1. D

    Charvel vs ESP LTD

    I'm planning to buy online a new guitar with tremolo. I have a list of 2 candidates: Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HH or HSH (body: Alder) ESP LTD M-1000 Ebony SW (body: Alder) I want the guitar with easy access to all frets and able to play rock / metal (heavy, power, thrash, Nu metal)...
  2. Guitarjon

    NGD: LTD SC-608B red sparkle with Fishmans

    I've really been in the mood for the Stephen Carpenter LTD models lately. I had 2 8-strings, my Ibanez M80M which is unique in it's own right and I had a Schecter C8 Hellraiser Hybrid. Excellent guitar but not 'cool' enough for me when I compared the guitar to the red sparkle SC-608B. Don't get...
  3. Guitarjon

    ESP LTD SCT-607B review/demo

    Hey guys, I've had my LTD SCT607B for a couple years now but I've been spending more time with it recently so I felt like I needed to make a proper demo/review. I can say a lot more here but I say pretty much anything there is to say in this video. In short: I LOVE this guitar! It's unique in...
  4. dmacvicar

    Helix "Badonk" Model Crazy Ringing with EMGs?

    I just got this new guitar LTD EC1000 VB with EMG 81/60 When using the Badonk for that brutal metal crunch, I get this insane ringing on palm mutes - shown in this video: Other amp models don't seem to be pronouncing the ring the same it the guitar? The helix? Both together? I am...
  5. ChampagneCharlie

    Purchased guitar - wrong spec advertised

    Hi all, I've purchased a new guitar from a UK retailer. It came with one fret being far too high but discussed this with the retailer and agreed a partial refund to account for the cost of a local luthier repair. Not good but a good response from the retailer so all OK. I've just noticed that...
  6. Q55-Z

    EMG Active Pickup 18V Mod

    Hey just a quick shout out to any ESP LTD MH owners, I have a 08 MIK model, play’s real nice, but was not thrilled with limited compressed sound. The EMG 81/85 are nice, but designed for shred. They have some nice clean melodics with light chorus help, but I pretty much got it for lead tones...
  7. Guitarjon

    NGD: ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I (made in Japan)

    I got rid of my Schecter C7 SLS Elite because for some reason I just didn't gell with it. A guy wanted to trade it for his ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I and I was in the need of a 'Lester' type guitar. I'm really stoked about this guitar, it just oozes quality. I do love my Korean LTD's a lot but...
  8. JackInR

    ESP/LTD 2019
  9. GusFowler

    Vintage ESP LTD 24” scale neck - what body works with it??!

    Bought this without measuring the scale length and I’m stymied trying to find a body for it. I know nothing about 80s-90s ESP axes. This one has a neck heel like a strat but angled for early floating Floyd without recess into guitar face. The neck has fat frets and a marque “LTD” inlaid at the...
  10. Visual Guy

    Sigil Pickups 1960 LTD Strat Pickups with NOS wire

    Wound with NOS wire from 1960. Limited runs available!
  11. T Dizz

    NGD! LTD Lynch content

    Just delivered today..LTD Lynch Sunburst Tiger. I was looking to scratch my 80s hard rock itch. This thing is beautiful! The purple on the back is a sparkle which bleeds over to the front and the tiger stripes spill over the egde of the top. I only have a half hour of play time with it but it...
  12. Guitarjon

    ESP LTD Iron Cross

    Hey guys! Do any of you here own an LTD Iron Cross? I bought one last week and I am absolutely blown away by how well this instrument is made. First of all, it looks very nice. I guess it's not for everybody since it's a quite 'outspoken' look, but I really love the white in contrast with the...

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