motor city pickups

  1. communarchy

    Struggling with bridge pickup choice (lollar, motor city)

    So I have been on a quest to get my bridge pickup right in my custom made korina Flying V. It’s a super light guitar, (under 5 lbs) and it has a rosewood finger board. the low mids and wound strings resonant acoustically very well, but it doesn’t have a ton of low or high end. I had a motor...
  2. I

    Friedman Runt 20 AIC

    Here's a little Cantrell inspired session I did with the Friedman Runt 20, hit up front with a Tone Freak Naked Overdrive. Pickups are the Motor City Afwayu set. Enjoy!
  3. I

    Delayed NAD Friedman Runt 20

    I've actually had my Friedman Runt 20 head for a couple of weeks and about a week or so ago I got a Marshall 2061cx cab for it. Been having loads of fun with this setup and yesterday decided to put up a clip of the Runt 20, boosting it with a Tone Freak Naked Overdrive.
  4. I

    Amp questions and suggestions

    Hey everyone! How's it going? About a month ago I got a killer deal at my local pusher for an Orange Dual Terror head, PPC 1x12, footswitch, and gig bag for the head all for less than what the head alone costs brand new. I'm at a crossroads and not completely sure what to do. In the shop I...
  5. J

    Friedman BE-OD Pedal

    BE-OD with Tungsten Crema Wheat, G12H30 speaker. Low volume, amp is totally clean. R8 LP, MCP 2nd Degree Blackbelt bridge pickup. Nice tones from the pedal.