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  1. Guitar Non Hero

    What is the Main Type of Music Gear Page Members Listen To?

    Does anybody know the most popular music style Gear Page aficionados listen to? Just curious. The membership seems like a melting pot of many styles.
  2. Larsenpeople

    A way to set knobs with your foot

    Hello, I have a Kingsley Page always on, last before delay. That thing is crazy good to my tone. I wish it had an expression pedal to control the volume, but I won't try to mod it. Then I wondered, has anyone ever tried to attach some sort or giant clothespin to a knob ? I could even add a...
  3. Rocksully

    Jimmy Page Custom '59 Tele Pickups - Mirror Telecaster

    Is there any demand for the Tele Pickups from the Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster? What would be their value if sold by themselves do you think?
  4. gunslinger

    Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page named his favourite guitarists of all time

  5. L

    The Kingsley Page Tube Boost club

    I want to start this club to talk about the Kingsley Page. The main thread relating to the Kingsley pedals (AKA The Kingsley Pedal Club) is an immense source of useful data, but often conversations are interrupted and information is buried by newer posts. That's why I open this exclusive...
  6. tommyhk

    Why did you sell your Kingsley Page?

    I am asking any of you who had and sold the Kingsley Page: Why? What didn’t work for you, or what alternative did you find that was better for you? I am not a heavy overdrive user at all, I just like some mild dirt, specially if I can “play” with the amount of grit thru dynamic playing. I...
  7. gunslinger

    Mod Garage: “Jimmy Page” Les Paul Wiring (from Premier Guitar)

    Just in case you might want to try this. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/28704-mod-garage-jimmy-page-les-paul-wiring
  8. ToneIsKing55

    Kingsley Roll Your Own Tubes Cafe

    It was suggested in the Kingsley thread to start a separate thread on tube rolling, so here it is. If folks can name the pedal (version and type) and tube they've tried with a short note (maybe on how it compares to the stock tube), I'll try to keep the OP organized, by Pedal and tube. I'll...
  9. mikeyfam

    What to stack into a Kingsley Page?

    What's going on TGP, I'm rethinking my drive section. I just picked up a Kingsley Page. I'm on the waiting list for a Maiden BF as well. I was wondering what you Page users out there are stacking into your Page to push it into OD. I'm a fan of my Wampler Tumnus mini but I'm not really feeling my...