul Reissue

    Arrived 2 weeks ago….have been playing it everyday and have been through 3 gigs with it so far. Absolutely loving it! My only other guitar with humbuckers has a trem along with hot pickups, so this is quite a different beast. It is a bright guitar…lots of bite with a huge amount of sustain. The...
  12. TB3666

    Im on to you Joe…

    So reading about Joe Bonamassa…I share a Birthday with Eric Clapton so naturally Im drawn to his story and especially Beano. Keep reading, hear me out… Joe loves his Les Paul “Snake Bite”. He says hes never been more attached to a Gibson as this one. Or however he said it… Snake Bites Bigsby was...
  13. M

    Gibson Les Paul - pickup replacement

    Hi Guys, I recently got a Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s with Burstbucker 61R and 61T pickups. The neck pickup does what I need its fat, creamy and sounds nice in the middle and top toggle positions. The bridge pickup I just don't bond with. The treble strings just have too much treble and just...
  14. metalmike222

    My 1979 Les Paul Standard

    Good afternoon everyone. By way of personal introduction post, I thought I would post about my all-time favorite guitar. My Holy Grail. My Excalibur, as it were. It's a 1979 Les Paul Standard, with a natural finish. It's been modified quite a bit over the years. I've never been concerned with...
  15. B

    Epiphone Les Paul Tuner Replacement

    Hi, I’ve recently just had a bit of an oopsie with my guitar as it has just fell of the rack and one of the tuning pegs has come off. I need a good set of tuners that match the exact dimensions of the stock epiphone ones, they can be grovers or klusons or anything they just have to match the...
  16. P

    Need recs on a distortion pedal - big amp, low volume

    Needed something to do during the lockdown, so I got back into guitar last summer after a 25 year hiatus. And loosely following in the Five Watt World mantra, I've got 1 good guitar (a Les Paul w/ coil splits) and 1 good amp... This week I picked up a 1970 Fender Super Reverb on the advice of a...
  17. T

    Stolen Guitar

    A few years back my guitar was stolen by a pawn shop owner. My guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty 57 reissue made in 2002 with the serial number 72683. If anyone has this guitar please let me know I will pay you for it in good condition. I feel I’ll never see it again. But if anyone has it...
  18. B

    What would cause a volume pot to act this way?

    I bought two new 550k pots for my Gibson LP and installed them last night. (Well one of them anyway - I broke off one of the pins trying to bend it to the body). So this pot tests perfectly before installation. Reads 0 on my meter when off and around 504 when fully on. But once installed the...
  19. L

    Lightweight Classic 57's

    I love the sound of a Les Paul with Classic 57 humbuckers, but it is too heavy for me. Can you recommend another model with Classic 57's that can get me close to that sound, but a bit lighter (8 lbs. or less)? Thank you.
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