1. fenderjapan

    NAD: Lab Series L5

    I've owned two Lab Series amps previously (an L5 which I frankened stupidly into a head, and an L11) This is an all original L5 (except for the casters)... original speakers, everything works. Spent a little more than I wanted ($400) but really not bad. Most importantly, it has THE sound. You...
  2. saltbird

    The PRRI's treble... Yikes (Solved: The speaker needed to be broken in)

    EDIT #2: Since members keep responding to this with suggestions I need to make this bold and clear instead of responding to each person. The problem went away completely after letting the C10R break in. This had a much more significant difference than I expected it would. I've swapped out tubes...
  3. M

    Need Integrated Amp to Pair With Thiel CS1

    Hey everyone. I haven't really posted before and if you all are willing, I need some help. I recently acquired a pair of Thiel CS1 speakers, but my current receiver doesn't cut it (Sansui R-410). Based on what I've read, it seems like I need an integrated amp that has enough wattage for 4 Ohm...
  4. M

    NAD: 2203x - Any personal settings for Metal (E, Eb) appreciated!

    Got a new amp a couple of days ago, the 2203x. Sweet deal too - ~$1750 new in the box shipped to my door. Have been experimenting with settings (it is no Mesa Mark but still) and would love to know any Metal (Thrash, NWOBHM, Glam, etc.) settings you guys use? I have a TS808, SD-1w, CH-1, and a...
  5. T

    Nad: B-52 At-212 Combo

    Bought used for about $300 after reading various reviews. When I re-inserted the tubes (I was provided instructions and proper placement), I noticed right off the bat they weren't all stock. The power tubes were a pair of JJ 6L6's and another pair I couldn't tell, a Sovtek rectifier tube, and a...
  6. NoiseNinja

    NAD... Soon...! (Peavey Solo Special Content)

    Made a deal with the seller of a Peavey Solo Special 160W combo with a 12" Scorpion speaker unit, and am going to pick it up this coming weekend. It only costed what equals about 74$, so I'd like to think that's a super deal. Here it is: Really looking forward to get it home and try it out.
  7. northfortyrecords

    NAD: 65 Amps Producer 6L

    NAD 65 Amps Producer 6L head. It's about 28 Watts, 2 channels with two modes for each channel, and has the master voltage feature which is very interesting. To my ears it's like an externally located bias control like you find on fender amps. Tone gets a little fluffy flabby on the lower...

    NAD Ceriatone Chupacabra 50 with MODS

    Hi there, built a Chupa from Nik and it is awesome. It is essentially a hot rodded JCM 800 50 watt amp. I added many mods and I love it. Purple snakeskin as it's inspired by your 80's MTV hair metal god videos and the like. Most mods can be seen in the pics and listed below: 5 way voice...
  9. NoiseNinja

    NAD Peavey XR-600B Mixer Amp

    Bought and old Peavey XR-600B Mixer Amp yesterday, that I intend to use both for guitar and bass. It has 6 independent mixer input channels build in with various controls, and a master 9 band graphic equalizer, also have a build in spring reverb. As I play my bass with a parallel signal...
  10. NoiseNinja

    NAD Peavey XR-600B Mixer Amp

    Edit!!: Got it, picture and more: Or well this coming Friday, that I plan to hook up to my 100W 15" closed back cab, that I currently use with a Fender Champion 40, that I separated the actual amp of from the original combo cabinet...
  11. GaryMcT

    NAD Hayseed 30

    New amp day!! Have been wanting a legit ac30 clone for a while. Already had a Morgan AC20 but it seemed too gainy and dark for Brian May tone. This one is spot on, even at low volume. Pretty darn happy. Now I just need to get the white guitar to play in tune. Also, there is no doubt in my...
  12. BBBJay

    NAD - Marshall SV20

    this amp is pretty sweet, sounds fantastic! Logo is different with gold on top of the white, different than others I’ve seen so far.
  13. Seasquared

    NAD! Carr Mercury V ⚡️⚡️

    Sold a Tone King Royalist 45 to fund the Carr Mercury V. The Merc is so good, much more usable volume (the Royalist was really loud), more versatile, and more gain. It also pairs great with my Imperial MKII. Now I don’t need all these pedals. But I’m going to keep them anyway :)
  14. BBBJay

    NAD - Marshall Studio Classic

    Not the first but it came today, first impression it rips!
  15. Ethanlovesjazz

    NAD Supro 1688T Big Star reissue

    Got the best deal I’ve ever gotten at guitar center These are normally 1799 and got one for 999 It’s a heavy monster of an amp but sounds gorgeous. Wish it had reverb but like that I can just find a nice pedal to do that. Need advice on what overdrives to use with these. It’s a different...
  16. M

    NAD Mesa Engineering Son Of Boogie (previously new)

    Mesa Boogie SOB 80’s 60/100 watt amp head. Stripped down Mark 1 style basic guitar amp. Looks a little worn here and there on the cabinet. Inside is clean and very well put together. Pulled all the tubes and swapped out the Yugo 12AX7’s and the one Yugo12AT7. Replaced the 12AX7’s with Mesa’s and...
  17. Tritone

    New PRRI Day

    Actually I picked it up on Thursday, but didn't have a chance to take pics until today. With my AC15: First impressions: Wow. I love it. I love how it sounds good at a volume that doesn't break windows. I love the clear, sweet cleans. I even like the reverb and tremolo. Before hearing it...
  18. Anaxes

    NAD - Two Rock Studio Pro 35

    You guys are the worlds best enablers. I’ve been on the forum for the last 6 month asking how to get the nice bright but not ice picky and clean tone (phish or Mayer anyone?) I’ve been waiting for this amp for a long time! After saving for almost two years and being a broke college kid, I was...
  19. M

    NAD: Redplate RP50R 1x12

    Hey all - so, I snagged this beauty below from the Emporium, which was a great experience (shout to @mude for being an awesome guy to work with - his shipping was ridiculously good). I've always been a Fender guy deep down, though have recently gone through an incredibly intense Marshall phase...
  20. Dig ?

    NAD: Morgan Abbey W/12at7 in V1

    Decided i cannt live without a good class A "vox" voiced amp. i wanted as much headroom as possible, glorious overdrive when pushed hard, under $2k I tried many amps including a matchless lightning, maz 18, ac15hw. but when i played the morgan abbey (head/1-12 with 12ax7 swapped for 12at7 in...
  21. M

    New Amp Day (Milkman 85W Pedal Steel)

    There is not a lot about this amp out there other than the fact that John Mayer and Greg Leisz (among other pedal steel player but that's not my scene so I won't pretend to know) played it. That's why I thought I would start a thread to give my experiences with it as I go along. First of all...
  22. mici

    NAD: Orange TH30, at last!

    Since :worthless there you go, folks! After lots of long and sleepless nights I made up my mind and decided to go for TH30 head. Seller replaced original tubes with JJs, some say that tube replacement gives this amp wings. As you can see on pic, for the time being I've stacked it with...
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