1. Z

    Seymour Duncan 59 Neck VS Bridge (for Bridge position)

    Hi everyone, I play Grunge/Punk/Alt Rock and I searched new pickups because I don't like anymore the Hot Rails that is in my Jaguar, I'm a guy that don't like mids, I really don't, so I searched for a good pickup perfect for rock and that hadn't lot of mids, so I found the 59 (that I knew for a...
  2. J

    Contoured heel neck on non-contour body

    I'm looking into building a partscaster with a Jeff Beck neck. I noticed the holes to bolt the neck on are asymmetrical because the Jeff Beck strat has a contoured heel. Is there any reason I can't drill a new hole to line up with a standard strat body? I've built a couple of partscasters from...
  3. Z

    Squier Stratocaster Neck on Squier Jaguar

    Hi everyone! I have both a Squier Affinity Stratocaster HSS and a Squier Classic Vibe 70's Jaguar and I like necks of both guitars but I so much prefer the neck of my Strat. I wanted to know if it was possible to buy an other Squier Strat and switch the neck of my Jaguar to the Strat one? Here's...
  4. greenlemon

    Strat Neck Pickup Suggestion for PRS Silver Sky??

    Hi everyone, I am looking to change my PRS Silver Sky neck pickup only. 635JM are excellent pickup but they are not cup of tea. I have tried the following pickups (in the order of what I like the most): -Fender Pure Vintage 65: Really liked the low end but sounded bit dark -PRS 635JM (2019)...
  5. MikeEd

    Choosing A Stratocaster Body Wood

    I decided to build a Stratocaster. I ordered a one piece Indian Rosewood neck from Warmoth. The body is going to have a typical route for tremolo. I am not planning on having a laminate top added, and it's going to have a transparent finish. I'm trying to decide on the type of wood for the...
  6. O

    Les Paul Classic neck profile

    Does anybody know the neck profile of a 2007 Les Paul classic?
  7. A

    Strange crack in neck binding (not the usual kind)

    I got this beautiful (at least at first sight) Duesenberg Starplayer DLX from Reverb, as brand new. The price was OK but the unit has clearly seen some action and I'm considering whether I should return it or just demand a rebate. The guitar plays just fine (waste of a guitar on my skill, but in...
  8. A

    Musikraft Charvel DK24 pro-mod neck dimensions/specs needed

    Hi forum! I'm looking to have a Charvel neck made, for this model (DK24, pro-mod): I'm guessing any dk24 pro-mods released between 2018 - 2020...
  9. T

    Fingerboard wear

    Question: does frets size (say big frets) prevent fingerbord wear? Or what even causes it?
  10. J

    Do all Epiphone Les Pauls have a D-shaped neck?

    I've got a 2018 Epi LP Studio that I modded to near perfection. However, one thing I can't change is the neck. Epiphone calls the profile "SlimTaper," but it's actually kind of medium-sh and is a D shape: flat with steep shoulders. I've told myself that I'll get used to it eventually, but I...
  11. P

    How to fix neck bow and twist on new guitar?

    I just got a new ESP LTD Guitar over a month ago and the neck came bowed and twisted towards the headstock. The frets buzz around the 6th fret and maybe elsewhere too. Is this normal? Is there an easy way to adjust myself or should I take it to a professional for a setup? Here's a picture:
  12. R

    ibanez az2204 neck profile

    Hi, guys. Is there anyone could please tell me how does an az neck feel like? Thinking about getting one, but not sure if it fits my small hands (spec sheets say it's chunkier than a wizard shape). In fact, i currently own a Fender american original 50s strat and a Gibson es339 semihollow one...
  13. M

    Rick Toone Stealth | Fabio Mittino

    Hello! Here's a short video, hope you like it :)
  14. I

    Do I learn how to seal and finish? Rosewood, Bubinga, Wenge

    I spend way too much time on Reverb, and always get myself into trouble. I also easily fall in love with eye-catching woods, but find myself unwilling to pay Warmoth of Kieselw prices. Recently, I found some "exotic wood" necks from the stratosphere and I really want one for a new partscaster...
  15. CohenTheBarbarian

    Telecaster neck: Warmoth, Musikraft, USACG or else?

    Hi all, I am looking for a replacement neck for a Telecaster. I would like to get something fancy and high-quality. I don't mind spending a bit (if this is good value for money) and I don't mind waiting. I am having a hard time deciding who to place my order with and would love to hear fresh...
  16. D


    Hey folks! so I have here a 2019 Fender American Professional Strat from 2019. I bought the guitar new from a local mom and pop shop about 6 months ago. just recently I was doing a setup on the guitar due to crazy changes in weather as of late… I notice some weird overtones and a bit of buzz...
  17. MikeEd

    Neck Specs of Gibson Les Paul Studio Vs Las Paul Traditional

    I have a Les Paul Studio with a Slim Taper neck. I'm looking for something that is more comfortable on the hand. I've come to the conclusion that I need a beefier neck. The Studio that I have measures 20.54 mm/.81" at the 1st fret and 22.54/.89" at the 12th. I'm wondering if anyone here has...
  18. Larsenpeople

    Converting scale on a Fender neck

    Hello, Has anyone cut new fret slots on a fender scale neck, to a shorter spacing ? If yes how did it go ? Here is my train of thought : I was looking for a used neck for a guitar project, with a 24.75 inch scale. The dominant availability of bolt-on 25.5 on the market made me wonder : what if...
  19. RawDawg

    Will a chunkier neck fit a Meteora HH?

    The popular modern “slim” C neck on my Fender Meteora HH has been breaking my wrist, but I otherwise love the guitar. I have some customization ideas for it, but… Can I do whatever I want, such as put a thicker Strat neck on it instead, or does that have a different neck pocket fit? I’ve never...
  20. P

    I need help with my tuners.

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a tele. Here's the neck I bought. It says .358” (9.09 mm) peg holes. I...
  21. JackDSmith

    Why did I choose to be a lefty in 1999? (Replacement Neck Help)

    In my profile picture, you can see the only electric guitar I have to my name. I've been extremely content with it for a while, but - like all of you - (I assume I'm not alone) something in my head tells me I can do better. The neck you see is a right-handed Fender Channel Bound neck. If you...
  22. jonahstepro

    Help Finding a 24.75 Strat Neck (not a conversion neck - actually 24.75)

    I was gifted a custom-built Firebird body that was designed for 24.75 scale length, but cut for a Strat neck. I've found plenty of conversion necks available - but all of those assume that the starting scale is 25.5. Anybody know where I can buy a 24.75 Strat neck?
  23. C

    Fender Ultra Strat - rough neck patch

    Hi guys - new here; long time lurker and found loads of useful answers in the forums previously. I recently bought a new Fender Ultra Strat (lefty) but after playing a week, I’ve noticed there’s a rough patch around the top of the skunk stripe (right around where my thumb presses playing open...
  24. jonahstepro

    Finish Advice: Darker Area on Unfinished Neck - Is this Normal/Can I Avoid It During Finishing?

    I'm working on refinishing my Strat neck, have sanded it down, and reached the point where I'm whiskering the wood. When I apply a bit of water, the neck seems fine and even has some nice 3d stripes except for one larger splotch near the heal. I'm planning on a Tru Oil finish once the wood is...
  25. jonahstepro

    Darker Area on Unfinished Neck - Is this Normal/Can I Avoid It During Finishing?

    I'm working on refinishing my Strat neck, have sanded it down, and reached the point where I'm whiskering the wood. When I apply a bit of water, the neck seems fine and even has some nice 3d stripes except for one larger splotch near the heal. I'm planning on a Tru Oil finish once the wood is...
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