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  1. T

    Turn old Yamaha EM80 into a pedal?

    Hello, I've had this old Yamaha EM80 mixer for quite some time and have no use for it. Other things are wrong with it, channel 1 works 50% of the time, it won't power speakers and really only works with the line out jacks. It does however sound quite cool when I run a dry guitar signal into it...
  2. T

    How do you utilize the TRS input and output jacks on Poly Beebo?

    Hey guys, just got my poly beebo today and was about to move it to my pedalboard. Wonder how you turn the trs input and output jacks on poly to normal ts jacks for convinience when building the pedalboard? Through a trs to ts junction box? Initially I am planning to get some trs to double ts...
  3. Short Tooth

    REVERB's Best Selling Pedals Overall...

    Noticed Reverb has a section in the app breaking down the Best Selling pedals overall. Some suprises, some omissions I was not expecting: 1) ProCo RAT 2 Distortion 2) BOSS RC-1 Loop Station 3) MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay 4) Keeley Compressor 5) BOSS DS-1 Distortion 6) BOSS SD-1 Super...
  4. Short Tooth

    Any DM2 owners have advice for someone thinking of buy a DM2w...

    Trying to fill that frustrating always in flux analog delay spot in the front of the amp. Currently have a EHX Memory Boy that I think just does too much and gets crazy too much with its attitude. Which isn't a bad thing, just not what I want right now. I keep it simple up front, TS, RAT...
  5. D

    1 pedal in my whole chain isn't working

    I just completely overhauled my board. I had my modulation type effects in the loop of my noise pedal (including my boss tr-2) and got no signal out. After troubleshooting for an hour I narrowed it to the loop of my noise gate or the tr-2. And it seems to be the boss. But it's working by...
  6. Ben Shinrock

    Dialing In Your Amp: Which Guitar Do You Use?

    As I was creating patches on my HX Stomp the other day, I had an interesting thought. How I initially approach an amp (or simulator/modeler) varies greatly on the type of guitar I'm holding at the moment. I'm curious what your approach is. When you first try an amp: Which guitar do you...
  7. G

    JHS 3 Series Phaser

    JHS 3 Series Phaser on the guitar. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal and then into a Blackstar HT club 40. No cab/mic combo used, instead I routed the Blackstar into a Torpedo Two Notes Captor and used a 2x12 IR. Youtube link!
  8. G

    EHX Nano Big Muff Shootout

    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi's. Nano Big Muff Russian Big Muff Ram's Head Big Muff Triangle Big Muff Op Amp Big Muff I reamped a simple guitar riff into each pedal. Then into a Blackstar HT Club 40. No cab/mic used. Instead, I used a 2x12 cab IR with 2x SM57 emulators. Youtube link!
  9. Origin Effects Ltd

    Origin Effects: Holiday Giveaway + Survey

    https://origineffects.com/customer-questionnaire-2/ Hey everybody, We're currently running a Holiday Giveaway and Survey, giving you the chance to win any one of our compact series pedals. All you need to do to enter is fill out the survey and we'll choose a winner at random. Why are we doing...
  10. G

    MXR Micro Flanger on bass

    MXR Micro Flanger, but on the bass. Squier PJ bass reamped into the pedal and back into the interface. Ampeg amp sim with a 4x10 cab IR. Youtube link!
  11. C

    My first DIY advance pedalboard build (help)

    Hey! Thank you in advance for giving me some feedback! I would love your help building my dream pedalboard for a home studio scenario, using a looper and/or ableton DAW as the song builder tool. Money is not a problem but expensive is not always better, cheaper can be better! My needs System...
  12. CedarGuitars

    Tiny Amp fot Backup?

