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  1. S

    Vox v847 mods and questions

    I have this lovely wah pedal, and i have a few questions before i start modding/resurrecting it. It's made in the 90's in USA, so it has through hole components, but age is slowly creeping up on it. I'm not trying to mod it to sound like a million dollar...
  2. EddyLenz

    Marshall Super Bass High Gain Rebuild

    Hi Everyone, Finally finished this high gain rebuild. The amp wasn't in good shape when it arrived, it needed a new mains transformer, new power tube sockets, and new pots, so I decided to just remove everything except for the PT and choke. I installed a new Tube Town Mains Transformer, which I...
  3. U

    OD-20 mod

    Hello everyone. Not sure this is the right place to post it. I own an OD-20 from Boss and it takes some space on the pedalboard. I have a DIY pedalboard that's on 2 levels in order to save space. I would like to hide the OD-20 on the first level of the board but I would like to be able to access...
  4. A

    Questions about Bassbreaker 18/30 mod

    Hi, long term reader, 1st time poster. I just wanted to get your collective view on a mod which a previous owner did on a Bassbreaker 18/30 which I have just acquired. I had a tight budget and live in the middle of nowwhere, but wanted a simple, powerful amp to replace my Blues Junior III for...
  5. H

    Boss CE5 Digital Mod

    Here, I modded the digital boss ce -5 mod through upgrading poly caps and changing the values. Now it sounds more clear and organic. I attached the images of that and at a place of C13 use cap between .1uf to .68uf It would sound too dark on .1uf & too bright on .68uf. Individual taste vary. Let...
  6. teleobrien

    Help me mod my EHX Crayon

    Hey guys, i got a used Crayon a few months ago cheap and it’s a great pedal, but there’s a few things i wish i could change about it. Mainly the bass response is really loose, increasing the bass doesn’t feel like it does much until it’s way too muddy and boomy. It’s also a really sloppy...
  7. EddyLenz

    '76 Marshall JMP 2203 with Custom High Gain Mod

    Hi Everyone, I just finished modding this amp with a custom 4 stage non-cf high gain mod. It's based on the gain channel of my 2 channel prototype, but I've tweaked it for a long time. It also has a tube fx loop. There's a bass shift switch on the bass pot, a mid voicing switch on the gain...
  8. Mantras

    strong nosise when I power on GCB95 with power supply ?

    Hi I own a GCB95 mod true bypass and led and it's connected with a power supply with several pedals when I turn on the first time it does give a strong noise to the amp but only the first time , if I unplug from the power supply and I re-plug it does make this noise again I have other wah...
  9. Parnellio

    Digitech Trio+ Mod

    Hi, just thought I'd first introduce myself, and share a Mod, pedal I made for my Trio+ Gives me all the song parts on separate footswitches, the alt time, Bass, song, and effects buttons, also on separate footswitches. I also added a Dial for tempo adjustment by foot too. Please be aware if...
  10. Mantras

    Dunlop ZW45 Crybaby mod help more treble e midtone less low

    Hi i own a Dunlop ZW45 Crybaby I had used for a while in past and I liked with my distortion pedals I would like to mod it , I own a Dunlop GCB95 too well i would to increase the midtone and the treble ,and lowerer the low tones may i know which mod should I do ? I have the pdf , i don't...
  11. NoiseNinja

    Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser bleed a swirling background noise when not engaged, any way to fix it?

    After having tried several phasers, some considerably more expensive ones too, I finally settled for a Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser, and I absolutely love how it sounds. Exactly the right effect for my application. However when not engaged it bleeds a swirling background noise that really...
  12. Mat F.

