1. M

    fx send - tc helicon mic mechanic

    I was hoping to use my mic mechanic for multiple mics into my mixer and thought about using fx send which i think is line level so maybe about 1 volt but the effects box is looking for mic level about 1 mv but it has a gain control so do you think if i minimized the gain would it be ok? Thanks
  2. O

    Pedal switchers/loopers like Musicomlab?

    Hi, Are there any switchers like Musicomlab where footswitches can be easily assigned to switch amp channels on every preset? If we look at this picture of the Musicomlab : We see that by hitting the "Mode" button we can get the ability to...
  3. P

    Strymon el Capistan v2 and MIDI Expression Pedal

    Hello, I purchased an El Capistan v2 but I can't find any information on how to assign parameters to an expression pedal inserted and configured in the EXP Jack either using my expression pedal via MIDI, using my Morningstar MC6. How can I do it?, is there anybody using ann expression pedal via...
  4. K

    Anyone Having This Issue with Kernom Ridge?

    Hey All, I recently bought a Kernom Ridge, and it is great, but I'm having some issues with it that I wanted to see if anyone else is having and/or knows a solution for. Most importantly, the tone sounds oddly trebly and mid-scooped to me, which I don't think was intended. On page 4 of the user...
  5. M

    Disaster Area DPC-5 GEN-3 Help

    Does anyone here have the DPC-5 GEN 3 and have any experience with where to place a noise gate when using this? Also is there a way to use the noisegate and the DPC-5 in the 4-Cable Method with the effects loop of my amp? This is the first time I have ever had a midi switcher like this, and I...
  6. D

    JHS Double Barrel Footswitch Issue

    Hey y'all, A friend of mine was having issues with the footswitch of the Moonshine side of his Double Barrel, so he tried to clean the contacts inside the switch. In the process, some of the wires to the footswitch were broken and he asked me to take a look. I dropped a new switch in there and...
  7. Ax-Man

    G.O.A.T. Affordable Pedals

    I'm looking to make a 2nd pedalboard made up of affordable/underrated/under the radar pedals. Suggestions?? Some examples would be DS-1, Carbon Copy, Phase 90...
  8. EvilAsh

    Duallist D4 single double pedal!

    [Transparency I would like to help promote this awesome company!] My wife’s friend makes drums (what a cool way to make a living!), and they have just released the D4 single double pedal, which is apparently a world first! They have been inundated with orders as you can imagine. Check it the...
  9. artemy

    Need help in identifying inexistent "Chorus" unit (sound clips inside)

    Hi. My friend has this combo called Line 6 Spider V 30, and it sounds surprisingly good when you know what you're doing. While attempting to create some generic Nirvana preset (fuzz with chorus), I noticed that after I tweaked Chorus in some way, it turned into something different, kinda like...
  10. S

    Recommend me an ABY?

    I want an ABY to switch from my Princeton and Roland JC-77 and sometimes to DI. I also want to play them in stereo occasionally. From my research, I’ll need something with a phase switcher for stereo. I don’t really understand if I’d need a buffer, both amps are loud af. What are some good ones?
  11. HugoLC

    Would you add a cioks dc7??

    So my board don't change anymore and I'd like to have less adapters to plug I'm looking at the dc-7 right now My question is anybody had problems with a wah close by ? I already have a Carl Martin power supply under the board and I wonder if the cioks would fit next to it or even under it...
  12. KoreanDrama

    Taurus SERVO and compression

    Hey everyone, Want to ask if anyone has had any experience with the Taurus SERVO or the SERVO-2. I've seen the pedal covered by Phil McKnight which was the initial moment when I was turned on to the existence of this pedal. I've been meaning to pick one up for a while now but I'm left wondering...
  13. B

    Walrus D1 v1 getting "stuck" on certain settings?

    I bought a Walrus Audio D1 v1 last month, and I've noticed as I'm getting to know it, that every once in a while, some of the controls will get "stuck" on a setting I was using them on. They're not physically stuck, all the knobs and switches move appropriately, but, for instance, when the mod...
  14. ramone

    More than one of the same pedal...?

    I was just about to list my DS-1 for sale as I have two, but then stumbled upon a comment (not sure exactly where, perhaps on this forum) where a user stacked them up to beef up the tone. Tried it myself (one on low gain, more bass, the other vice versa) and got a killer tone so now both are...
  15. F

    Help with stacking pedals for multiple boost levels

    I play in a band that is just drums, bass, vocals (with some harmonica) and me on guitar. It's mostly chords or repeating riffs from me, I'm playing a Les Paul into a Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. I have a Tumnus, Spark and ODR-1, and an EQ pedal which gives me loads of options, maybe too...
  16. T

    Simplifier DLX vs UA Dream ?

    I understand the differences in functionality betthe two pedals but tone wise which one do you think is better?
  17. Özzman

    Is a Rotary pedal a great option if your tired of conventional modulation sounds?

    Ive always loved chorus, phaser and flanger, but I always end up selling them and sometimes getting them back. Usually its because I like the sounds but I cant quite use them in a way where I can justify having them on my board. I do however have a MXR Phase 90 script on my board now which I...
  18. J

    1984 Boss CE-3 Chorus - fix?

    Hello everyone, I got this pedal from my guitar teacher, saying that a) he doesn't use it, b) it is broken anyway, and he knows I like to dabble with gear and stuff. I like to toy around with gear, but I'm no expert, so I'd like to list some things that I found and don't know the answer to. 1)...
  19. AnouckAndre

    Having fun with the new Strymon Ambient Pedal

    Hello everyone ! I just got the Strymon new pedal ! The Cloudburst is really cool and I love the Ensemble modes that really emulates some kind of Stings. (At the end of the video) What do you think ? :)
  20. C

    Budget compression pedal with blend?

    Maybe there is something newish and decent especially in the budget area. After a compression pedal and must have a blend knob. Been looking at the TC Hypergravity that might be the go and the NU-X Comp Core, what else is there for around $50-70 used? Maybe there is a new super budget one that...
  21. J

    Looking for a flat eq overdrive pedal for getting John Lennon’s rooftop tone

    I’ve been looking for a while for an overdrive pedal that would give me John Lennon’s rooftop tone. I have an epiphone casino and a Fender twin reverb but I’ve been trying to find a pedal I could use without having to crank my amp. I’ve read everywhere that how he got that sound was by cranking...
  22. T

    Question about UA dreams boost?

    So I see the boost can be used as a clean boost Anyway you can use the boost for extra drive? Wether thats activated by the stomp button or the boost knob.
  23. Masta Frank

    Fake Fulltone Price Gouging

    Sometimes I see something so funny I have to post a comment about. I found a guy in my area trying to sell an OCD V1.6...... etc for almost five times mark up. This just cracks me up, cause these things are everywhere. He even mentioned Gearpage. Says we were flocking to the forums...
  24. Masta Frank

    Mu-Tron Octavider+

    I've seen these for a while now and I was wondering what people think of them. Does the Green Ringer part of the pedal actually sound like a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer? I've been looking into buying one and this looks like it could be a good option. I've seen other ringer clones that don't...
  25. norminal

    IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal: A Look Inside

    The majority of you could probably care less about op-amps, voltage regulators, resistor and capacitor values, etc., so I went ahead and only included the important stuff. I've had a long day, so I may have missed something, so feel free to add anything that you feel should be included and I'll...
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