1. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Video Demo: Lucky Dog Televangelist with Nashville's new hot picker on the scene

    Austin Crum with his new Lucky Dog Televangelist. My software went haywire and didn't separate the jam track from the guitar track so I didn't get to separate them properly but you still get the idea. I'm real proud of how this build turned out.
  2. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Couple new Lucky Dog Televangelist Demo videos

    My playing is lacking a little these days from doing nothing but building for the last 3 years rather than playing... But hopefully its enough for you guys to see what these guitars sound like. This one is Josh Black of Nashville, TN with his Lucky Dog
  3. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Some new stuff from Lucky Dog Custom Guitars!

    Quite a few new Lucky Dog guitars have went out recently and we've added some cool merch as well. Here are a few new ones to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy. The new Jazzebell bass coming along The Lucky Dog LawMaker Bass just went out at Christmas MORE BELOW!
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