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matthews effects

  1. Janderp

    Matthews Effects Chemist vs Nano/Micro Pog

    Hi there. I've been wanting an octave pedal. Which of these 2 has the least delay(or latency?) when it comes to tracking strum or single notes. Thanks!
  2. William Beaver

    Mathews the architect v3....Do I have a dud or are the volume and gain controls unique

    Got the pedal, love the demos. Only thing is that I have to put the output volume all the way dimed just to get to unity. Please tell me if I should send this back or is that the way the controls work
  3. stargazer747

    Just got the Matthews Effects Cosmonaut v2 Delay/Reverb - WOW

    I ordered only 2 days ago a Matthews Effects Cosmonaut v2 Delay/Reverb and it arrived today and all I can say is WOW! I was awestruck at how warm and natural this pedal sounded. I am using it thru my Orange Terrors FX Loop and the tone is rich and organic. I especially love the "Vostok 1"...
  4. AlexCaptainCrash

    Matthew's Effect The Architect v2

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Architect v2 by Matthew's Effect? It seems really really interesting pedal. I'm into an 'always-on-make-everything-sound-better' drive and I like that Klon tone. It has that mid-hump and creamy tone I'm after. How does it stand next to Wampler Tumnus...
  5. saltbird

    Space Spiral or The Surgeon...

    Somebody just tell me what to get. I usually hate these kind of posts but now I'm understanding why people post them. I can't make up my mind! The Surgeon seems more versatile with tape, digital, and analog delay sounds but the Space Spiral has quite a bit more control over modulation. From...
  6. saltbird

    Matthews Effects The Surgeon Anatomical Delay

    Has anyone else seen this? Got to be one of the best tape delays I've ever heard and the oxygen mode sounds like it could be really usable with some experimental sounds. All the delay pedals I want don't have tap tempo functionality and it drives me nuts. I think I really need to just get over...
  7. MatthewsEffects

    Matthews Effects - Cosmonaut Reverb

    60 Cycle Hum did a awesome job showing off my newest reverb the Cosmonaut
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