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  1. lalalandstudios

    Nels Cline and CUP (Nels plus Yuka Honda) Friday 10/30 8pm EST

    Music lovers, guitar nerds, and anyone who needs a little more joy in your lives - I hope you’ll consider joining us on Friday October 30th at 8pm for a special live-streaming experience featuring full performances from the electrifying and always inspiring guitarist Nels Cline (solo) and CUP...
  2. Rob G

    TrueFire Live May 28th 3pm ET Andy Aledort & Me!

    Free Livestream tomorrow 3pm ET Noon PT truefire.com/live
  3. GMD

    Friendly neighborhood Gearmanndude here...topics and questions for GuitCon livestream panel

    Hey now! I'm hosting the first evenings livestream panel at GuitCon this year, Monday October 8th (time to be announced shortly). They want me to do a pedal based discussion, (go figure), and I thought I'd reach out to any of you willing to offer up suggestions as to what you'd like to hear...
  4. Soundsquirrel

    Live Streamed Video

    So I'm watching this live feed right now from someone who's currently at a Slayer show. They're pretty deep into the pit! It's a neat concept and everything, yet I'm thinking "Man! If I were up on that stage, and saw a bunch of people live-streaming instead of watching, I'd be so pissed..."...