    Gain reduction mod for JVM

    Has anyone done the gain reduction mod to their JVMs? Was it worthwhile?
  13. EddyLenz

    Marshall 2204 (MGL50) Clone with High Gain Mod

    Hi Everyone, I recently got the chance to work on an MGL 50 and I basically rebuilt the whole preamp with my own Arcturus circuit. Compared to my older Arcturus, I've added two new switches. 1. Gain reduction switch that lets you choose between my original Arcturus circuit with tons of gain...
  14. EddyLenz

    Mathias Dieth (U.D.O.) Steavens modded JCM800

    Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago, I saw that Mathias was selling this amp, which he used on U.D.O.'s Timebomb and live. As a big fan of his work in Gravestone, Sinner, and U.D.O., I just had to buy it. The amp has a clean, crunch, and lead channel, plus a boost for the gain channels and a...
  15. EddyLenz

    S.I.R. #34/36 Mod in a 1976 Super Lead

    Hi Everyone, I finished the mod in this awesome amp and I really like the result. There's just something about an old JMP that always gets me :D And if anyone is sad because I "butchered" a vintage amp... this one already had holes for an FX loop on that back :p This one still has the original...
  16. EddyLenz

    1980 Marshall JMP 50 Arcuturs Mod (4 Stage non CF)

    Hi Everyone, I got this Marshall that has been modded before by a German tech, but it was completely butchered, so I threw out the preamp part of the Marshall PCB and put in my own board with my Arcturus mod, which is a modern high gain circuit. It's also got a tube FX loop and a 2nd...
  17. EddyLenz

    Jose Arredondo/Joe Holmes Rabbit Hole with my Marshall 1987S

    After watching a Joe Holmes warmup video on my Facebook feed, I got completely hooked again and ripped the guts out of this 1987S and put in a full Jose mod. I tweaked it for a while and tried to get as close as possible to the Joe Holmes 90s live sound and his Farmikos sound, which is the same...
  18. S

    My “Everything” Strat Journey

    Hey all, Wall of text incoming, but this was a fun journey for me that I thought would be fun to share. Cliff notes: Put a piezo bridge, a Duncan ‘59 Trembucker, two Cool Rails, all with series parallel options into a parts Strat to use for demo recording, it sounds awesome and unique. I...
  19. L

    Rat Mod Question

    Hello I have a ProCo Rat 2, and I had one a few years that had a mod that was just removing one diode. I think it was a diode, but the mod was just removing it. Anyway I can't remember which one, anyone have an idea? I looked around online and all the mods where about replacing it, not just...
  20. F

    Fender Blues DeVille and HRD question about output tubes, configuration, and James Price Omega mod

    I have a Fender Blues DeVille 2x12 with the linear to audio taper mod only. First off, I found that James Price still does his mod for Blues and HR deville’s for $250 plus shipping. I literally had to write him a postcard as I couldn’t find his info anywhere online and used the internet wayback...
  21. AlexPrice

    HX Stomp Accessories and Mods that Increase its Capabilities

    I put together a quick video running through a couple of the most useful accessories and add-ons I've come across for the Line 6 HX Stomp. Some are more useful than others. Some are pretty creative. 1:12 - Accessory 1 // Power cable for pedalboards 2:50 - Accessory 2 // TRS-Y cable for...
  22. greenlemon

    Mod Large headstock to small headstock??

    Hi everyone! Is it possible to convert a large strat headstock to small headstock? Will it work? I havent seen any post or information about this Thank you!
  23. P

    Roland Micro Cube External Fuse Mod

    I mistakenly used the wrong AC adapter with my micro cube and it blew out the internal fuse. This fuse is not a common glass tube fuse, it is internal circuit board cap fuse. So I decided to do some modifications so that it would accept the common glass tube fuses and allow me to do replacements...
  24. Lightbath

    Dumble Ultra-Phonix Modded 64' Bandmaster Circuit

    Just perusing the sold listings on Reverb when I stumbled upon this picture of a Dumble modded Fender Bandmaster. Can anyone confirm or deny the authenticity of this claim? The chassis serial is A10714 and matches the printed label on the inside. The amp also sold for $25,000... If this is a...
  25. F

    Strat push-pull wiring mod

    Hi all! I have an Alpha 250k push-pull potentiometer coming in the mail, and I’m going to install it into my Strat. It will connect to my bridge pickup alone (Seymour Duncan APS-2). I intend to do a take on the duel capacitor push-pull mod (like you can find on YouTube with vids by Breja...