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  1. starvinmarvin

    European guitar (or general gear) builders?

    This thread's inspired by the "Foreign Sellers On Reverb & Their Outrageous Prices" thread, which mentions that US-made gear is much more expensive in Europe, for reasons explained there. But I'm thinking that we also have some builders here, in Europe, that should, at least in theory, be...
  2. mark pugner

    NGD, but...A Crack in the Neck!

    I recently purchased a Les Paul Junior DC Tribute, and when I got it I noticed a crack starting under the nut and running to the halfway mark of the first fret. The guitar was listed as being in great condition. There were no pictures, but being that the guitar was priced so low, I figured I’d...
  3. V

    Avoiding the string tree on new build

    I have 6 holes measuring 10mm on a strat style headstock. I am putting tuners on and I have these two sets: Schaller M6 135 locking Gotoh SD91-05M H.A.P.M. staggered height adjustable locking vintage style tuners Schaller fits directly with a little reaming. I have 10mm adaptors for the...
  4. Bubbamania

    My Covid19 Guitars and Bass

    I am posting instruments that I have built during the lockdown. I used only the wood stock that I already had to keep the cost down. I didn’t have enough maple in the lengths I needed, so I used existing necks that I had laying around. Just looking for some feed back on what everyone thinks...
  5. H

    Finally deciding to 'ante-up.'

    Really looking forward to being part of this community. Wondering if you guys have pointers on best practices for searching for specific guitars or custom/luthier built guitars ?
  6. V

    Elly Guitars Review? Has anyone played one or seen a finished product?

    Anyone have any experience with this company? Seems like a scam to me. Too many glam pics of wood with no final guitars.
  7. FatCat22

    Best NYC luthier for acoustic maintenance

    Hello all. I'm just looking for some solid luthiers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, queens that do great work and are reliable. I've never been a trusting person and walking in blind to a shop can be a scary thing. Thanx in advance.
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