    I'm thinking it'd be nice to have a tiny pedal sized backup amplifier. I could disconnect the speaker from my ac15 if it failed and plug it right into the speaker output of a backup. My speaker is a 35 watt alnico tone tubby 16ohm so I'm also trying to figure out right amp to match that with. On...
  13. G

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz

    EHX Satisfaction Fuzz A recreation of the popular 60's tones. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal and then into a Blackstar HT club 40. No cab/mic combo used, instead I routed the Blackstar into a Torpedo Two Notes Captor and used a 2x12 IR. Youtube link!
  14. G

    TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus

    TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus An emulation of a popular 80's chorus effect. Schecter Solo II reamped into the pedal. Then into a Blackstar HT club 40. No cab/mic used. Instead I used a Torpedo Captor and a 2x12 cab IR. Youtube link!
  15. N

    Colour Box 2 (Hi Pass adds distortion)

    Hi guys, I got my Colour Box 2 pedal and found out that if I increase the pre gain and activate the high pass it adds some distortion (look the video I added) there‘s no clipping on my interface etc. it‘s straight into my interface ai already ordered a second one and it has the same. Also...
  16. G

    1983 Boss CE-2 with Silver Screw?

    I recently bought a vintage Boss CE-2 Chorus (MIJ). Excellent pedal. Most photos and video I come across online show the 'silver screw' model being replaced with a black screw by the end of 1982. The one I have, however, has a silver screw alongside a serial number dating it to July 1983 (see...
  17. Stratburst70

    Favourite Bass Fuzz?

    (Yes, I did search the forums before posting this) What’s your favourite bass fuzz? Right now, I’m going between the Fuzzhugger Bass Bloom (no longer made, unfortunately) and the Wampler Ratsbane. What are yours? While you’re at it, also mention your rigs. I go between an Am Std P-Bass with La...
  18. F

    Connection problems-Pedalboard.

    Hello! I wanted to ask a huge favor, it turns out that I am putting together a rather large project, and I have encountered many difficulties when it comes to putting the pedals in order. Attached is a photo of my pedals made at pedalplayground.com The pedals I have are: EHX 2020 Tuner EQ2...
  19. hchoe741

    How good are IR pedals? (Vs analog cab sims)

    I run a direct setup using a dsm omnicab mini, which is an analog "cab and power amp" sim pedal. I have been interested in IR pedals, but there were things I didn't care for (bulky size, no XLR out, expensive, etc.) I see that hotone actually makes a compact IR pedal, funnily enough also...
  20. flpul

    2022 Benson Analog Delay

    In the recent Demos in the Dark interview with Chris Benson, Chris shared that he has a complete analog delay circuit that he thinks he designed in his travel trailer during the same week he designed the Germanium fuzz. He said that it sounds amazing and that he's currently looking at...
  21. S

    Weird Nobles ODR-1 edition

    Hi guys! So, I just purchased my first odr-1 from a local guitar shop for 40$. It's a used pedal and the guy said it's been laying around for years. It's a pretty weird one because it looks just like the 2020 reissue, it's green not silver and has the same enclosure and stomp rubber but it has...
  22. P

    Looper pedal with dedicated play and stop button

    Hi everyone. So I have a boss DD500 delay and I have been enjoying it so far. One feature that I have been using lately has been the looper function, however I don't use it for looping per se but more as a floor recorder that I can use to play a secondary guitar and play it back as needed since...
  23. stargazer747

    A new MXR pedal only at Guitar Center?

    Has anyone heard of this new MXR pedal's release? I just found it on GC's site as I was browsing like every morning. Very cool looking hot pink dirt pedal, an overdrive? It's not on jimdunlop.com website and I don't see a model number "M-xx?"...
  24. T

    Question about tc flashback 2 delay pedal?

    Hello does the three toneprint settings allow you to have saved presets. What i mean is each time you switch between one of the tone print presets will it remember all your settings so you dont have to mess around with the knobs?
  25. K

    Would You Treat Yourself with a $400 Delay Pedal?

    Hey guys, I recently had the chance to play the new J.Rockett Clockwork delay pedal. It's an awesome fully analog tape echo delay that also has a boost and modulation function but the thing is, it clocks in (pun intended) at around $400... For the same amount, for $100 more you could get an...
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