1. D

    What an honor! Brent Mason loves our album!

    Hey everyone! My band just released our debut single! I sent Nashville legend Brent Mason a pre-listening link to our full album and he got back to me with this message: “Love this album. Very well crafted compositions with twists and turns all done with a unique eloquent and soulful style...

    I Got Your Back

    This is one of my many original songs, except I took the country path and wrote a song with the same 4 chords :). It was recorded in Nashville at Beaird Studios. Instead of ruining it with my Australian accent, I got 2 session singers and they were great. The session musicians in Nashville are...
  3. M

    NGD: Aria Pro II Nashville

    I never gelled with tele's, but know they sound great. I'm just not a fan of the square body, three piece saddle and maple fingerboard. So I went looking for something with a more comfortable body and preferably a rosewood fingerboard. After some research, I narrowed it down to the Schecter PT...
  4. Monroeguitars

    Nashville builder here. Hello!

    New to the site. Hoping to make some friends and share my guitars with y’all. Say hello to my latest build!
  5. Styleomatic

    Hello there! I'm new here (kinda)

    Hi, Troy Lancaster here. I've been a member of TGP since 2007 and posted a few times... I thought I'd stop by and officially say hello. I've been doing sessions in Nashville for the last 25 years. Most days, it may be a challenge to find time to post and reply but I'll do my best. I just...
  6. Styleomatic

    Session guitarist Troy Lancaster CD

    I released a 10 song CD.
  7. MisterGuitarMan

    Saddle Adjustment On TonePros Bridge

    I installed a TonePros Nashville replacement bridge on my Gibson Les Paul Studio. When I started to adjust the saddles for intonation 3 of the saddles didn’t have enough room to intonate. The Low E, A and G strings are adjusted all the way back and there isn’t enough room to move them back any...
  8. 6

    Corey Congilio: The Story of Becoming Nashville's Do-It-All Guitar Player

    If you are interested in making a living as a guitar player, you have to check out this interview I did with Corey Congilio. He goes into detail about his journey as a player, and what it really takes to make it. Corey is the real deal and has certainly paid his dues. Of course, we’ve got some...
  9. Guppie

    Drop in replacement roller bridge for Gibson Nashville bridge

    I have a 2016 Gibson SG Special T with a bigsby. I installed it using a Towner Down bar which worked out great. I think in need a roller bridge for better tuning stability. Most roller bridges I find on eBay or Reverb don't give specs for the posts the bridge sits on. And when they do it's for...
  10. D

    Dreams come true - My first feature in a guitar magazine

    Just the other day one of my teenage dreams came true! My first feature in an international guitar magazine :) Please let me know what you think /David
  11. D

    "The Swede who conquered Nashville" - this article is a huge honor for me

    Hey everyone! Almost 2,5 years ago I moved from Sweden to Nashville to chase my dreams in "Music City" Last week Sweden's biggest morning paper published an interview with me - it's a big honor since since newspaper has been around since the 1860's :) Here's a translation if anyone is...
  12. F

    What gear do Pro / Nashville Fiddle players use for Live Performance?

    Hey Folks, I play the fiddle here in Florida, and am looking for info on the gear pro's use for live performance. I play a 19th Century German fiddle with a Fishman Pickup running through an Art Tube Pre-Amp. I have a small practice amp now, am I'm looking for suggestions for stage rigs...
  13. MasterOfReality13

    Talk me out of a Deluxe Nashville Tele

    So I am a LP guy but I need a better twangier single coil option for bluegrass, country-ish, Stones style rock. I like the way Teles feel and sound much more than a strat, but not always. I would never buy a strat, I have a Washburn MG520 that is HH with a coil tap which is close enough for...
  14. D

    Brent Mason’s playing style

    Hey guys! Was teaching a lesson yesterday and we talked a bunch about the the playing style of Brent Mason. We went through and analyzed a few of Brent’s solos that I’ve learned recently. In the link below is the solo from “Gone but not forgotten” by Billy Dean - really cool stuff Hit me up...
  15. JesseKnutson44

    Gibson to launch Authorized Partnership Program

    When Gibson said they plan to switch from confrontation to collaboration, they meant it. I spoke with JC, the president and CEO of Gibson about the lawsuit against Dean, the video that they posted about protecting their brand only to remove it, and a brand new program called the Gibson...
  16. JesseKnutson44

    Gibson moving their HQ to downtown Nashville

    Spoke with JC on Friday and he gave me a couple of scoops when it comes to what's new for Gibson. The first one is that they're moving their HQ from just outside of Nashville to downtown Nashville. They'll have about double the space and JC said it's a great way to come out of their...
  17. D

    Interview with that Swedish dude that moved to Nashville

    The great R.J. Ronquillo just posted an interview with that Swedish dude (me) that move to Nashville about a year and a half ago. Check it out guys :) /David
  18. Visual Guy

    Cavalier Pickups Lioness and Nashville Lion

    Some great Telecaster pickups from Cavalier. This is Rob's Esquire bridge pickup the Nashville Lion paired with an uncovered neck he calls the Lioness. I'm playing them in my Heartland Tone Daytona into my Bluesbreaker, using the Barber Gain Changer SR for some dirt. EQ Cables. WGS Reaper speaker.
  19. D

    Tell me about your best concert experiences

    Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I got a free ticket from an old friend to join her to see Mark O'Connor Band at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville! It was one of the most inspiring concerts I've ever attended, the musicianship was astounding! Since then I have practiced more than I have since I...
  20. D

    NGD - Endorsement deal and custom strat (pics and vids)

    Hey everyone! Recently I got a new guitar delivered, it's a custom built strat from the Swedish company "Sonnemo Guitars". I moved from Sweden to Nashville a year ago and just a few weeks after the move they reached out to me to offer an endorsement deal. So great to finally have the guitar in...
  21. D

    Video with highlights from my first year in Nashville

    Hey everyone! I moved from Sweden to Nashville 1 year ago, here’s a video I just put together with some highlights from this first year :) All the best, David
  22. S

    Nashville tele wiring options

    Hi, Might be opening an old can of worms but looking for advice. Semi pro playing country music. Currently playing two fender custom shop classic players (both from around 1998) and love them. Have a couple of USA teles and don't like the feel of the neck. Just had a body routed, strat shape and...
  23. D

    I had a guitar lesson with Brent Mason!!

    Yesterday I had a guitar lesson with Brent Mason. I had a blast to say the least :) I went over to Brent’s house for a 2 hour in person lesson, he only does these 3-4 times per year so I’m very grateful I was able to get one of these slots. Otherwise he only teaches through Skype. He was very...
  24. U

    FENDER Deluxe Nashville tele vs modified American Standard tele

    Hi, Is it worth modifying an american standard tele or deluxe nashville is good enough (wood grade/electronics) with only changing noiseless pickups?
  25. shaps6

    ABR or Nashville? What bridge is on my 2001 Les Paul Standard Plus

    Can anyone help me ID what bridge I have? Is it an ABR bridge? If I want to switch to ABR, is there an easy way to do it or does it require some surgery?
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