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  1. G

    Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun

    The Supersonic Fuzz Gun by Death by Audio. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal and then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cabinet/mic used. Instead I routed the signal to a Torpedo Captor used a 2x12 IR in the DAW. Youtube Link!
  2. M

    Pedals that generate three different sounds simutaneously

    What other distortion pedals, especially an aggressive noisy pedal, that can generate three or more different sounds at the same time like the video link below? For example, the guitar notes, background feedback and wah-like filter at once? Three different sounds (distorted guitar note...
  3. Shuckingfit

    Re-Tuning analog oscillator?

    Hey I recently got an Electro Faustus Drone Thing, which to anyone who doesn't know is a box with 6 oscillators, and it's amazing, except for my one wish that one or two of them were tuned a little lower than the others. Is it possible to open this baby up and retune one of these oscillators...
  4. sumpe

    Oscilatting Feedback Fx loop Delay

    I got a mesa boggie rocket amp with parallel Fx loop. After long hours trying to set the Mix (10 to '100%' wet) of the parallel loop, changing the delay pedal on boss me70 in front of and behind the amp, changing output levels on both the master output and eq output (using the EQ) on the bos...
  5. Shuckingfit

    Budget Drone/Background Pedal?

    I'm looking for a pedal that will create a kind of droning, background frequency that I can control the pitch of, and play on top of. so basically something along the lines of a Superego, but not so expensive. My absolute ideal would be a Dwarfcraft SOMMS, but those usually go for >300. All I...
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