1. HugoLC

    No More Tears Production tone

    I have been looking for information about no more tears, the production, and mixing. But there is very very little technical information that I can find... Anybody knows what gear was used , looking for reverb , chorus or anything infos in fact
  2. krik

    Flying High Again solo, slowed down

    Demonstrating this Randy Rhoads solo at a slower tempo, indicating scales and positions used. (here's the first version, where I inconveniently left my guitar in standard tuning) Happy to answer any questions. Cheers! -Kirk EDIT: Redid it with my guitar tuned down to Eb to match the original...
  3. RFire

    Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again solo cover

    Gear used: Gibson LP R8 Peavey 6505+ St. Rock React:IR loadbox
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Jake E. Lee Style Backing Track In A Minor -120 BPM

    Hey friends, for this quarantine period, I made available a Backing Track on the style of the great Jake E. Lee. Hope you enjoy and good jam to everyone! Stay safe!
  5. Abram4235

    Steve Vai Tells Ozzy the 1st Black Sabbath Album is Out of Tune

    I really respect Vai but I thought Ozzy's response was priceless. I mean, why tell someone that? Lol https://www.guitarworld.com/news/steve-vai-once-told-ozzy-osbourne-the-first-black-sabbath-album-was-out-of-tune-ozzys-response-what-the-fk-do-you-want
  6. Andrea Maccianti

    Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! Here my attempt on Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo. Hope you enjoy!
  7. secretsoundz

    Ozzy has Parkinson's disease

    Bad news for sure. I watched my grandfather waste away from this awful disease. Godspeed to you Ozzy. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ozzy-osbourne-most-painful-miserable-year
  8. JohnnyGtar

    New Ozzy with Slash

    OZZY OSBOURNE - "Straight To Hell" (Official Audio) featuring Slash
  9. Andrea Maccianti

    No More Tears Guitar Solo

    Here my No More Tears "attempt" Guitar Solo by the mighty Zakk Wylde. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Zakk Wylde "Mama, I'm Coming Home" Guitar Solo"

  11. VFTO

    I Don't Know - Ozzy Osbourne cover

    Guitars, drum machine programming and production are by me. My buddy Elliot is on vocals, bass guitar and keyboards. Hope you all dig it :)
  12. T

    No More Tears: I recreated the studio setup of Ozzy/Zakk.

    Gear: JCM800 2203, SM57 mic, Audix bass mic, celestion g12t-75, urei EQ, Monster rock cable, ibanez artist series LP style, EMG81, glass slide, GHS boomer strings.
  13. Andrea Maccianti

    Randy Rhoads - How To Play "Goodbye To Romance" Guitar Solo

    Randy Rhoads ... what to say ... one of my favorites ever. Hope that helps! :)
  14. Andrea Maccianti

    AXE-FX2 Mr.Crowley Guitar Solo/Improv

    I hope you enjoy! :) Keep Rockin' guys!!!
  15. Andrea Maccianti


  16. Andrea Maccianti


    Amo Ozzy Osbourne, amo Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde e Jake E.Lee Spero vi piaccia! :)
  17. Bobby Smith

    RJS Amps and Jake E Lee.

    Hello all, Just wanted to share some news. I'm Working with Jake E Lee of Red Dragon Cartel on a New Amp. Just finished this up for him and he's been using this for the past week at Rehearsals.
  18. heavyrebel

    Carr Mercury V--"Cliffs of Rover"

    This is a Mercury V slideshow with Jay Manley's "Cliffs of Rover" as a soundtrack.
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