1. fishbones

    OBNE Minim or EQD ARv2? Or save up for an ES, TL or DD500 to completely replace DD20?

    Selling my Ct5 and DD20 could get me enough money for one of the two 'big guns',,,is that worthwhile? If I get a fancy expensive delay I would want for it to do multiple delay types, sell-oscillation and some sort of display would be nice.
  2. fishbones

    Avalanche Run V2,,, could it replace my DD20 and RV6 or just add onto my board?

    Recently acquired a 2020 mtl.asm Count to 5, loved it, but realised it would never get much love; put it up on reverb ( If you're interested) . With the money I get from this pedal, I hope to get a...
  3. K

    Looping pedal not working - I need help !!

    Hello Can anyone help me? I have a problem using my ditto-looper with my ac-33 I only just bought this looper and its not working. The lights work, it is letting the signal of my guitar through to my amp (roland ac-33) but when I try to record my playings and let it loop it won't work, no...
  4. C

    All my overdrive pedals sound bad on my new amp and I don’t know why...HELP!

    I just got a new Blackstar HT20 combo. The tones in the actual amp are great, I love it. But when I use my overdrive pedals on the clean channel there is a detached high register, almost like fuzz. For reference, these pedals usually get me a tone similar to Alex Lifeson on moving pictures. I...
  5. T

    Pedal order advice?

    Hi all, still pretty new here but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on pedal order for my current setup. I would upload a photo but it’s not super intuitive what goes where just from looking at it so here’s my order. In front JHS Bender (fuzz) ->Centura (klon)->BOSS...
  6. T

    Recommend me a overdrive

    I'm building my first board and the only thing I need for my board is an overdrive. I'm using a PRS SE Tremonti Standard with a BluGuitar Amp 1 Iridium Edition + PRS MT 1×12 Cab (V30). I want to use an overdrive as a low gain drive (John Mayer'ish). Few pedals I looked at: Mad Professor Sweet...
  7. L

    MXR Clone Looper just flashing

    My MXR Clone Looper is not working all of a sudden. it flashes the green light. Anyone have an idea how to reset?
  8. J

    Strymon Brigadier Tap Tempo Mod

    Just wondering if anyone knows of anyone UK based who will do an external Tap Tempo mod on a Strymon Brigadier like DS Engineering offer? I'm wanting to be able to control the tempo via a Midi device like the Disaster Area micro.clock but would prefer not to have to send the unit to the US and...
  9. A

    What's the closest fuzz pedal to this sound?

    FUZZ SOUND Link to Fuzz video About a year ago I got this bass amp and hooked it up to a small fender combo bass amp and I got this amazing fuzz sound. I stopped using it after a day because I didn't know if this fuzz sound was the result of some part being damaged but I loved the fuzz sound...
  10. gjxgzjxgcjh

    Weird problems with my pedals

    Hello my friends ! I have some weird sound “glitches” with my pedals. Please help me find out what the problems. You are my last resort. My chain is: Guitar>wah crybaby>tc electronic spark>big muff>danelectro tremolo>Tc flashback>Electro harmonics ocean 11>my amp is Roland jc-40 *all the pedals...
  11. G

    Way Huge Blue Hippo vs. JHS 3 Series Chorus

    Here's a comparison between the two: Youtube link!
  12. E

    High pitched noice comming from 2 pedals.

    Hi! I got 2 pedals this christmas, one JHS 3-series overdrive and a keeley compressor. I run the compressor into the overdrive and overdrive into a loop pedal which then goes into my amp (orange crush cr120c). When I switch either the overdrive or compressor on, I can hear a quite sound (not the...
  13. De Batz

    Overdrive / Distortion recommendations for two different (and specific!) situations and sounds...

    Here we go: Situation 1: Love channel of Mesa Heartbreaker, set to pretty clean. It's a sort-of-blackface clean channel, with an unusual input impedance of 220k the way I set it up. What I have that works (currently) is the BadCat TwoTone, which is a proper valve amp front end in a pedal. That...
  14. S

    Looking for more information on these pedals!

    Hello this is my first post and I was looking for some help on learning a little bit more about these pedals. (First Photo) The Deluxe Memory Man seems to be modded and the yellow light shows you when the pedal itself is on vs bypass using the footswitch. Also as you can see there are new knobs...
  15. G

    Boss RE-20 on Bass

    Here's some tones with the RE-20 on Bass. Not a review. No obnoxious commentary. Youtube link!
  16. P

    Ditto Looper question

    Hi, I'm considering getting this cheap and iconic pedal but I'm wondering if you can use multiple instruments on a loop. I've got a little organ keyboard which I know I'll be able to plug into it, but would I be able to say make an organ backing loop and play my guitar over the top of it? Same...
  17. P

    Affordable pedal for thick solo tones?

    I am looking an affordable pedal for howling, squeling, thick, mid-focused solo tones with lots of sustain. My amp is a 15-watt Laney Cub12 which I play clean, and I also have a compressor, an eq-pedal and a Boss Super Overdrive to boost the distortion. I would use the distortion mostly for hard...
  18. L

    Hello brand new company Concert Cabinet Works

    Hello i'm from a brand new company specializing in CNC guitar bodies and Germanium Fuzz Pedals. Happy to be here and want to get our name out there as well as let you all know about are free pedal giveaway contest, and give you a reason to check us out. Here's the link Really look forward...
  19. G

    PROCO RAT with Bass

    PROCO RAT. Not a mouse, weasel or vole. This thing carries a multitude of various diseases, so please make sure you don't get bit. Squier jazz V into the RAT, into a Fender Rumble 200, which is being routed through the DI output and I have a custom IR for bass in my DAW. Youtube link!
  20. G

    Boss RV-6 on Bass

    Not an official "review". Just me and the pedal showing you guys what tones can be achieved. Bass only. Please check out my guitar version of this video on my Youtube channel if you guys want to know what it sounds like on guitar. Youtube link!
  21. chankgeez

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    I'm not watchin' it. (I'm livin' it.) :huh You do what you want. :bonk (No disrespect to all the fine people involved. :console)
  22. K

    Pedalboard buzzing from effects send/return bypass loop - is this a ground loop issue?

    Hi guys, So I have a funky pedalboard setup and I thought I would ask for a bit of advice here for how to cut down on unwanted noise - isn't that our lifelong mission? If you like technical exercises and discussion this could be quite fun as my layout is a little bit unusual and there's a few...
  23. J

    Chorus Pedal Confusion

    Hi, I have a question that I was hoping someone might be able to answer. So admittedly I am a bit of a noob with effects pedals. I've been playing on Fender modeling amps for years and just recently purchased a PRS Sonzera 50 and a Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal. And the pedal doesn't give me...
  24. G

    Behringer VD400

    Not a "real" demo. Just me messing around with the VD400 to give you guys an idea of what it sounds like. The repeats are pretty fuzzy, and it gets muddy quick, so I'm not a fan of it. Youtube Link!
  25. T

    Pedal Gain Question

    Hi Guys, Looking for some advice. I have a pedal setup that I'm really happy with: Cali76>Tumnus Deluxe>Keeley RedDirt Germanium. (with others, but this is the crux of the tone shaping) The beauty of this setup is that I can use different gain settings on the Tumnus for different songs...