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  1. p.mo

    Squier CV strat necks... shockingly good!?

    I'm putting together an MJT VTS ash strat with some nice components - gold Fender hardware, CS '69's, etc. But the neck build is like 12-14 weeks out at Musikraft because of COVID, of course! So, I hit eBay for an "interim neck" for like $85... this Squier CV Strat neck with a painted...
  2. ICE.jpg


    MJT VTS ice blue metallic swamp ash body; Squier CV neck; Fender AVRI gold hardware; Fender CS '69 pickups, gold anodized pickguard -- MJT VTS neck on order!
  3. hank57

    HHS MJT Build just ordered

    Hey there I am making a MJT bodied guitar and I'm pretty excited. It gonna be mahogany Strat shaped and it'll be a medium relic Daphne faded to green. Bridge and middle pickups are going to be a set of Lollar Imperials and the neck a Strat of some sort. Parchment single ply from...
  4. maydaynyc

    Building my first custom tele - analysis paralysis, please help!

    Ok, I suspect this post is going to open the floodgates wide. I've decided to build my dream franken tele, primarily based around a custom ordered Musikraft neck and and MJT body. I'm going to ship all parts to MJT for them to assemble and set up for me. So I never realized there are so many...
  5. nevusofota

    Superstrat to end all Superstrats (Partscaster)

    Finally finished!! This project started 8 months ago and turned out better than expected. My first partscaster. It’s what I would do if I had my own signature guitar. BODY: MJT, alder (sorted for light weight), Nitro Graffiti yellow, light aging NECK: Musikraft, thin C profile, 10-14”...
  6. Visual Guy

    New Guitar - MJT build with All Parts Neck

    Loving my new tele build from MJT. Double Bound alder in Firemist Silver. This video includes a Lollar A3 neck pickup and Peter Florance TE-56 bridge pickup. Stew Mac Golden Age wiring harness installed as well. AMP brass saddles and bridge plate. All other hardware came from MJT. Muleskinner...
  7. Visual Guy

    Show me your MJT builds! (2019 and beyond!)

    I'm working with Matt on a tele style build and I'd love to see some photos of your MJTs. Post a photos and list some specs, whether you worked with MJT to build one or purchased on the used market. Looking forward to seeing what you have!
  8. TonyUK

    New Axe MJT Aged Finishes

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my new Axe painted and reliced by MJT. Bare Knuckle Aged pick-guard, bare knuckle electrics and pickups are Bare Knuckle Sinners. What that think? Tony
  9. TTHX

    MJT Lydia New Body Shape

    I haven't seen much discussion around here about MJT's new body shape Lydia. I'm actually digging it a lot. Would prefer an HB + P90 route. Curious to know what it'll look like with certain headstock shapes though. Thoughts?
  10. gulliver

    Kind of forced to (further) relic a guitar ... it's not so easy

    I recently picked up this MJT/Warmoth in a trade. It was very mildly relic'ed, including the blemish over the neck pickup, which was added (by purpose and/or accident) by the previous owner. To me, it looked cheesy, and the only cure was more relic. Right now, I just do a little here and there...
  11. Aaron Robinson

    MJT just got back from the doctor

    This is seriously the best guitar ive ever laid my hands on. Plugged it in for the first time and was blown away by the tones. Used a patch in my helix made for gretsch style guitars and it sounded perfect. Thick and still clear. Lots of mids. It's a VTL with dual Lollar P90's and bigsby. I'm...
  12. standingzero

    NGD Day! MJT Thinline Kit

    Oh happy day! My MJT thinline kit just got in! I must say they are a fine company to deal with and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Here she is: Lightly Aged Ocean Turquoise Body & Hardware (looks more teal in person) Routed to take either SC or HB neck PU Roasted Flame Maple Neck w/...
  13. hank57

    MJT and USACG Body/neck I paint they relic'd it

    June 1st can't come soon enough! I have a neck and body from USACG that I paint candy tangerine (matching headstock!) that MJT did aging work to. I had done a pretty good job on the paint but there is as a crinkle, a flashing problem, and a sand through. So I decided to make lemonade out of...
  14. A

    MJT/Warmoth build: which pickups?

    Hi guys, This is a quite big one. A few months ago I decided to take the leap and order a custom guitar, with parts to my specs. Initially I ordered it routed for humbuckers, but I planned on buying a Les Paul so I changed the order to P90s to get some variation. However, things rarely work out...