1. Bouquet brigade

    NGD: 12-string partscaster with P90 pickups

    This is a build from random parts I bought online. My first plan was to assemble the guitar myself, but I quite quickly realized I didn't have the skills. Luckily a friendly luthier put this together for me. I started the project by buying a body with supposedly Gibson P90 pickups. The neck was...
  2. 86F03940-0273-4B41-A808-282EE1DAF799.jpeg


    Fender Noventa Strat - under the pickguard
  3. TubeStack

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    Bought this Friedman Vintage T today and so far I'm really loving it! Was looking for something different and this one brings together a lot of cool things for me: Tele Deluxe vibe, bridge humbucker, neck P90, floating trem bridge, nitro, and a belly cut. Super comfy guitar to play, just felt...
  4. jonahstepro

    Who Sells 3 P90 Replacement Pickups Sets?

    I recently acquired a super cool/funky guitar that's equipped with 3 P90s in a Strat configuration. The stock pickups definitely aren't the best, so I'm looking for what replacement options are out there (especially if they can be RPRW for Strat-style noise canceling in 2/4). What vendors are...
  5. M

    P90 Guitar - Suggestions?

    I’ve got a set of amazing Ron Ellis P90 50’s pickups in the post. The original plan was to swap them into a Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute. The Studio is a reasonably good guitar but I’m swapping a $$$$ set of pickups into a $$ guitar and have decided on an upgrade. So now I’m looking for a...
  6. RawDawg

    3 P90 Strat—Need Advice

    I’m new to P90’s, but I’m quite sure I’m going to love them. I decided To build a warmoth Strat with 3 p90s and a 5-way switch. Decided to combine two of my guitar needs into one awesome strat with an F-hole… I usually have always used Seymour Duncan pickups. They’ve been good to me, and they...
  7. Kaschko

    Problem with Gibson Neck P90

    Hi guys, I have a 2020 Gibson Les Paul Special since a few months now. Still trying to dial it in perfectly. I’ve gone through several pickup heights and amps (on my Kemper) and I wonder if the neck pickup is just very dark with too much bass. If I adjust the amp to the neck pickup I usually...
  8. LoneBlueWolf

    Looking for feedback/ideas for custom P90 guitar

    I’m thinking about adding a P90 guitar to my collection as it is something I have never owned but always admired. I’ve looked over some of the current models on the market and did find some I liked, including the Collings 290. I sat down and played a Collings 290 for a while and it had me saying...
  9. zwiefldraader

    Epiphone 2020 LP Special vs Revstar RS502 vs Harley Benton SC Special vs Gibson Tribute Special?

    Did anyone out there compare these four? I found a clip on YT about the three Specials without the Revstar. The Revstar RS820 is a great guitar, I already have. My brother has the RS502, which is at least as good, although being considerably cheaper. The Les Paul Special is very appealing to me...
  10. D

    How fuzz pedals react with different pickup types - Strat, Tele, Humbucker, P90

    Hey everyone! I just posted this video on my YouTube channel where I compare how a few different pickup types interact with fuzz pedals - in this case a One Control Rocket Grey Fuzz which has a more standard mode as well as an octave fuzz mode. Let me know your experiences with fuzz in...
  11. L

    Which p90 pick up fits a Gretsch 2655

    Hello. I recently bought a Gretsch 2655 Village Amber, semi hollow. I love this guitar. It’s light, the color is gorgeous and it’s very comfortable. However, I want to upgrade one of the pick ups to a p90. Anyone done this upgrade? Which p90 pick ups fit this model without having to do too much...
  12. Tone Specific

    Virgil Arlo P90 P-90 Pickups in Gibson Les Paul.

    We received many messages regarding this Gibson Les Paul loaded up with Virgil Arlo P90s. Many people were curious if the pickups in they guitar are legitimate because there isn't much information other there about Virgil Arlo P-90 Pickups. The pickups in this guitar appear to be legitimate...
  13. aroomstudios

    2000 Musicman Axis Super Sport MM90 pickup sawp and general question

    I got a 2000 Musicman Axis Super Sport MM90 the other day as a guitar swap. It was worth more than my guitar to trade so I figure why not. I have a lot of guitars like a lot. A few Les Paul p90 guitars, a strat p90 and a few more. Anyways, I restrung the Musicman. It sounds good stock as it...
  14. Guppie

    Solved my "Woofy neck P90" problem.

    Most people with P90 guitars will recognise this problem: the bridge pickup is brash, full and screams Rock'n'Roll. But the neck pickup is woolly, muddy and lacks punch. I've soldered a 4.7nf capacitor in line with the output. This will cut some bass but everything else will be better audible...
  15. W

    Eastwood MK1s mosrite style guitars

    Hello, just joined this forum and would like to ask anyone here who can maybe tell me a thing or two about Eastwood Mk1s, can’t seem to find any infos on them online, here is the listing i found: https://www.carousell.sg/p/eastwood-sidejack-mk1-rare-277373746/ any infos on their value would...
  16. Tubes99

    Firebird and Dynasonic pickup combo?

    I’m looking at modding my Gretsch G5655T-CB double cut jet as I have another Gretsch which is for that Filtertron sound. I love the feel and look of a double cut jet and want to do something different, maybe a Tele-like-Gretsch, or Old Black it. Mainly looking at Firebird, Dynasonic and...
  17. S

    Strat Neck Pickup: P90 vs Filtertron

    So I’m building a “fat strat”. PAF in the bridge, and I’m deciding what to do with the other spots. I think I’m between P90’s and Filtertrons. (I’ll probably be going with lollars. Or something else expensive to keep me from thinking something else could be better.) The strat neck pickup...
  18. N

    P90 pickup ring to fit a humbucker rout?

    Hi all, Just like to know if there is such adapter/pickup ring that for P90s to fit a humbucker slot? I couldn't find one in the net, but it's 2020 so perhaps there's available now? Thank for the time!
  19. N

    Duncan 59/custom + p90?

    Hi all. I'll be buying a jagmaster for my workhorse guitar that i'll play from standard to drop tuning. I just want to get your opinion on my pickup configuration. I want hold on to my seymour duncan 59/custom hybrid bridge, because it can cover a lot of playing style. I'm thinking p90, or...
  20. p.mo

    P90 guitars... never been more popular?

    Are more players picking up P-90 loaded guitars than ever before? I mean, most people start off with Strat/Tele single coil or an LP humbucker type guitar, but today a lot of first-time players are grabbing a P-90 guitar as their first axe. This is a good thing. Thoughts?
  21. BBBJay

    Gibson SG Jr (2018)

  22. Guppie

    Wow! Habanero P90's!

    So I bought a set of NOS Habanero P90's (td91). Made by Grover Jackson for their GJ2 line. I don't think they are made anymore but idk. I've been dicking around with several pickups in my Les Paul Special. The original Gibson's where great but there was this usual problem with the woofy, bass...
  23. Joy

    Lollar P90 vs Monty's 54s P90

    Does anyone have experience on these 2 pickups? I'm considering to get one of them, but It's too hard to compare without an AB test. I play jazz and I have a gibson es 175 (archtop). I did some AB test, with the Lollar Standard P90 and Lollar 50's P90. 50's is a bit too flat for me (Hi Freq...
  24. Guitarjon

    PRS SE277 semi-hollow PRS Baritone

    I've had my PRS SE277 semi-hollow for a while now and it's truly one of the most unique instruments I've ever owned in terms of looks, features and sound! I mean, it's a semi-hollow baritone with P90's for crikey's sake! :) Before I got this one I had purchased a used sunburst SE277 with the...