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  1. Felipe Veiga

    Amps Everyone Loves But You Don't

    Everyone roars about Marshall, but they are so damn bad or lack tremendous room for improvement. Don't get me wrong, I like mid-range tones like GnR and Black Sabbath - but stock Marshall's have a top-end fizz that reminds me of a bee-hive and I absolutely hate it. What about you guys?
  2. p6x

    Is your guitar a noble musical instrument, or just a tool?

    I was always careful about just everything I owned, even if I did not. And of course, my guitars have always been very precious to me. No matter if expensive or not, I treat them with equal care. I never leave them laying around, they are in from their cases or gig bags, played, and returned...
  3. MasterOfReality13

    Where is the Washburn love?

    So I have a Washburn mg520 in natural wood with white pickguard. Year is 94-96. I can't remember exactly. Point is it's a dream to play, fast low action, shredder/ibanez type vibe (if youre into that-im not so much but it was a gift years ago and it's my backup ax) good access, strat shape...
  4. The Tone Ranger

    Lovepedal Jubilee into JCM800 2203

    Got bored and felt uninspired so grabbed a new pedal and recorded an unrehearsed demo. It's rough but was fun. This is my LovePedal white Jubilee into a Marshall JCM800 2203 using a Gibson Les Paul 57 gold top.
  5. Leon Todd

    PRS Mira Love

    They're easy to miss amongst the flashier PRS models, but the Mira is a fantastic workman like rock machine. I shot a video to run over each of the 6 basic pickup sounds, as well as comparing it to it's big brother the SC245. If you've got one, post a picture or video and share the love for the...
  6. rjpilot

    Nickel not created equal

    Back in 2001, I bought a new Am Std Strat and it took about 3-4 years and the nickel frets started to get some real divots. I was getting buzzing in the lower register because of this. I I have since replaced the neck on my strat with a warmoth neck that has SS frets. She plays great and I...