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  1. G

    Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger

    Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger. Not a review. Just some tones with it. Schecter Solo II reamped through the pedal into an Orange micro terror with a Marshall 4x12. Mic'ed with an SM57. Youtube Link!
  2. G

    KMISE Vintage Phase

    The KMISE Vintage Phase. Not a review. Just a quick playthrough of tones with it. Schecter Solo II reamped through the pedal and then into an Orange MIcro Terror into a Marshall 4x12. Mic'ed with a beta 57. Youtube link! c
  3. severinsteel

    BOSS PH-1 Phaser demo!

    Hey guys, so I did a quick video on the Boss PH-1. I'm a phase 45 fanatic, but the PH-1 does have a more vibey quality to it at subtle settings. I don't like phasers that get really wacky. What do you think?
  4. The Holy Drinker

    Native Audio Midnight Phaser (Analog with digital control)

    Seems like nobody is talking about this pedal here so let's start. It's a simple and versatile analog phaser pedal with digital control that offers 5 waveforms, tap tempo and ramp. This is my first dedicated phaser pedal and first analog phaser pedal. My favorite features are the random waveform...
  5. OldPicker

    Looking for phaser, flanger, univibe

    I started building my first pedal board during 2020. I've got OD (old Danelectro DaddyO) and compressor (TCE HyperGravity) going into a Radial Bigshot ABY to split for Wet/Dry. The wet branch has Chorus (old Boss CE-2), TCE Flashback II, Keely Verb-O-Trem, MXR Classic OD. Now I'm looking for...
  6. NoiseNinja

    Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser bleed a swirling background noise when not engaged, any way to fix it?

    After having tried several phasers, some considerably more expensive ones too, I finally settled for a Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser, and I absolutely love how it sounds. Exactly the right effect for my application. However when not engaged it bleeds a swirling background noise that really...
  7. beeflin

    Nous Sommes Du Soleil flanger?

    Does anyone know what modulation effect Steve Howe used to record the finger-picked electric guitar part at the end of "Ritual" by Yes? Also, can anyone tell me what other effects his old pedalboard had on it before he switched to Helix? I know there was a volume pedal and a Big Muff, but what...
  8. NoiseNinja

    Clone of the original EHX Small Stone phaser with depth and feedback control?

    So, does such a thing as a clone of the original old EHX Small Stone phaser with sweep/depth and feedback/resonance control and no volume drop when engaged exists? And in that case how would I be able to get hold of one? It needs to be the old original version of the small stone circuit, cause...
  9. CohenTheBarbarian

    What is the best MXR phaser?

    Yeah I know best is in the eye of beholder but I’d love to hear opinions on the question above. Tell me which one you like most and how you use it. Particularly interested to hear from people who have compared a few pedals in the line-up.
  10. CohenTheBarbarian

    Small Stone clone with more knobs?

    Hi all - I have been thinking for some time about getting a Small Stone phaser but there are a couple of things holding me back. I have had mixed experience with EHX devices in the past and would not mind getting something with sturdier build quality. Also I like my pedal with more options (a...
  11. Bill Lumberg

    Need some help here...

    Have you ever found that when you're not in the market to buy another pedal that EVERYTHING that comes along seems like a great pedal that you're missing out on?? Then when you ARE in the market to buy something that nothing seems to blow you away enough to buy it?? That's where I am today. I'm...
  12. F

    Problem Red Witch Moon Phaser after Overdrive/Distortion

    Hi there, I've just joined this great board and would like to ask my fellow music enthusiasts a question regarding my recently bought Red Witch Moon Phaser. I like to use my Phasers after Overdrive/Distortion. But somehow, regardless whether I use my J Rockett The Dude or my MXR Super Bada**...
  13. A

    Eventide H9 Phaser Tips

    Call out for H9 Phaser settings/recommendations! Recently picked up a second hand H9 and have been having a great time playing around with it at home! Given COVID-19, had not been able to try it at rehearsal or at gigs until last weekend (restrictions easing in Australia). At the jam I...
  14. Blakemore

    New Rock Single on Spotify - (fuzz / phaser content)

    Streaming links are here: https://seaofsatellites.com/music The new song is called "Pretentious City" Using a Boss FZ2 in Super Fuzz mode for the main riff and bridge sections. Boss Slicer and old boss ph-2 phaser in the verse sections Also a bit of whammy fun in the chorus sections. This...
  15. dbeeman

    Yet Another Best Thread. Which Phase Shifter?

    Thinking to add a Phase shifter for modulation on occasion. Would like versatility, with ease of use and of course high sound quality. The Seymour Duncan Polaron looks like a candidate. I had a Red Witch Moon phaser years back and I liked it but sold it for some reason. I tried the green...
  16. B

    Vintage Small Stone Tone Without the Volume Cut

    Had this in another thread, but realized I was being an a-hole hijacker, so I deleted and am making a new post. I love the Vintage Small Stone sound... I had a vintage 1975 that sounded amazing to me, but I ended up letting it go because of the drastic volume cut. I then went to a Bad Stone...
  17. AStrangeDay

    Phaser quest

    I only had a Small Stone phaser from EHX a couple of years ago and i wasn't that impressed by it but i still want a phaser in my setup. Why do i want a phaser? well, first it's not exclusively for guitar (or bass) but also for keys, And second because to recreate some of my favourite guitar...
  18. LikeAMotherF

    Where Do You Put Your Phaser?

    I know this has been covered before- but tastes change, and set ups change. I just got my first ever Phaser pedal- a Phase 95. I'm stoked to begin experimenting with it! I've only ever used Phasers thorough my Line 6 M9, so it has always been behind the dirt by default. I've noticed that some...
  19. Ape2000

    Chorus + Phaser 2-in-1's

    i know Flanger is the closer cousin the chorus pedals; however, I really like how chorus and phaser can sound together, especially in parallel. I've had the Jam Pedals Ripply Fall (not parallel). Briefly had a Diamond Halo Chorus but never had a power supply for it. I've seen that Old Blood...
  20. P

    OTA phaser advice

    Hi there, I am on a quest looking for a good phaser. I hope some of you can help me. I have tried a few pedals but I still haven't found one that ticks all the boxes. I found for example the Empress phaser to be just overkill and too pristine. I haven't tried the Chase Bliss Wombtone, but it...
  21. M

    NPD: EHX Small Stone (1980) vintage surprise

    So I bought an old Electro-Harmonix Small Stone from 1980 (checkout the condition!). I believe that makes it a v3? I new I wanted an old Small Stone, because they sound much, much better than the current nano ones. However, I was expecting the usual problems that come with vintage EHX pedals...
  22. E

    Limp Bizkit Retro Sonic Chorus and Boss PH-2 Phaser?

    So I am looking at getting the retro sonic chorus for Wes Borland chrous type sound, I know he uses a JC 120 amp which has the original Boss Ce-1 circuit in the amp if I’m not mistaken. So I’m pretty sure it should nail that sound, just curious if anyone has this pedal and can confirm this? I’m...
  23. H

    Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser - Heavy Noise?

    I just got a used Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser off of Reverb. Looks and sounds great, except mine seems to give off quite a lot of white noise (even with a noise gate after it). Does anyone own one who can tell me if this is normal or not? (I know phasers can be a bit noisy, but maybe some more...
  24. Ape2000

    Follow Up - Grunge Modulation (Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden)

    Preface: I posted a similar thread recently and there was a lot of mention of the Ventura Vibe since it was on a firesale that day. I know Black Hole Sun was a rotary speaker and to replicate it live, Kim uses the H&K Rotosphere. I know the Pumpkins have used tons of different phasers and mod...